By Jack Pinemonkey

Copyright (c) 2001 Jack Pinemonkey

Chapter 2

            Unknown to Mini, Shensi and Suzekiu, Magus had possesed the body of his dying father, Janus. Janus had been poisoned during the war and to save him Magus inhabited his body and used him to do his bidding. Janus' soul had passed away but his body remained healthy, thanks to Magus. It was a tedious task having two minds functioning at the same time. That is why Magus didn't move his imprisoned body much.

            Janus was behind enemy lines. In fact he was in Kujin's Castle. He had snuck past all of the gaurds and now rested behind a rock ledge overseeing a game room. Below, resting soldiers played board games.

            Janus was very slender and had short black hair. He wore short shorts and a karate gi - esque shirt. The clothes had a charm put on them that allowed them to change colors, enabling him to camouflage into most surroundings. Right now it was a mixture of sharp brown and black colors.

            Janus made a bottle of tonic apparate in his hand. He ripped off the cork with his teeth and took a good swig up the cured water. He wiped his chin and made the bottle disappear. He got up and looked below to the soldiers. He couldn't go back the way he came without taking a big risk of being caught; he had barely gotten to the place he was at right now. He also didn't want to kill the soldiers who were just affected by a virus that Shensi and Kyuunshi together, had found a cure to.

            Unfortunately, the antidote could only be used once and had a limited range. Suzekiu was working on a way to make it more powerful at this very moment.

            Janus knew he could kill all the soldiers with out attracting too much attention.

            Better to sneak through the game room, he thought. "Here I go."

            Janus walked over to a ledge that didn't have alot of people near it and jumped down silently. He landed like a cat, on all fours, ducked down. He began to crawl alongside the wall. He hid behind a little crevice. He stood up and forced his back agaisnt the sharp rock wall. He peered behind the wall. He saw a half-open window on the other side of the wall near the ceiling. He turned himself into a black bird and flapped to the ceiling. Janus knew that any animal would be killed because almost everyone could turn into an animal these days. He soared to the window and flew through the opening at the bottom.

            It was a prison cell. No one living was in it. A couple of rancid human corpses still remained. He flew through the bars of the cell and returned to his human form.

            Damn, it reeks, thought Janus.

            He looked around as he walked through the room. All the cells were empty except one. The second to last cell had a brown monkey that looked like it had been stretched on the rack. Its right arm was about five inches longer than its left one. On his right arm a patch of hair was missing. Janus assumed that that was where his Survivor insignia had been. All members of the cores of the Resistance had a metal insignia planted into their right shoulder.

            Janus recognized this ex-soldier as an infantry for the Damned, an army he had once led against Kujin. The army had consisted of millions of strange and recognizable creatures. Some were humans, some were animals and some were bizaare creatures most people had never seen. A long time ago, Magus and Zi had created an alternate dimension that resided next to all planes. In this world were hideous mutations of the inhabitants of the planet Gzarr. Magus couldn't help the creatures back then, but recently he had gathered them as an army against Kujin and Omega. Most of them had died though. Very few of them had become members of the resistence.

            The monkey of course did not recognize Magus in Janus' body and Janus knew he couldn't convince it of his true identity.

            Janus signaled for the monkey to be quiet and it understood.

            Janus walkled through another door. It led to a large room lit by dim torches. Inside, a gigantic creature stirred in its slumber. Its giant nostrils sniffed. Then the big green eyes opened. The eyes narrowed like a cats, then it roled over onto all fours. No, five. It four normally placed legs and another one on it left side. But it lifted that one up and decided to use it as a weapon. It was spiked, like a morning star.

            "There goes my cover," sighed Janus.


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