By Jack Pinemonkey

Copyright (c) 2001 Jack Pinemonkey

Chapter 3

Kyuunshi winced in pain and staggered to a nearby rock. She sat down drunkenly. She put her hand over her face. SHe had been in pain for awhile now and had tried her best to hide it.

            "What is wrong?" asked Badger. He put a hand on Seeker's shoulder to stop him

            Seeker turned towards Kyuunshi. He walked over to her, unslinging his backpack. He unzipped and removed an instrument for testing blood for imperfections. It consisted of a needle that had a tube attached to it that ran down to metal a fist-sized, box-like contraption.

            "What do you think, Seeker?" asked Badger rubbing his chin.

            Seeker held up one clawed finger and put it down. He kept his eyes focused on the needle he held in his hand.

            "Let me see your arm." Kyuunshi held out her arm. Seeker put the needle deep into her neck, piercing an artery. The once clear tube became red with blood. Little specks of green could be seen in her blood. The blood gathered inside the metal box. Readings began to appear on the side of the box.

            "Hmm." Seeker read and nodded. He removed the needle from her arm and put the instrument away.

            "Let me see your eyes," said Seeker. Kyuunshi looked at Seeker. Her eyes had begun to turn green.

            "Kyuunshi," began Seeker, "You have been infected by the Ultimate Virus."

            "I know."

            "You know? Why didn't you tell us? When did you get it?" asked Seeker calmly.

            Badger reaction was a little less subtle. He began to demand where she got it, what would happen if she spread it to them and every one it the Nu and Alpha groups and began to look at his hands and pulled out a pocket mirror from his backpack and began inspecting his eyes, muttering curses.

            "I don't know how or when I got it, you know that just breathing you can catch the virus."

            Seeker crossed his arms and thought while Badger stomped his mirror to pieces, his curses growing louder but more unintelligible leaving one to wonder if he was not talking about monkeys, bunnies and ham sandwiches.

            "Well, it usually takes about one year for the virus to take full effect, and that is the minimum, so; do you think that you can continue on?" asked Seeker.

            Kyuunshi nodded and added that the pain had lessened.

            And so Kyuunshi led the way with the help of Seeker while Badger lingered behind about five feet. The first sight of the great "desert" that hid the Survivors' camp Alpha and Nu was just coming into view.

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