By Jack Pinemonkey

Copyright (c) 2001 Jack Pinemonkey

Chapter 4

Suzekiu slowly poured Chemical 23 into the Virus Antidote.

            "AHH!" The two beakers exploded sending glass into her face.

            "Why don't you use non-glass beakers?" asked Mini.

            "Because they melt!" Suzekiu wiped her face with a towel. She opened up a cabinet and grabbed two more beakers, this time with Chemical 54 and the Virus Antidote, and slammed them down on the table.

            "Damn it!" cried Shensi. She ran into the room with a print out. It showed the radar readings. Mini looked at the reading.

            "What the hell?"

            "I know, come on!"

            "What's going on!?" demanded Suzekiu.

            "I'll show you." Shensi led the way down the hall. They all walked into the radar room. Suzekiu walked over to the controls.

            "That's got to be a mistake." Suzekiu hit a few buttons on the large keyboard.

            "Looks like Kujin found us," said Mini.

            "What!? That means we're gonna die!" cried Shensi.

            Suzekiu stormed out of the room and walked into Magus' room.

            "Wake up Magus!"

            When he didn't respond, she kicked him over.

            "What?" said Magus sleepily.

            "Come to the radar room."

            Magus got up to see what was going on. He walked to the radar room with Suzekiu following with her arms crossed.

            He looked at the radar and saw the dots that were Kujin's stormtroopers.

            Magus sighed. "There is something I have to tell you. You remember Janus, right?" The women nodded there heads. "Well before he died, I took control of his body, so Janus is dead but his body isn't, you see?"

            "So where is he?" asked Suzekiu," Is that what you have been doing all this time?"

            "Yeah. And he is hiding from a giant beast. If you leave me alone, then maybe I can stop those planes."

            "How?" asked Mini.

            "Don't worry. Suzekiu, just keep working on that antidote."




            Janus drew his long sword. It was very thin but extremely sharp. The beast roared and an alarm sounded. Janus heard running feet.

            "This.. sucks!" Janus ran forward and leaped. Janus let his symbiont, a spider, release its legs out of his back. They clung to the ceiling. Hanging on the ceiling, Janus swung his sword and a fan of flames flew to the ground and exploded, driving men back from the entrances. The beast ran over to the wall and began to climb it.

            Janus dropped to the ground as the beast was about to get him. He was met with plasma shotguns. He ran towards one of the virus infected people that was reloading. He plunged his sword into the man's chest. And grabbed the gun from the man's hands as he fell to the ground. He ducked from the fire and took the mans cartridge belts.

            More men came running to the entrance Janus was at just as he had finished filling the chamber with plasma bullets.

            Buuukthooou! A woman's head disintergrated into blood. He reloaded.

            "Got plasma?" Buuukthooou! Another man fell to the floor. Plasma disintergrated the ground and rock walls around Janus. He ran shooting and reloading. He stopped once to get a ten-shooter, a six-shooter with that holds ten plasma bullets, and another belt full of bullets.

            The path looked clear now so he put his rifle into a spider-leg sheath on his back.    He came into a hallway with several doors.

            He thought. Then took the one on the left.

            "Oh my god. What is it?" Janus asked himself. He stepped up to it and put his hand up to it. Chrome. It looked like some kind of machine. He stated to circle it. On the right side was a flat lift that ran vertically on a rail. It was at the bottom of the rail right now.

                  DING! The lift suddenly shot up to the top of the rail. Two giant pieces of what appeared to Janus to be over-cooked bread, shot out of somewhere on this (toaster?) machine. Janus thought hard. Yes, he had seen this thing before. It was called a toaster. On Earth they had never been so big, though. BlackJack had owned one at his house.

       BlackJack! Janus wondered how his old friend was doing. Then he remembered the toast. He looked up, the (toast? Yes toast!) toast was coming down on him. Suddenly a giant hand grabbed the pieces of bread.

       It's a giant, thought Janus. He decided not to look at it. Instead, Janus bolted to the door he had come from. He reached in no time.

       "Damn it! The guards!" shouted Janus. The guards were still looking for him, but now they had spotted him. So he ran the other way. He had just barely started running when he saw a hunched over being. It had five arms growing out of its back. White slime oozed down his body in waves. It had its mouth open revealing sharp deformed teeth. Some teeth were longer than the others and all of them were crooked bending, this way and that. Its huge massive legs stomped over to Janus. The arms of the creature raised and it spread its claws.

       "Butt-monkey!" cursed Janus, "It's one of Dragoon's soldiers!"

       The infantry man roared.

         Janus pulled out both of his guns. "I hate my life."

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