By Jack Pinemonkey

Copyright (c) 2001 Jack Pinemonkey

Chapter 5

Bick continued to travel with Terra across the plains of Arkania. The grass was short and thick and home to many snakes. The pair trudged through the grass mindful of any snakes, especially venomous ones. They stopped at the top of the hill to watch a troop of baboons cross the grass at the bottom of the hill. One of them saw the pair and hooted and pounded its hands against the ground, then turned away and continued on its way. Bick heard some rustling behind him.

            "Uh oh," said Bick. Terra and Bick both moved out of the way as a sheet of snakes went shooting by them. The sheet moved down the hill, towards the troop of baboons. Suddenly the baboons were covered with snakes.

            "That could be us next," commited Bick.

            "Yeah, let us take a detour," answered Bick.

            The pair turned away from the snakes and baboons and headed east of them and continued down the hill, once they were far away from the snakes (no more baboons).

            "So, where are we going?" asked Terra.

            "To find the wost powerful sword in the world."


            "No. I am renaming the sword, since everyone forgot about the sword anyway. Its new name will be Culex."

            "Isn't that the name of the guy who started all this?"

            "Yeah, he was pretty powerful. He killed himself to try and destroy Magus, but it didn't work."

            "Why did he want to kill Magus?"

            "About twenty years ago, or so I hear, Magus lived in a dimension called Slyn. It was beautiful like our world. This world was always at war with a being known as Culex. He served the mythical Ark that destroyed our world more than once. Magus tried to stop him but was caught in a time loop generated by the Ark. He was finally able to stop the loop and found himself in an alternate world with Culex as its ruler."

            "I have heard this story, I believe," interrupted Terra. "I am sorry to interrupt, but I would like to direct your attention to that." Terra pointed at a far away object, hovering a few feet above the ground that gave off a faint light. Out of this thing, strange creatures fell from it. They looked like bats, except they had well-built legs that enabled them to walk. One fell and began to walk in a line and others poured out and followed.

            "They are coming towards us," said Bick.

            "Well butter-my-buns! Those aren't bats at all!" exclaimed Terra.

            Bick looked closer and realized that the creatures were winged-monkeys.

            "These are the famed Winged Army. The army of Monkeys that served Emperor Dan way back in 2008," confirmed Terra.

            "This must be a time warp," Bick said.


            In the year 2004, the Evil Genius, Dan, graduated from high school and eagerly began to set forth his Master Plan into motion. It was along and tedious task to get all his formulas right, but in 2006, Dan created a Winged Monkey. He used Spider Monkey, osprey, and bat DNA to create this beauty. Next, Dan single handedly infiltrated and took over JKA Research Labs, and mass produced these weapons/creatures. Over a period of eight months, he had created and trained over a million of these Winged Beauties.

            In 2008, Dan launched an all out attack on the world and totally annhilated the armies of the world and took over Earth. for ten years, Dan held the world between his fingers. He really cleaned up the Earth, but people were all convinced he was an Evil Genius, and hated him. Very few people actually realized he was a good and just person, but a little screwy at times.

            One man, named Zi, tried to destroy him. This man was also an Evil Tinkerer. He had brought to life, millions of ventriloquist puppets to life to do his bidding. Zi's master, the Ark, created a time rift that sent the Winged Army into the future while Zi snuck in Dan's mansion and searched for him. Fortunately, Dan had escaped and blew up the house. This did not kill Zi, but Dan escaped with his life.

            Dan lived to see 44, before the Ark destroyed Earth for the second time, sending all humans to their deaths.



            "I guess this goes back to 2010," said Bick.

            "It looks like it," Terra said. They could see the where the time warp led to by looking into it and it led to Dan's lab.

            "I think we should leave this alone. We might create some time pardox thing."

            "Right," agreed Terra.



            "I have dinner," cried Bick.

            "What! A Winged Monkey!"

            "Since it was your turn to get dinner, this is what you get for letting me hunt."



            "Mmm! Tastes like steak."





            Janus fired his ten-shooters. They drove the monster back but hardly penetrated its skin. The creature roared and charged. Janus holstered his pistols and drew his sword. He ducked and stuck his sword out. The creature ran right into it, but Janus' sword just bent.  The beast threw Janus a mean back-hand that sent him flying towards the guards. When he hit the ground, the guards started to pound him with their metal attack poles.

            Janus thought about his magic spell, flame-sphere and from his body, exploded a huge ball of red flame that disintegrated most of the guards and sent the rest to hell in flames. The flames collapsed back into Janus.

            Janus tried to lift himself up with his hands, but found that his left arm was to battered and bloodied to support him. Janus suddenly felt real tired and let himself fall back to the ground. He rolled over onto his back and closed his eyes. 


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