By Jack Pinemonkey

Copyright (c) 2001 Jack Pinemonkey

Chapter 6

Janus found himself in a cell. He looked across the room and saw the monkey. It had died of starvation.
"No one kills monkeys where I come from!" yelled Janus. He charged toward the rusted bars of his cage and slammed into him. He would have used his sword, which could easily slice the bars. Or better yet, his magic, but that too was taken away from him. He had been given an injection to stop it and would have been given one very three days. Not anymore, because he had busted through the bars. 
The guard looked at Janus as he busted through the bars. He didn't take a genius to know that to stay there was death. So the guard ran.
Janus jumped up and busted the ceiling and landed on the next floor. It was another cell room. Janus didn't have time to look at it so he ran out the door.


Kyuunshi, Seeker, and Badger had finally made their way to the Alpha and Nu camps. They walked into the desert. Instantly, they were transported to the camps. 
The camp was in ruins. They walked up to the guards at the entrance. They were tall and wore big-brimmed hats that covered their eyes.
"What happened here?" asked Kyuunshi.
The guard said nothing. The shadows of his face danced with green.
"He has the Virus!" cried Badger.
"Everyone here does!" yelled Seeker.
Kyuunshi looked the direction Seeker was looking. Hundreds of the zombified people were walking towards them. They walked perfectly normal though; the big give-away were the green eyes.
Kyuunshi got an overdose of plasma and fell to the ground. From the large groups of Virus-Infected people came alot more plasma. Seeker, Badger, and even the guard dropped dead. Alot of Zombies were killed too, when the zombies in the back shot too.


"What are you laughing at, Magus!?"
"Our time has expired."
"Suzekiu, Omega's men are here!"

"Bick. Bick, wake up." 
"I don't want to. Whoa! Who are you?"
"I am Magus."
"You don't look like him."
"I know, I am using someone else's body. You have to listen to me. I am in Omega's Tower, on the fourth floor, communicating with you through meditation. Soon Omega's men will kill me. I am slowly begining to lose sanity anyway. Either way, I won't be able to continue with this mission."
"You have been infected with the Virus. How do you know about me."
"I am your Uncle, you should know that."
"Teel never told you about me."
"My brother and I share our thoughts."
"You mean SHARED your thoughts."
"Yeah. Listen, get the sword, HakiSekiSaki, or Culex, or whatever the hell you call that thing, and find a man named BlackJack, he has your answers."
"Where can I find him?"
"You won't have too. He will be waiting for you after you find the sword."
"Why do I need the sword?"
"Because it can defeat Omega."
"What about Kujin?"
"BlackJack will get rid of him."
"Where is the sword, and what about Terra?"
"The sword is not far, Terra is your door to the sword. But he is expendable."
"What do you mean expendable?" asked Bick with hesitation.
"I am saying that sacrifices must be made, and if Terra must be, then do it."
"How do you know this?"
"I know everything; I have seen the future; I have seen the past; I conduct time, and I conduct you. I knew that Teel would die by my hands, and that you would live to become his and my successor. Don't ask anymore questions."
"As you wish Uncle of Light."
"Your father told you about that?"
"Oh no."
"Good bye."


Janus sprang to his feet from meditation. He knew Bick would listen to him. The infantry beast had found him. Janus ran out of the room and found himself on a bride connected to parts of the Tower. The infantry man followed. Janus called on thunder and lightning from the sky and it broke the bridge in two. The beast ran and jumped over the medium-sized hole. When it landed the bridge broke and the beast fell. Janus ran towards the other end, but the bridge was falling too fast and Janus plunged into the rocks and rumble below.


Magus snapped from his trance when Janus fell to his death and became a smear on the rocks below. Omega's men, seven of them, had broken the doors of the prison and were walking into Suzekiu's room.
Omega's soldiers were not very pretty. They were mutated humans with mouths and eyes in places that they shouldn't be. Slime dripped from these mouths and fell onto the semi-automatic pulse rifles that they held with their arthiritic hands.
They walked into Suzekiu's lab and fired their guns. Suzekiu fell against her lab table and her dress burned. She screamed and tried to put it out, but another round of fire left only her legs. They fell over. Magus stood up at the sound of the rifles, and as they walked into his room he tried his best to dodge the blasts, but seven guns all pointed at him was too much. After a few attempts to dodge, his head was removed from his body. 
Magus slumped to the ground. 
Mini and Shensi were hidden in the large refrigerator. They were found after a brief search and disintergrated. Next, Suzekiu's lab was demolished. The troopers than began to place bombs through out the entire prison.
The complex was blown sky-high when a trooper accidently set the bombs off before they were out. It took all seven of their lives made a new crater.


In the morning, Bick told Terra about Magus and their quest. Terra asked few questions because he was always up for an adventure. Bick made sure to leave out the part about Terra being expendable. And thus the real story begins.


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