By Jack Pinemonkey

Copyright (c) 2001 Jack Pinemonkey


Chapter 2


            Magus and Trick set off to investigate Mount Beny that next morning. One investigation had already been sent to the mountain. They hadn't come back. A search party and second investigation party had been sent out but only few members of the search party came back and where barely able to crawl. They died before any information could be revealed.


            Now the Bracketts were not easy to kill. There tan skin covered a thick layer of reptilian hide. It would take a very sharp blade with an extremely srong weilder to cut through to the bone of a Brackett. Everyone was dying to know what had killed some of the strongest and brilliant men and women of the search party.


            "Stop," ordered Magus. He held his hand out in front of Trick. This was their signal to stop and be silent. Usually Magus was picking up an important signal from another dimension. Trick froze.


            "He's dead," said Magus. He put his arm back down. "Dragoon is dead but so is King Richard. That means the Ark will take over that world." Magus began to walk forward again.


            "Do you think he will wipe out the whole world or choose an appointed ruler?" asked Trick.


            "Difficult to tell. What makes me so mad is the fact that I fought so hard to defend that world. I used to be the head magician and the royal advisor, you know," Magus stopped and clenched his fists. "DAMN!" He raised his fists and shot out a ball of searing flames that destroyed a giant boulder and left a big hole in the ground. "There goes Blackjack and The Professor."


            "Excuse me, but who are these people?" asked Trick.


            "Let's walk," ordered Magus as he unclenched his fists. Blackjack was a scientist gone mad. The Professer was Blackjacks sane partner. Together with a few other friends of mine we defeated an Evil dictator named Culex. At least my father got away."


            "How come you never mentioned your family?" asked Trick.


            "I never thought about it."


            "How old are you?"


            "Your family is immortal like you are?"




            "How old are your family members."


            "My father, Janus, is 18-"




            "My real father died and my real father as a kid came back with me to another dimension."




            "Uh-oh," said Trick. The ground began to shake and the dust and grass started sinking into a hole. There was a loud roar.



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