By Jack Pinemonkey

Copyright (c) 2001 Jack Pinemonkey


Chapter 3



        The ground continued to rumble and from the earth came a large machine. It looked like a flying pirate ship without the sails. Along the side of it were tiny microchips that connected to one another by wires. Also on the sides and onthe back too were giant propellers and three rockets. One on the back, left, and right side of the ship.


            "It's the Ark," spat Magus. He drew a metal cylinder that morphed into any weapon he wanted it to. He charged the Ark while his metallic cylinder transformed into a magical staff. Before he got close to it, the Ark turned around and fired a machine gun that protruded from openings in the front. The bullets hit Magus square in the chest.


            With Magus down, the Ark turned back around and headed for Mount Beny.


            Trick ran over to Magus who got up before Trick was halfway there.


            "Come on! It's getting away!" yelled Magus. He ran after the Ark. Trick followed.


            Eventually they came to the base of the mountain. The Ark had left them behind along time ago.


            "Where did it go?" asked Trick.


            Magus grunted and started up the mile-high Mount Beny. Trick shaking his head and followed.


            They were about three quarters of the way up the mountain when a creature stepped forward. He had been walking down the trail. The creature was a bizarre combination of knives, coil, marble, and leather hide. It had many arms, all but two ending in blades. It stepped forward and one of its arms twirled at the wrists causing the blades to spin outward. With another hand he twirled anfd the blades came inward.


            "I guess we know what killed the Bracketts," said Trick.


            Magus pulled out his cylinder and morphed it into a laser sword. He brought the sword to his chest and assumed fighting stance. The creature rushed forward. The laser sword failed to cut through the blades but did stop them in their tracks. Trick let his symbiont, a squid that protruded from his torso, come out.


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