By Jack Pinemonkey

Copyright (c) 2001 Jack Pinemonkey


Chapter 4




"State your full name and occupation," ordered Magus.


            "Sin, Engineer and pilot. Proud owner of the Ark."


            "The Ark has a pilot?" questioned Trick.


            "Of course," said Sin cheerfully. "May I assist you in any way?"


            "I don't understand. The Ark is Evil and you are good," said Trick.


            "What do you mean? I am pure Evil," claimed Sin.


            "You're Culex!" cried Magus.


            "No, I am Sin."


            "Do you know someone named Culex?" asked Magus suspiciously.


            "Yeah, he was a moron. He was also my child. I disown him though."


            "You gave birth to Culex?" asked Trick.


            "No. I made Culex with my genes."


            "What do you plan to do here?" asked Trick.


            "Take over the world, destroy all who disobey me, you know, the typical Evil madman routine," responded Sin.


            "Tell us," said Magus,"what is the future have in store for us?"


            "You kill me, Trick dies, the Ark is destroyed, world peace is restored, of course there is a war to decide all of this."


            "What?" said Trick. "Your weird."


            "I find it amusing that you lie to us in that way," said Magus.


            "Explain," ordered Sin.


            "Well Culex would say that I would die, while you say I live. A unusal taunting method. You give us confidence that will lead to our demise."


            "Hee hee hee. I do not lie. You'll have to excuse me, I have an appointment."


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