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Hit, Run, and Hide

Written by Mark'ee Drankard


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As David finished his beer, he looked the bartender in the eye. "Give me
another one," He said. "I think you've had enough," said the bartender.
"We're closing anyway." David rose up, wobbled out and stood next to his
car. He opened the car door and slammed it shut. "Ha," He yelled. David
finally hopped in his car, started it up and took off down the road.
Squinting through the darkness he spotted a man walking his dog. "Two
points," He yelled out and pressed on the accelerator. Seconds later the man
and his dog ly in a puddle of blood. "Oh shit, what have I done," David
whispered, finally sobering up. Stepping out of the car David looked around
and quickly scooped the man and dog up destined for home.


Pulling into his garage David grabbed a shovel off the wall and dragged the
man's body out of the car. He quickly dug a hole in the back of his garage
and threw the body into it. Coming back for the dog he found it was gone. He
shook his head and wiped the sweat from his face. Hearing a scratching sound
David quickly spun around. Running to the back of the garage he found the
hole exposed. It had been dug up by a dog! Dropping the shovel he ran into
his house and slammed the door behind him. "This cannot be right," He
repeated over and over. Running up to his bedroom he extracted a revolver
from a drawer. His heavy breathing silenced when the sound of glass
shattering rang through the still air. David backed to the wall revolver in
hand praying. Unexpectedly footsteps were heard coming up the stairs. David
casually pulled the hammer on the revolver as the sound neared the door.
Slowly the doorway creaked open and before him stood a man, bloody and brain
laid bare. David fired every shot he had until the dilapidated body fell to
the floor. Carefully he inched his way toward the body and began to step over
it, when a hand grabbed his ankle. David screamed and struggled but it was
ineffectual. Gripping the revolver by the heated barrel he struck the corpse
until it let go. After turning David fell down a flight of stairs, jumped up
and limped towards the door. Opening the door, a dog lacking one eye and
internal insides showing growled at him. David freaked and ran past the dog
and down his driveway. The dog now behind him started barking and a strange
energy pushed David into the street where he was hit by a truck. Quickly
taking one last glance before succumbing David noticed a person and a dog
standing beside him. "Welcome to the crossroads," The man said then vanished.
Forthwith David only knew the dark void of death.

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