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Days and Nights

Written by Mark'ee Drankard


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There is place where we all must go one day some sooner than others. We all
value the pleasure's of life living it to the fullest, not realizing those
who cannot. - Markee Raheam Drankard


Maria shuddered as the wind blew against the house. She by now had come to
realize that she felt utterly alone, especially when her husband John was out
of town. She listened carefully as the creaking of trees outside made her sit
up in bed. Through the stillness of the house she heard her nine month old
son Justin crying.
"I'll be there in a minute honey," She whispered rising out of bed.
Maria slipped on her robe and house shoes slowly making her way to Justin's
"Shhhhhh," She said quietly.
"I'm here honey."
Justin quickly became calm as Maria rocked him back and forth.
"Hush little baby don't say a word," She sang continuing to rock Justin.
Minutes later Maria sighed as she laid Justin back in the crib.
Maria swung around as the phone rang. She grabbed the receiver off the
nightstand and answered with a swift hello. "Hey honey how's it going?" said
the voice on the other end.
"Hello John I just finished putting Justin to sleep."
"We both miss you and want you to come home."
"I'll be in tomorrow," John said radiantly.
"I was just calling to say I love you."
"I love you too," Maria answered.
With a quick reply Maria hung up the phone and made her way back to the bed
room where she soon fell asleep.


Maria was awakened by the sound of Justin crying. She glanced at the clock
which read 8:07am. She threw back her long black hair and called out to
"Don't worry honey I got him," John said stepping into the doorway.
Maria stood up and kissed John on the cheek.
"I'm so glad your back," She said shaking Justin's tiny fingers.
"Me too," John spoke up. "Me too."

As Maria and John sat on the sofa Justin rolled around on the floor happily.
"He's getting bigger every day," John said eyeing Justin.
"Soon he'll be walking," smiled Maria.
As the couple turned away from Justin playing on the floor they did not
notice that he had stopped moving. "You know," said John. John cut himself
short as he caught view of Justin. "Justin," he called out walking over to
"What's wrong," yelled Maria swinging around.
"I don't know call an ambulance."

Twenty minutes later Maria and John rushed through the emergency room towards
the pediatrics section. At the door they were met by Dr. Conner who motioned
to them to sit down.
"What is it doctor?" Maria whispered.
"Well, we have a very big problem, Justin is going to need a liver
transplant" "Our x-ray revealed he has several holes in his liver."
"Oh my God," cried Maria sobbing loudly.
John comforted Maria by holding her hand. "I'm sorry Mr. And Mrs. Malone but
he has to have the operation within a month."
John stood up and patted Dr. Malone on the shoulder.
"Please do whatever you can to save my son's life."
"We will do all we can Mr. Malone I promise."


"Hurry Justin your gonna be late for school," Maria shouted at the bottom of
the stairs.
"I'm coming mommy," Justin called back down.
Minutes later Justin ran down the stairs carrying a backpack.
"Did you take your medication?" Maria asked handing him a lunch box.
"Yes I did," Justin replied.
"Well let's get going shall we?"

Justin opened up his desk and took out a pencil as his best friend Walter
walked by.
"Hey Justin," Walter greeted.
"Hello Walter," Justin said giving him a high five.
"Did you do your homework?"
"Hey man, of course," Walter yelled throwing his hands in the air.
Just then the bell rang as a crowd of kids poured into the classroom.
Justin glanced into his desk once more and suddenly vomited inside.
"Are you ok?" Walter asked jumping up.
"Yeah it's the side effects of my medication," Justin answered
"Better clean that up."

Justin and Walter sat at the lunch table trading baseball cards.
"Now we're even," blurted Justin tucking a card into his pocket.
"I'll be glad when this day is over," Walter said stuffing a cookie into his
"Well, time to go Walter."
As the two boys strolled down the sidewalk Justin stopped and turned to
Walter with a look of concern.
"I'm tired of taking this medicine," He said uneasily.
"I know man but you have to," Walter assured him.
"I've been taking it since I was one year old."
"Sometimes I think about what would happen if I stopped taking it."
"You can't do that," Walter replied continuing to walk.
"I just don't want to live my life like this."
"Walter are you listening to me?" Justin said grabbing him by the shoulder.
"Yes I am, look your my best friend and I don't want to lose you," Walter
"Yeah well I'm tired of the headaches, the vomiting, the stomach aches."
"I have to go sometime," whispered Justin.
"Don't ever say that," Walter yelled "Never."
"Well here's my house I'll see you at school tomorrow."
"Yeah tomorrow," Walter screamed as he took off running down the street.
Digging into his back pack Justin took out his bottle of medication and
tossed it into the bushes.
"Mommy I'm home," He called out opening the door.
Maria rushed up and kissed Justin as he dropped his back pack on the floor.
"How's my little Angel," She said patting him on the head.
"Good, I'm hungry."

Justin sat at his desk in his room scribbling in a notebook. He bent over as
a sharp pain shot through his stomach. Standing up he reached for a tissue
wiping a drip of blood from his nose. He glanced at several bottles of
medication on his dresser and knocked them over crying. Maria rushed into his
room and stared deeply into his sobbing face.
"What's wrong honey?" She said.
"Mommy I don't want to live like this any more."
"Please don't say that," Maria said quietly wiping the tears away from his
"I have to take this stuff for the rest of my life," Justin said picking up a
bottle off the floor.
"Honey your father and I love you very much you know that right?"
"Yes mommy I do, but I'm tired of this."
As Maria began to hug Justin he fell to the floor and started convulsing
"Oh my God," Maria screamed and ran out of the room to call the paramedics.

Arriving on the scene promptly the paramedics lifted Justin onto a stretcher
while he screamed out.
"NO," He yelled as they strapped him down.

"Mr. And Mrs. Malone," said Dr. Conner stepping into the waiting room. "We
have Justin in intensive care for now on two times the amount of his
"He has to continue taking it or he's not going to live very long."
"We know that doctor," replied John. "But he doesn't want to take it any
"I'm sorry Mr. Malone but we can't make that call," Dr. Conner answered back.
"I see doctor so what your telling me is my son has to go on taking this
medication even if he doesn't want to?"
"That's what I'm saying Mr. Malone."
"Thanks for all your help doctor," Maria said standing up.

Two weeks later Justin sat in front of a television playing a video game.
He winced as a throbbing headache set in. In Justin's bed room Maria picked
up a note book turning the pages slowly. She stopped as she began to read a
page in Justin's handwriting.

I can't go on like this. I know that everyone loves me and I love them. God
has given everyone a heart to feel the things that haunts us. I don't fear
dying anymore I won't be able to do the things I want because of this and I
just want to be left alone so I can finally be in peace. Our father who art
in heaven please believe in me... Amen
Justin Taylor Malone

A tear fell from Maria's eye as she closed the notebook and stared up at the
Down stairs Justin had dropped his video game controller and stretched out on
the floor. Maria rose up and slowly walked down the stairs and into the
living room where Justin lived. She quietly lifted him up and held him close
to her whispering in his ear.
"I love you," She said repeatedly.
A trickle of blood poured from Justin's ear and Maria sobbed quietly. She
felt his body go limp while she pulled him closer. Justin let out a quiet
cough followed by his leg twitching. Slowly second by second his pulse faded
until there was no heart beat. John grabbed Maria around the waist hugging
both her and Justin. Tears fell from the couple's eyes as they sat in the
middle of the floor still holding on to the body of Justin Taylor Malone.

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