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The Return of Sebath

By Martin Mason


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Chapter 1


Martin sat in his car for a little while before school. He was day-dreaming of his adventure 3 years ago. Since then, his life has never been the same.

3 years ago, Martin was able to unlock a power within himself to destroy Sebath, a vicious alien who lures unsuspecting victims to his lair. There, he donates his evil powers to the victim, engulfing the victim with bitter evil. Sebath then falls unconscious, supposedly dead. When the victim is released from the evil hold, Sebath re-energizes himself. He then searches for another victim, scrutinized on the one goal that someone may finish where he had failed.

Martin learned of all this when he unlocked the mysterious power inside of him to release Max Freeman, the "Victim" that Sebath had selected.

Martin was introduced to Sebath's power by a secretive corporation that specializes in World Defenses. They called on Martin Mason to spy on the "brains" of the operation. Then it turned out that he was to save the world, not spy on someone.

Of course, Martin knew that it would happen again. He had been expecting it again for 3 years. The paranoia is enough to kill a guy, but he held out. It wasn't hard.

He had everything a guy could want. A nifty car, good grades, the best parents a teen could ever want, and his 4 best friends. Max & Bill Freeman who were in Palmetto, along with Hannah, and Francis, a 13 year old guy he met at school.

They were always together. Usually they would sleep-over at Martin's house the most. Francis kept saying "Martin, your Dad is the best!" Martin's Dad was always happy, even through the toughest times. He was always making work fun, so cleaning up after a sleep-over was a breeze.

Francis had just said good-bye to Martin. It was the morning after one of their sleepovers. Francis swung his sleeping bag across his shoulder and started the short walk to his house. He was recalling the great time they had the past night so intently that he didn't notice the big hole in the sidewalk until he fell into it. Francis had thought, “Whoa! Where'd this hole come from?" as he fell.

He stopped rather abruptly. Wincing in pain, he stood up and looked around a dimly lit room. Inside there was a giant throne. It was a minute before Francis realized that someone was sitting in that throne. “HEY!" he called. “Who are you?"                  

The person in the chair shifted slightly. “Hello Francis." it said. “Nice of you to drop in." Francis did not laugh.

“Who ARE YOU?" he demanded." And how do you know me?"

The person chortled. " My name is Sebath." A cold wind swept the room, and when he said his name, he said it with pure evil. “And I know everything about you and your friends, especially Martin."

“Who cares about that now" Francis said. “What are you doing in this hole?"

Sebath said, “I am here to give you a special power that Max Freeman once had."

“What kind of special power?" Francis asked (Martin had told Francis about his friends in Palmetto).

“Why, you could rule the galaxy with it." Sebath said.

“Sounds risky. I don't know..." Francis said.

Sebath said, " I will give it to you, although it will kill me, but who cares? I am going to die of old age anyway... To increase your power," Sebath added. “You need to find the Amulet Of Ages."

“Wait, maybe I should..." but as Francis said this, Sebath's eyes began to glow red. Something round came out of  Sebath's head and fell into Francis' hands. Immediately, Francis felt woosy. He saw the room churning. A deep cackle filled his head. He felt a part of his brain leave as something else took over.

As sudden as it came, the churning stopped, yet something was different. A wild, crazy grin spread across Francis' face, and he cackled evilly as Sebath slumped in the chair...(Supposedly) dead. Only this time... the minion had the knowledge of Martin's "Special" Power!


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