The Return of Sebath

By Martin Mason



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Chapter 2



"BWAA HA HA HA HA HAAA!!!! So... Martin thought he defeated Sebath, but now, I shall survive where Max failed!" Throwing back his head, Francis' cackle echoed throughout the cave. Francis climbed out of the cave, brushing himself off of dirt. "Nobody in site. Good." Francis closed his eyes and concentrated hard. His eyes glowed red underneath his eyelashes. Suddenly, he disappeared and reappeared in Tallahassee, Florida's capitol. Francis knew that Martin had recently moved to Louisiana,  his Mom and little sister still lived in Jacksonville, and his friends lived in Palmetto. Francis manipulated the Governor of Florida to send a live television broadcast to all of Florida. Francis stepped in front of the camera and sent brain waves through the tv to the viewers, hypnotising them. Francis said, " You shall all send a donation of money to the World Helper Organization every 2 weeks. That is all." Francis then shut off the camera and prepared for phase 2 of his Master plan for world domination.

Martin looked up from the book he was reading with shock. Even though Martin was sitting comfortably on the living room couch reading The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens, he felt some kind of pain deep in his mind, as if something terrible had happened. Martin got up and went to the telephone. He got out his wallet and pulled out a buisness card that read," World Defense Services Inc." and it had a phone number. Martin picked up the telephone and dialed the phone number. It rang twice. Then someone picked up. " Hello. Hork Meno teena." Martin replied, " Kantato montananana." The voice said, " Hello Martin! How are things in Louisiana?"" Hello? Who is this?" Martin asked. The voice said, " Oh! I'm sorry. We haven't been introduced. I am Jeremy Corello. Bond resigned." " Oh!" Martin exclaimed. " Well... I welcome you. So, enough formalities. I think something is happening again. I need you to run a world-wide scan for any paranormal activity." Jeremy said, " OK Martin." A series of typing sounds and clicks in the background ensured. " Hey Martin, you were right." Martin asked, " What is the target?" A slight pause... " It's in Florida."

Martin dropped the phone. He was in shock. " Martin? Martin!" Jeremy called out, but by that time, Martin was into his room and began packing. Martin's dad Bill walked in. " Martin, why are you packing your clothes? Where are you going young man!? " Martin quickly reached into his pocket and pulled out a silver tube. Martin pulled out a pair of sunglasses and put them on. He then flicked the tube so that it extended. A red light flashed on the end. Martin said, " Dad, the answer is in this little light." Bill looked into the light closely. Martin pressed a button on the back, and the red light erupted into a bright flash. Bill looked dazed. Martin then removed his glasses and said " Dad, I'm going on vacation to see Mom. I won't be back for awhile, yet you  won't need to worry about me." Bill shook his head. " Uh... hey, son. You have a good trip." " Thanks Dad." What happened when that red flash went off? It dazed and mesmerized his dad in order for him to manipulate his dad's memory so that he may avoid detection. Martin then closed his suitcase, got into his car, and began his trip to Jacksonville. He knew that he would have to make a stop there to stock up on " supplies". On the way to Jacksonville, Martin came up with the same conclusion. " Sebath..."

Francis was in Washington D.C. when Martin started heading to Florida. Using his new power, he got past the security gards at the White House and eventually overpowered President Powell. Using the mind waves that emitted from his brain, he tapped into the president's brain. Francis manipulated his memory into giving Francis only certain powers to the Government. " The whole country would be suspicious if I took complete control right away. Especially Martin. I must be cautious. Perhaps I should begin my search for this Amulet Of Ages." Francis then closed his eyes and concentrated hard. Using his brain waves, he sent them all across the world, searching for it. After a while, Francis opened his eyes. It seemed that the Amulet of Ages was in Palmetto, Florida. Francis, fearing detection by any pedestrians while transporting to Palmetto,  called a taxi. He climbed in and said " To the airport, and step on it."

Martin pulled into his driveway at 3:30 PM. Martin's Mom, Amy, came out and said, " Martin! What a pleasant surprise! Come in." Martin said, " Mom, I'm just going to stay for a little while. I need to get something from here." "Oh" she said. " Well, how about a drink? That's it" she added, reading his face. " Ok" Martin said. Martin went in and grabbed a coke. He popped it open, and he talked with his mom for a little while. After an hour, Martin went down to the basement and locked the door. The basement was still how he remembered it. There was a couch, tv, 4 bookcases filled with movies and books, a pool table in the middle, and a computer in the corner. Martin walked over to a bookcase and pulled down an old book named The Stone Age and opened it to page 319. There, in the middle of the page was a small button. Martin pushed it.

Suddenly, 2 of the bookcases flipped over. GPS satellite maps flashed on computer screens. The pool table flipped over, revealing computer keyboards. The computer flipped into the wall, revealing a huge computer database system. The other 2 bookcases opened on hinges, showing many rooms inside, chock full of supplies Martin got 3 years ago for spying on the "brains" of the paranormal activity there.  Martin then stocked up on any supplies he may need, and grabbed the weapons license he got from Bond when he was in service. He strapped on the wristwatch that he used 3 years ago, still like new. To keep in contact on the go, Martin grabbed a cell phone that H created at the World Defense Services lab. He than locked up everything, said good-bye to his mom, and started towards Palmetto to meet up with Max and Bill.


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