The Return of Sebath

By Martin Mason



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Chapter 3



Francis reached Palmetto a few hours after he left Washington. By that time it was night, so he checked into a hotel and ordered a pizza. He switched  on the television news. A reporter came on.

"And today was a puzzle in Washington, as President Powell elected Francis into power for the people. It was very surprising indeed, yet, he is the president. Back to you Larry." Francis chuckled.

"The fools" he thought. They have no idea what is in store for them. “HA... HA HA! HA HA HAAA!!!" Finishing his pizza, he crawled into bed. "Today, the president. Perhaps tomorrow, THE WORLD!" Chuckling, Francis closed his eyes. Suddenly, they sprang open. "Grrrr... Martin..." he said Francis used his powers to clean the room and pack his bags. He then went down to the counter and paid for his room. After that, he walked out.

Martin stopped at his Aunt Vern's House in Palmetto for the night. Aunt Vern was more than happy to have Martin stop by. " Oh Martin, you came at just the right time. I just finished whipping up a batch of my prime grade muffins."

"Sorry Aunt Vern, but I'm really sleepy."

Uncle Will went and set up the guest room. A few minutes later, Martin was lying in bed, gathering his energy for the day ahead.

Meanwhile, Francis was at a McDonalds. He was really eating a lot. 2 BigMacs, a coke, and French fries. "That lousy Martin" he said. "I know he's in Florida, yet I have no idea where he is exactly, and if he interferes, it shall be the end of me! I must hurry and gather as much strength as possible to find the Amulet before he does!"

"Hmmm. I know! I'll set traps around the city. As soon as he trips one, I will know exactly where he is. Then... the real fun will begin."

The next day, Martin woke up bright and early, ready for anything anyone could throw at him. Martin thanked his Aunt & Uncle, leaving a bit of money for them. Cruising around, Martin began to plan his day. First, he had to find Max and Bill. If there was anyone that could help, it was someone that had dealt with Sebath's power. Second, Martin was going to check on Hannah, who lived in Palmetto. Finally, Martin would begin to search for Sebath's Power. With his priorities planned, Martin began the drive to the Freeman's house.

The Freeman's house was a 2-story house with blue siding and a large fence setting the perimeter of the lawn. Getting out of the car, Martin noticed shrub figurines like a deer and rabbit. He looked with partial interest, and then proceded to the front door. The mahogany door had a nice painted glass on it, with a lion door-knocker to boot. Martin reached up and knocked. The door opened slightly. Martin could see it was very dark inside. Martin pushed the door open the rest of the way. Suddenly, a dark figure jumped out and onto Martin!


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