The Legends of Mathio

By Bob Burlestein

Copyright (c) 2001 Bob Burlestein

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Chapter 7

When He arrived at the woods, he hid his hovercraft in the bushes. After he did that, he started his venture into the unknown forest which lay before him. The guy in the shack was right. The forest was swampy, humid and muggy. When darkness came, he climbed to the top of the tree and looked out over the vast woods. Indeed, in the center of the woods blue smoke was rising into the night sky. 

Mathio found a thick branch and slept, fearing creatures might attack him on land. He was right.  As soon as he fell asleep, something tried to get up the tree, but couldn’t. The creature ran to the woods and watched him all through the night, and in the morning, the creature was gone. 

Mathio yawned, and climbed down and out of the tree. He searched around and found some edible berries. He ate them, then grabbed handfuls and squirted the juice into his mouth. He sighed, and continued northward towards the smoke. He moved trough a swamp, swatting away flies. “Confoundeit. Too many damn flies.” 

Nevertheless, he continued. Suddenly, something charged at him from behind. Mathio turned around to see something in a human form, except flesh was hanging from his body. Maggots were moving all around his skin. The creature pulled a knife and started to swing it at Mathio. 

Mathio ducked and turned and pulled out his plasma gun and shot the creature. No affect. Mathio flicked out his dagger. Mathio threw it at the creature. The creature ducked and charged at Mathio. He plunged the knife into Mathio’s arm and took it out. 

Mathio snatched the knife from the creature. He ran at the creature and stabbed him in the head. Mathio turned the blade inside the head. Red mist began to pour from the creature’s head. The thing started to bleed an orange substance. It fell to the ground and started vibrating violently. 

Mathio realized what was happening and ran like a cat into some bushes. The creature stopped vibrating and exploded. The creature’s pieces formed together and it became a portal. Blue smoke rose from the portal. 

Mathio jumped in, hoping it would take him home. The portal felt like someone gave you a tremendous push. He was surrounded by white blinding light, and then he was on his home realm.


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