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Lucy's Adventures in Daycare...

The First Day

By Inez R. Chaffin


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                “Lucy get your shoes on, it’s time to go.”

                I suddenly felt afraid as I slipped my small feet into my new shoes. Today will be my first day in daycare because mom is starting a new job.  I can’t act nervous in front of mom; it will make her nervous.

                “I’m ready.” I said grabbing my back pack, “Mom, will I make friends at daycare?”

                “Sure you will Lucy, there will be a lot of kids your age to play with.  You’re going to have a great time.” Mom answered as she drove down the street.

                “Are you scared to start your new job?” I asked.

                “No. I’m excited like you are. LOOK! We’re here. I see kids already outside playing. Honey I’ll stay with you a few minutes if you would like for me to.”

                “That’s okay mom, I’ll be fine,” I answered “Wow! They have a bunch of toys.”

                I was eager to get out of the car so I could play. We were walking through the gate when a red haired girl came up to me smiling.

                “Do you want to swing?” she asked.

                “Sure.” I said looking up at mom to get her approval.

                “Lucy, I will be inside if you need me.”

                “Okay mom.” I answered as we ran toward the swings.

                I pushed my feet far into the air so I could swing super high; the red haired girl did the same. We began to laugh and sing and laugh again. I told her my name and she told me her name was Sara something. I don’t remember the last part. Finally we slowed down because more kids joined us. They didn’t tell me their name though.

                Sara and I decide to go inside, by then we were best friends. Mom was glad to see that I was comfortable and enjoying the daycare, that would make her day better. We found a spot to have a tea party when mom came over to join us.

                “Lucy, I must go now, I don’t want to be late on my first day.”

                “Mom, how long will I get to stay and play with Sara?” I asked.

                “You and Sara will have all day to play together. I will be back later this afternoon,” She leaned down and kissed me on the cheek, “be sweet today. Have fun!”

                ‘We will.” Sara and I said at the same time. We started giggling and could not stop as mom was waving goodbye.

Long after mom left, I noticed several kids arriving, their parents left and no one cried daycare must be all right and I was just nervous over nothing. I get to play, write, color and other fun stuff!

                Ms. Betty walked over to us smiling; she is the lady in charge.   We were giggling again!

                “It looks like you two girls are having an interesting tea party” she starting laughing also.

                “We are Ms. Betty. Lucy was drinking her tea and it started bubbling” Sara explained.

                “Then the bubbles started floating in the air and when they popped they turn to gum drops.” I said, laughing so hard, my chair fell over and that made Ms. Betty and Sara laugh harder!

                “The ones that don’t pop, they turn into orange and purple slim,” Sara told Ms. Betty “that is why Lucy fell out of her chair, she has it all over her.”

                My eyes grew big, looking down at my clothes; Sara made it sound so real.

                “Well, let’s get you cleaned up before it dries in your hair and on your clothes Lucy.” Suggested Ms. Betty.

                “Oh there is no need Ms. Betty, it disappears in just a few minutes.” I said laughing again.

                “Ms. Betty, is there anything we can help you with?” asked Sara.

                “Yes there is.” She answered thinking, “why don’t you show Lucy around the daycare?”

                “That would be great! We must put away our tea party first.”

                Sara whispered to me that Ms. Betty had some really cool stuff, especially her aprons. They were very old and very special. She wore them when she was a little girl, they made her dance around the house, sweeping and cleaning in a magical way. I wished Sara and I could wear them!  After Sara gave me a tour, Ms. Betty announced she had a special treat for all the kids today…we are having a picnic! Everyone jumped up and down and ran around the room.

                The blankets were spread on the ground, the baskets were in place, and we followed Ms. Betty outside to begin our picnic. She told us silly stories, sang us funny songs, I was so thrilled to be a part of this daycare, I never dreamed it would be this way.

                After the picnic, we went inside to rest. Our cots were lined up very neatly, as I hoped my cot was beside Sara. I lay very still, thinking of Ms. Betty’s aprons. If I wore one over my white dress, I could dance to the music, prancing into the air, feeling like a fairy princess looking for my magic forest.  My animal friends surrounding me, listening to the echoes of my songs. Picking beautiful flowers of every color, putting them in my basket that was covered with pearls. Twirling around and around in a graceful spin, floating toward the clouds, I would sprinkle the flower petals in the wind, watching them trail behind me.

                “Lucy. Lucy wake up sweetheart.” I heard my mother’s soft voice.

                I opened my eyes to see where I was. I didn’t realize I fell asleep so soon. I looked over to find Sara.

                “Sara’s mother came just a few minutes ago, Sara told you bye but you must have been dreaming and did not hear her.” Mother said.

                “ I was wearing Ms. Betty’s apron and they made me feel special just like they do her.” I explained.  We walked toward the door and I saw Ms. Betty.

                “Ms. Betty, will you tell me all about your special aprons?” I begged.

                “I will tomorrow at nap time.” She shook her head and smiled.

                “Oh great! Mom may I come tomorrow?”

                “You sure can” mom answered leading me to the car.

                “Mom, I love daycare.”

                Mom just smiled.


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