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By Meagan Richards


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“Why the f--- are you touchy, Alex?” Joey asked after Alex shot him another blood curtailing look and smacked him over the head with the guidebook, again.

            “Simple. I did not want to be dragged around a moldy old castle and I am not having fun.” Alexander snapped. Joey rolled his eyes and chose to ignore his friend’s rather snide remarks. He, for one, was finding the old castle interesting.

            Paintings of a beautiful woman had filled one room, rumored to have been her chambers where she and her lover spent many nights in each others arms. There were also the stories that the lovely woman had been a vampire, same with her lover. Odd markings covered one wall, presumably Pagan.

            “Why the hell did you decide we needed to come here?” Alexander hissed as the guide started another story about the castle.

            “Because I didn’t want to spend time in another bar.” Joey replied.

            “They’re called pubs.” Alexander corrected, looking at his watch. “Speaking of which, I’m leaving. Meet me at the Star and Garter when this is over.”

            “Fine.” Joey sighed as Alexander left the tour and headed out to the rental car. He shook his head and turned his attention back to the guide.

            Half an hour later, Alexander sat in the back of a small but empty bar with a glass of vodka and orange, thinking and remembering. He took a sip of his drink and settled back in the scruffy booth to remember the castle.



Alexander’s Memories

            1523, Dublin, Ireland. The vampire hunts have dwindled out and the witch-hunts have begun. Out of the spotlight for now, Kyla and Alexander are able to relax and not be so careful.

            “Close your eyes.” Alexander smiled. Kyla laughed and did as he asked. The red haired 18-year-old with laser green and pouting lips was a beauty, tall for a woman, and muscular, and the owner of Alexander’s heart.

            “Alexander, hurry.” Kyla begged. Alexander smiled and slipped the gold band with the emerald onto Kyla’s finger.

            “Open your eyes, my love.” Alexander whispered. Kyla’s eyes flew open and she gasped out loud at the sight of the ring.

            “It is gorgeous.” Kyla said quietly, moving her hand so the ring flashed in the firelight.

            “It is nothing compared to you, my lady.” Alexander smiled. Kyla tilted her head back and kissed him in a motion of thanks.

            The reason for the ring was Kyla’s birth date, December 30th, she had been a vampire for five years now, and Alexander’s Maker and lover of little under a year. She had been changed by the Master, an ancient vampire who had been created by an unknown force three centuries ago, making her a First Generation vampire, and the only female in the group of three that the Master had changed.

            Alexander himself was a Second Generation, changed by Kyla on January 23rd, his 23rd birthday. He’d never age, unless he and Kyla found the Blood Stone, making them completely immortal and giving them unimaginable powers, including the power to change their physical appearance.

            “You are thinking again, Alexander.” Kyla said, smiling a little.

            “Aye, I am worried about the future. Won’t people notice we do not age?” Alexander admitted.

            “My love, I have been eighteen for five years, and no one has noticed. Do not worry, when people start to talk, we can leave, go somewhere else, where no one knows us.” Kyla laughed. “That is the beauty of being a vampire, we can travel, and not worry about not making it to a destination.”

            “You really do not worry about anything, do you?” 

            “No, but then, I had a good teacher. Then, I got a wonderful lover.” Kyla giggled. It echoed off the stone walls of their Irish castle.

            “You are an odd wee one, you know that?” Alexander laughed.

            “I am a vampire.” Kyla answered, letting her fangs slide out. “And I may be a wee bit odd.”

            “Aye, you are that, my love. But, so am I.” Alexander said, gently touching Kyla’s fangs, remembering how scared he had been when he had first seen them, now, he had his own set and loved them.

            Kyla smiled slyly and gently nipped Alexander’s fingers, knowing he loved this and it turned him on. He started to play with her lips with his thumb, smiling as she growled quietly.

            That was the last night they spent together, and the last night Alexander was truly happy.

            “Reid, watch the pack, I am going hunting.” Alexander said as he pulled on his black cloak over his hunting wear, a pair of soft leather pants and a white shirt.

            “Yes, Alexander.” Reid smiled, he was another member of Kyla’s pack.

            “Tell Kyla I have gone and I’ll be back before dawn.” Alexander called as he breezed out the door. That was the last time Alexander was in the castle, until now.

When Alexander returned to the castle at dawn, he nearly screamed in rage; Hunters were there, and they were leaving, holding Kyla’s treasured jeweled box.

Alexander stared unbelievingly for what seemed forever, watching the Hunters take their belongings from the castle, load them into wagons to take home as prizes and leave, returning to take more things. The full moon was at its peak in the clear night sky when the Hunters finally left, joyful cries of victory reached Alexander’s ears as they disappeared into the night. When he was sure the rest were gone for good, Alexander carefully slipped into the castle, jumping at every little sound.

“Oh good God.” Alexander said quietly when he reached the bedroom that he had shared with Kyla. It was a disaster, the grand bed was in ruins, bedding had been stripped and was smoldering in the fireplace, causing shadows to dance eerily. The Hunters hadn’t touched the pictures, though. They were left to hang, reminding Alexander of what was past, and what he had lost. Feeling hot tears prick his eyes, Alexander quickly opened what the Hunters had not found and destroyed, the small chamber hidden in the floor, under a loose stone. Kneeling slowly, Alexander moved the stone and lifted out the only physical reminder of Kyla and of his time in Ireland; a large golden cross on a gold chain with different jewels decorating the cross. Slipping it over his neck and tucking it into his shirt, Alexander took one last lingering look around the room, and fled. Leaving Ireland behind and heading to France, hoping to find some peace, and revenge on the Hunters for taking away his forever.

            The boat ride was long, and sad. Alexander sat in his cabin, only feeding when necessary, and not taking very much because he’d be found out and killed. Life wasn’t fair, what good was it when your only love was dead, for good this time. He sighed and pulled out the cross, fingering it lovingly.

            “You still alive down here?” Captain McBride asked, opening the door to Alexander’s cabin. Alexander shoved the cross back under his shirt and sat up, glaring at the captain in suck a manner that it could have melted steel.

            “Barely.” Alexander muttered. “The food is not fit for the pigs.”

            “Be grateful I even agreed to take you on this boat.” McBride said, frowning. “Aye, but at least you are minding your own.”

            “I am depressed, or you would be hearing a lot more from me.” Alexander said, and rolled over so he faced the wall.

            “We will be reaching port in a few hours. You had better be ready and get off the boat as fast as you can.” McBride said, leaving the room.

            “Like I would want to spend another minute in this hell hole.” Alexander yelled after the captain.

            Sitting up and almost falling off the bed, Alexander threw his clothing into his trunk. He had bought new things before he left, he couldn’t face going back to the castle again.

            “Finally.” Alexander said as he stomped off the boat, and followed closely by several sailors who were carrying his trunks. He jumped off the boat and headed straight for the Ramada Hotel, a very posh hotel.

            Hopefully France would offer him some answers as to where Mason was hiding, and what he had done with Kyla’s box. Growling quietly, Alexander entered his hotel room, which would become his home for the next two years as he searched France, coming so close to Mason, then having him slip through his fingers yet again. He had a few lovers during his stay in France, but he never got emotionally attached to any as he had Kyla.

            His anger didn’t really leave him, it just became dormant for the time being, coming out when he even so much as heard the Hunter name.



Chapter 1


             Kyla looked around the Hunter mansion once more before slipping out of the window. She looked around carefully before leaving the driveway and heading for her home, a grand mansion that was almost an exact copy of the Irish castle.

            Turning on the radio, Kyla immediately heard a news report of another death, the victim had been raped, then drained of her blood. ‘Another reggae vampire, wonderful.’ Kyla thought, frowning. ‘Oh well, it will give me something to do while I wait.’

            Kyla herself had become a Reggae Hunter during her four hundred and eighty three years alone, it was her way of dealing with the anger, pain, and loneliness. She had crossed the path of several members of the Hunter family during that time, and they had known she meant business, and refused to follow any set rules.

            “Sometimes bad is good.” Kyla said to herself as she took the exit and floored the gas pedal, the Viper took off. She leaned back in the leather seat, getting ready for the long drive home. Sighing, Kyla stated to relax a little, there was no one else on the road, and besides, even if a cop did pull her over, she was a seductress who was able to get out of anything by squirming her hips, pouting her lips, and wearing a low cut top. Hell, she could do anyone she wanted by winking at them.

            It was funny, really, how humans thought they were the prominent species of the world, the smartest primates to walk this planet. But they still thought that the paranormal was a bunch of bulls---, vampires could be killed by sunlight, ghosts were figments of imagination, and witches were nut jobs. The vampire stories were the worst, though, what was there and where to start? Oh, of course, vampires could only come out at night because the sunlight would kill them, causing them to burst into flames or turn into ash. Kyla herself had a healthy tan all year, which she got from spending time at her many beach homes. The cross myth was also just that, a myth. She had been forced to wear a cross for nearly two hundred years, from 1600 to the late 1800’s, and it was just another trinket. As for the Holy water thing, Kyla could bathe in the stuff if she ever felt the need. She did need blood to survive, of course, but she only needed to feed about twice a week, if the feeds were good. Kyla ate ‘normal human’ food, but preferred all her meat to be rare, and her wine to be red.

            Kyla was secretive, and very private. But she was rich, very rich. Well, her family had been rich in Ireland, as had Alexander, and she had gotten richer over the years, her bank accounts starting to soar into billions in the fifties, now she had no idea of how she really had. The accountants took care of her money now, and Kyla only made visits to her banks to see everything was all right.

            “Home sweet home.” Kyla smiled as she pulled into her driveway.

            “Hello, Kylee.” a voice hissed as she opened the door.

            “Chris.” Kyla replied. “What do you want? I have no patience for your games right now, wee one.”

            “Wee one? Kylee, you forget I’m quite a bit larger than you.” Chris said, putting the picture frame down and facing Kyla. Chris was a nephew to Mason Hunter, Kyla had picked him at a bar, and had been using him to get information on the Hunters. Now, she had no use for him.

            “Only in physical size, Chris.” Kyla said, closing the door. “But I am quite larger than you in the eyes of the universe, and of your uncle.”

            “What’s that mean?”

            “Simple, I know your dear old Uncle Mason is more interested in finding the vampire Kyla’s grave than you and you branch of the family.” Kyla smiled.

            “What? How’d you know that?” Chris demanded. “Are you a Hunter or something?”

            “A Reggae Hunter, to be more exact. You have heard of those, haven’t you? Well, I am one of the best Reggae Hunters in the world, and nothing can stop me. And people have tried, and have been trying for several hundred years, well, 478 years.”


            “Oh come now, Chris? You did not think that I was completely clueless about all those Hunter documents you had, did you?”

            “You read those?”

            “Of course I did. And I made copies of all of them, they are proving to be very helpful.” Kyla giggled. “But there are a few mistakes in them I feel I should tell you about, dear Chris.”

            “Kylee, you’re scaring me, baby.”

            “Oh am I? Good, now listen to me, Chris. You do not want to miss what I am going to tell you.” Kyla said, turning serious. “The vampire Kyla is still very much alive and well, and she has the Bloodstone.”

            “You’re lying.”

            “No, I’m not, Christopher.” Kyla said gravely. “I am dead serious about the subject of myself.”

            “What did you smoke tonight, Sweet Heart?” Chris asked carefully.

            “Nothing, but I have not fed tonight and I am quite hungry.” Kyla smiled, letting her fangs down.

            “Kylee.” Chris said, his voice high in panic. “Oh God, baby, you don’t want to hurt me. We’re in love.”

            “I am a good actress.” Kyla shrugged, advancing on the trembling man.

            “How about all those nights in my bed? Or the hot tub?”

            “Great sex, babe, really great sex.” Kyla said, and sank her teeth into Chris’s throat. Chris gave a feeble attempt to fight the vampire off him, but his hands fell limply to his sides as the life giving liquid was drained out of his veins.

            Kyla drank greedily, holding Chris up when his legs gave out when he finally passed out and died. When the blood stopped coming, Kyla picked up the body and took it out to her car, stuffing it in the trunk. She drove out to a cliff that over looked the ocean, and threw the weighed down body over the edge.

            “Bye-bye, baby.” Kyla smiled as the body tumbled down the cliff side and into the ocean. She stood there for a few minutes before turning back to her car and driving home for a hot bath and bed.

            The huge bed was covered with a couple of goose down quilts and satin sheets, and black and blood red. A canopy hung over the bed, and curtains framed it, the perfect ‘quiet’ zone for her. Killing didn’t phase her, in fact, it gave her a high, very similar to the effect you’d get if you doped up. Not long after she fell asleep, Kyla started to dream.

            “Who are you?” Alexander asked, panic in his voice as he looked at the woman in front of him. She wore a simple black gown that fit her like a second skin, and a black cloak with a blood red lining hung to her feet. Green eyes flashed and red hair hung down her back in its’ usual wild curls.

            “Your destiny, my love.” Kyla purred, smiling seductively. “You should know me, Alexander.”

            “Do I?” Alexander challenged Death.

            “Aye, I am your Night Angel who came to visit you, bringing much pleasure to your bed.”

            “No, my Angel is soft, kind. Not a monster.”

            “Is she now?” Kyla taunted, advancing on Alexander. “Did she not warn you that there were many sides to her? That she would make you hers forever?”

            Alexander paled as Kyla let her fangs down, and slipped off her cloak. It couldn’t  be his Angel, she wasn’t like this, she was soft, kind, loving. Not a cold heartless, Godless monster-like the one that stood before him. He refused to believe it.

            “Oh, Alexander, I’m not going to kill you. I’m going to keep my word and make you mine forever.” Kyla laughed quietly, wrapping her arms around his waist and pulling him closer to him.

            “I don’t want to be yours forever. A Godless monster is not who I love.”

            “I’m only a monster in the eyes of the beholder.” Kyla said as she dragged her fangs along Alexander’s Jugular. He started to struggle against the vampire as she nipped at his neck.

            “May you burn in hell!” Alexander screamed.

            “Please, don’t panic, my love. It doesn’t hurt for long.” Kyla whispered, then plunged her fangs into his neck.

            Alexander couldn’t scream in terror, but he fought for his life until his strength was sapped from him as his blood drained out. Just before he passed out, Kyla removed her fangs from his neck, and helped him down onto the bed.

            “Here, drink.” Kyla said as she slashed her wrist with a fang and held it to Alexander’s mouth. At first he refused, but Kyla persisted, finally, he gave in.

            The blood flowed down his throat like rich soup, hot and comforting, and it started to sharpen his dulled senses. He let out a disappointed moan when Kyla took her wrist from him. Then she lowered her mouth to his neck again, opening the wounds that allowed access to his blood once again, and again drank until he was almost unconscious.

            “Once more, my love.” Kyla whispered, offering her wrist again. Instead of refusing her offer, Alexander immediately put his lips on her wrist and lapped up her blood. Then, his fangs slid out and pierced the tender flesh of Kyla’s wrist, causing her to gasp in pain.

            “It is done.” Kyla whispered, taking her wrist from Alexander’s mouth. “You are a vampire of the Second Generation.”

            Alexander looked up at her with a pleading look in his eyes, like he was begging her to tell him she was joking.

            “My love, it’s not as bad as you think. I’ve been a vampire for nearly four years, and no one has noticed. And I also live a better life than any human can even dream of, I do not have to worry about sickness, hunger, any of that.”

            “Why me?”

            “Because we are meant to be, Alexander. Do not tell me you did not start to lust after me when you first laid eyes on me, that you did not fall in love at first sight?” Kyla asked coyly.

            “But you were my Angel, not a monster.”

            “Alexander, you loved me after I changed, more so than when I was human. You became more bold in your approaches.”

            “But…but…” Alexander stuttered, finding he didn’t know the words he needed right then.

            “Relax, what the Bible and your father preach are nothing, they have no truth, they lie. We are not damned to Hell, in fact, our kind are above humans, the superior race to all life on Earth. And all those thought to be vampires and witches are not, they are but normal humans. One of us has yet to be caught.

            “We do not fear the cross, or Holy Water, or the sun. We are not the soulless killers that we are made out to be, and we only need to feed maybe twice a week. We do not even need to fear war, as we cannot die, unless it be by a wooden steak through the heart, but if we find the Bloodstone, we need not fear anything, for we will be unstoppable.”

            “It will take a while to get used to this life.” Alexander sighed. “But if it be with you, my angel, it may not be so terrible.”

            “No, it will be wonderful, my love.” Kyla smiled as she lay beside Alexander and closed her eyes. “Sleep now, I am tired.”

            “Yes, my love. Sleep will be nice.” Alexander agreed quietly, and closed his eyes, slipping off into a light slumber.

            The rising sun took Kyla from her dream, and she cursed out loud for the unwelcome awakening. Knowing she’d never fall back asleep, Kyla slipped out of bed and walked to the shower, hoping this day would be more productive than the last.

            “Why don’t you ever wear different rings?” Peter asked Kyla when he came to pick her up from their date that afternoon.

            “Because they mean a lot to me, Peter.” Kyla smiled. “They’re family heirlooms, very old.”

            “I can see that, doll face.” Peter grinned, gunning the engine to his truck and tearing out of the driveway.

            “Do you not want to hear my stories?”

            “You know I do, babe.” Peter said, winking. Kyla shuddered inwardly, she hated Peter’s pet names for her.

            “It is said that my family was associated with the vampire Alexander, and he was the lover of one of my grandmothers. He gave her this ring when she became engaged, promising his undying love to her. And this one is from Alexander again, to another grandmother whom he loved. Neither became a vampire, and he never asked, according to legend.” Kyla said, fondly touching the rings on her left hand.

            “Speaking of family, when do I get to meet yours?”

            “In time, I told you, in time. You needn’t rush these things, Peter.” Kyla smiled slyly.

            “You and your way of talking.” Peter laughed. “It makes you sound like some old English actor.”

            “Irish, Peter.” Kyla corrected.

            “Does it really matter?” Peter asked, stealing a glance at Kyla. “I love listening to your way of yakking, it’s so different from all the other girls around here.”

            “I am different from all the other girls around here.” Kyla replied, smoothing her black silk skirt.

            “I know, babe. You’re so up town about s---. I’ve never actually met anyone who actually eats champagne and caviar on toast wedges as a T.V snack.” Peter shrugged, pulling into the bar parking lot.

            “That as not the only thing I like to eat.” Kyla smiled slyly.

            “Is that a hint you wanna skip the bar, babe?” Peter asked.

            “What do you think, Peter?”

            “I think yes.” Peter said, starting the truck again and going to a cheap hotel where pimps and hookers prowled the halls, and junkies and drunks slouched around the doors. Kyla shuddered before she got out of the truck and let Peter take her into one of the filthy rooms. She had no intentions of giving Peter what he wanted.

            That night, Peter wished he’d never been born, or never laid eyes on the woman who he now called Death. Kyla drained Peter of all his blood, and disposed of him in the same fashion as she had disposed of Chris the previous night. But instead of going straight home after the kill, Kyla took out one of her cars and drove, thinking about whatever came into her head.

            Tonight, her thoughts wandered to Alexander, and how he lived, and when he was changed.

Kyla’s Memory

            “Do not worry, my love. I’ve done this many times before and never been caught.” Kyla smiled as she swung herself up onto a horse.

            “But you have never had me along.” Alexander pointed out as he got up behind Kyla. “And I am not the vampire you are.”

            “No, but you are part of me, Alexander. And you mustn’t worry so much, trust me when I say we will be alright.” Kyla laughed, urging the horse into a gallop.

            They were headed to the village to cause some chaos, or, in Kyla’s eyes, to have fun. The guards always came after her, but never caught her, or even came close enough to see her face clearly.

            It was a month since Alexander had became a vampire, and he was still very unsure about some things, but had generally accepted his destiny. He was wary about Kyla’s carefree behavior though, she never worried about anything, but was very careful about what she did at least. And she had become even more loving since she changed him, not having to worry about accidentally letting her fangs down and biting him had made her relax. And also the threat of him leaving her for another woman or marriage to others was in the past.

            “Here we are.” Kyla smiled, reigning the horse. “Alexander, this is fun, trust me, please. And as a final question, have I ever lied to you before?”

            “No.” Alexander sighed, holding Kyla tighter. “All right then, before I loose my nerve.”

            “You will never loose your nerve, my love.” Kyla smiled, and let out a loud war cry as they raced into the village. Alexander let out a yell echoing Kyla, and suddenly felt better about the entire thing, and let out a louder yell to emphasize this.

            “Here they come!” Alexander yelled, looking over his shoulder to see the guards coming after them.

            “This is when the fun starts.” Kyla laughed, urging her horse to faster. “Hang on, Alexander, things will get dangerous.”

            “Good.” Alexander smiled, and put his head on Kyla’s shoulder and started to laugh in spite of himself. This was fun.

            “Halt!” came a cry from behind them.

            “You will not escape us this time!” another person yelled.

            “You had better hurry then!” Kyla yelled back, and burst into the forest. Alexander screamed again, more in fear then fun this time though.

            The horse shot through the woods, and the soldiers let out cries of anger and frustration as Kyla’s lean horse left them far behind. Alexander cackled insanely and Kyla smiled, feeling Alexander loosen up behind her, and start to enjoy himself.

            “Is this not fun, Alexander?” Kyla asked, grinning as she reigned the horse beside the castle a few hours later.

            “My love, I will never doubt you again.” Alexander replied, helping Kyla off the horse.

            “Is that a promise?”

            “Aye, it is.” Alexander replied quietly, Kyla smiled slyly and turned towards the castle.

            “Do you know why I chose you as my mate?” Kyla asked, but didn’t wait for a reply. “You are rebel, like me, and we can be very powerful together.”

            “We will be very powerful together, my love.” Alexander promised. “Believe me, we will rise to glory.”

            “I have never doubted it, but is sounds even more believable coming from your mouth.” Kyla smiled.

            She was jarred from her memory when a car sped by her, horn blaring. Swearing, Kyla stuck her finger in the air, and blared her horn in response.

            “People are so damn annoying!” Kyla said to herself as she turned off to a highway bar. Deciding she needed to calm her self down, Kyla went in for a drink, or five.

            “Mind if I buy you this one? You look a little lonely.” a guy said as Kyla ordered a vodka.

            “Suit yourself.” Kyla shrugged, looking the guy over. He had long black hair that fell to his ears, kept neatly so it looked good, bright blue eyes, and a fairly lean yet strong build. He stood about 6’2, according to Kyla’s estimation, and had a pleasant smile.

            “You come here often?”

            “I was in the area, and decided I needed a pick-me-up.” Kyla replied, taking her drink to a small table in a corner farthest from the speakers that were blaring some sort of bad country song.

            “Break up?”

            “Nah, boyfriend died a year ago today.” Kyla said, taking a sip of her drink. “If you do not mind, I do not open up to complete strangers.”

            “Scott Renalds.” Scott smiled.

            “Kayla Morgan.” Kyla nodded. “So, Scott, what is a nice looking guy like you doing here? I would expect you to be out on a date.”

            “Nah, I’m just here for whatever, lots of s--- I wanna get away from.” Scott shrugged.

            “We make a good pair then, both of us have a bunch of bull s--- in our lives that we wanna get rid of.”

            Scott smiled and shrugged, like he didn’t really care about the s--- life dished out to him. He was hungry, hadn’t fed for a few days and the woman sitting in front of his would do nicely for a meal, she looked like she’d go home with him, or at least to some place quieter. Gently touching his tongue to his left incisor, a dormant fang, Scott smiled as he anticipated the upcoming meal.

            “Kayla, you wanna go somewhere a little quieter? I can barely hear myself think.” Scott asked.

            “Yes!” Kyla yelled over the music. “You got a car?”

            “That’s it, right beside black Corvette.” Scott said, pointing to a dark green Escape.

            “Oh, think it is safe to leave my car here? It is like my baby.” Kyla frowned. She was great at playing the innocent act.

            “Which one’s yours and I can tell you.”

            “The Corvette.” Kyla said sweetly.

            “It should be alright.” Scott said, hurrying Kyla to his truck. “Come on, let’s go.”

            Kyla shrugged and got into the truck, watching Scott warily, in case he was a psycho or some serial killer or sick rapist. She didn’t read minds of humans unless she was well acquainted with them, or it was absolutely necessary.

            Scott drove off, headed for the cliff where Kyla had dumped Chris and Peter so he could have his meal in peace. He didn’t know he had the most powerful vampire in the world sitting beside him, and Kyla didn’t realize the Scott was the vampire the Master wanted her to join forces with. In short, both were centuries old First Generation vampires, the last of their rank.

            “I love this view.” Scott said as he and Kyla stood on the edge of the cliff.

            “Mm-hmm.” Kyla replied absentmindedly. Scott reached over and put his hand on Kyla’s neck, and suddenly let out a gasp.

            “You have no pulse!” Scott hissed, letting his fangs down. “Hunter!”

            “One of Patrick’s pack!” Kyla said, lowering herself into fighting stance and lowering her fangs.

            “Eric’s pack?” Scott asked, confused that a Hunter had fangs, and called him one of Patrick’s spawn. “Who are you? A Lost Second Generation?”

            “Do not insult me.” Kyla hissed, starting to circle Scott.

            “Who are you?” Scott repeated, growing more confused by the minute.

            “Tell me who you are, since you are so bold.” Kyla replied. “Besides, it is not proper for a lady to give her name first.”

            “Scott. Now, your name.”

            “If I must.” Kyla sighed, glaring. “I am Kyla, the only First Generation vampire left, the best Reggae Hunter in the world, and the finder of the Bloodstone.”

            Scott looked at her and howled with laughter, dropping his fighting posture. “Kyla, the only female vampire who knows left from right and who killed Mason’s oldest son for sport.”

            “Aye, and who are you?”

            “I’m Scott, the only male First Generation left alive after Paul killed Chandler. And the one the Master wants you to join forces with.”

            “Well, Scott, I am taking charge then.” Kyla said, straightening her posture. “We will use my property here in Tampa, and I expect no arguments.”

            “Of course, my lady.” Scott smiled. “But I must feed tonight, unless you wish me to go insane and waste to a living skeleton.”

            “I have several humans in my home, they will suffice for now.” Kyla said crisply, returning to the Escape. “I have already fed tonight, and the last night as well.”

            “Two nights? Is something bothering you, Kyla?” Scott asked as he drove them back to the bar.

            “Not any more, one of the Hunter Family who was training to kill, another was unknowing of his blood, but was going to be Called soon. I disposed of them before they could cause me any trouble.”

            “Which family members?”

            “Chris Hunter and Peter Harris.”

            “You killed Frances and Bart, did you not?” Scott asked after a moment’s silence.

            “That I did. They were pests who needed to be killed, and I was the one to do it.” Kyla said, smiled at the memory.

            “I was hunting them too. We must have bee only meters away from each other at times.” Scott said thoughtfully.

            “If that.” Kyla replied as she got out of the Escape. “Follow close, Scott. I do not turn back for those who get lost.”

            “I’ll try to remember that.” Scott smiled. Kyla looked him over once more and slammed the truck door.

Scott sighed, his days as a free vampire were over, Kyla made that clear. The woman wasn’t someone who you argued with unless you wanted to end up either dead or in traction. Shaking his head, Scott followed Kyla as she sped down the highway, headed for her home, correction, their home now.

“Welcome home, Scott.” Kyla smiled as he stepped out of his truck, mouth gaping at the mansion.

            “Amazing, Kyla, truly amazing.” Scott smiled. “But I must return to my home, to gather some personal items and clothing.”

            “Tomorrow, I am tired now and do not wish to wait up to make sure you do not disobey me.” Kyla yawned. “You will sleep in the room across from mine, I am sure you will find everything you need to be comfortable tonight, and tomorrow we will go to your home.”

            “Of course, Kyla.” Scott said, seeing she didn’t want to argue. “Gods’ Speed to your dreams.”

            “And same to you.” Kyla said as she disappeared into her room, closing the door gently behind her.




First Impressions

            Scott woke up before Kyla, meaning he had time to wander the huge house without her standing over his shoulder. It was amazing how Kyla managed to live the way she did, and not get figured out. So what if she had the Bloodstone? That wouldn’t make very much of a difference in today’s hard core world, not with the way private lives were a thing of the past, especially when you were as beautiful and rich as Kyla was.

            “I hope you slept well?” Kyla’s voice asked as Scott came out of her library, causing him to jump.

            “Yes, of course.” Scott said, glaring. “Must you do that?”

            “You are the one snaking around my home.” Kyla replied. “We will go to your home now, and I do not wish to waste much time.”

            “Of course not, Kyla.” Scott sighed. Kyla nodded and motioned for him to follow her.

            “Why are all your cars black?” Scott asked as Kyla drove them to his old home in a black truck.

            “It is my color, and I like it. Do you have a problem with that?” Kyla asked, shooting Scott a look telling him he’d better not mind, if he wanted to live.

            “No, no, of course not. I’m just curious.” Scott said quickly. “You’re fairly stuck to the old ways, aren’t you?”

            “That I am, the Master told me never to forget who I was, and who I am. I am an Irish lady who was born in the fifteen hundreds, and I still live because I am a vampire.”

            “Do you ever wonder what life would be like if the Master was still alive and he had killed Eric?”

            “Aye, I like to think that he, you, and I would be together, like we were supposed to be. We would be the strongest force in the world, with our pack behind us, the humans would be our slaves, and cover whenever we looked upon them. Hunters would be kept in cages, or totally wiped out.

            “Alexander would still be alive and he and I would still be lovers, free to do as we wished. Other mates would have been chosen by yourself and the Master, of course, and there would be no suffering for our kind who lived under our rule.”

            “That was a sad day, Kyla. The Vampire Alexander was lost, he was about to be great, had many things going for him. And you were about to be moved to the ranks of Queen. Then the Hunters came.” Scott said quietly.

            “But I have become Queen, Scott. There is no one more powerful than I, and you will soon be equal to me.” Kyla replied. “With the Bloodstone, we will be unstoppable.”

            “I know.” Scott grinned, bearing his fangs. “And the Lost ones, Reggae’s, and those of Peter’s decent will quake in their shoes.

            Kyla looked over at Scott, and couldn’t help but think, ‘It should have been Alexander beside me. And he who rises with to glory, not Scott.’

            Switching on the radio, Scott was met by a news broadcast about two bodies found washed up on the beach, both drained of their blood. He leaned back in his seat to listen.

            “At 5:15 today, two bodies were found on the south part of the beach by an early-morning jogger. They have been identified as Peter Chase, and Chris Hunter, the son of Eric Hunter, a wealthy businessman.

            “Both bodies were bound, and drained of all blood. They are the fourth in a series of murders like this, all of which have occurred in this State. The police have no leads, but are suspecting that there is a cult which kills people who may have cheated it, or have wished out. No suspects yet.

            “There are no connections between the men found today, Chase was from a poor family who never crossed the Hunters. This makes the case even more baffling, why these people in such a fashion?

            “People are starting to relate this case to a book by Michael Slate, titled Hangman, where a psychotic killer stalked those involved in the hanging of an innocent man. The victims were hung, their tongues slashed, and used in a gruesome game of hangman.

            “Could there be an explanation as to why these people are being killed? Or are they simply random victims? Police are clueless as to who is the master mind behind these killings, and are now trying to calculate where the killer will strike next.”

            “Do these people never shut up?” Kyla asked, smiling slightly.

            “You like attention, don’t you?”

            “Some, yes.” Kyla admitted. “But I usually try to keep anonymous when I receive the attention, so I do not get found out.”

            “You know that being discovered will bring an end to our kind, and endless suffering us, especially you because you wear the Bloodstone.” Scott said solemnly.

            “But I can remove it. That is part of the legend.” Kyla explained. “The hand that shapes the Stones, and gives them life, can also remove and kill them.”

            “You can kill a rock?”

            “A Bloodstone is not a simple rock, Scott. It gives its wearer eternal life, and complete immortality. You must give it life before it can share its powers with you, and you must kill it before you are free of its powers.”

            “You really know your stuff, don’t you?”

            “When you have hunted something as long as I, and felt pain as deep as mine, you will understand.” Kyla said quietly.

            Scott shook his head. “Why don’t you warm up a little, girl? We’re gonna be stuck with each other for a while and I thing it would be easier on both of us if we were friends.”

            “I will warm up to you when I know I can trust you.” Kyla replied, and went quiet.

            Kyla pulled into Scott’s driveway without saying another word to him, like he had offended her in some way. Before climbing out of the car, Scott opened his mouth like he was going to say something, but then thought better of it when he saw Kyla’s pained expression. Kyla frowned and let out a long sigh of aggravation, waiting impatiently for Scott to get out of the car and slam the door behind him.

            She turned on the radio while she waited for Scott to gather a few necessities, the movers would be there first thing in the morning to bring the other items around the house. Luckily, the house wasn’t nearly as large as Kyla’s, and Scott wasn’t, or at least claimed not to be, a packrat like Kyla was.

            It took Scott an hour to get packed, and by the time he came out of the house, Kyla was starting to stew, big time. When Scott stepped out of the front door, Kyla slowly got out of her truck, and smiled.

            “Hello, Scott. Did you have enough time to gather what you need?” Kyla asked, still smiling sweetly.

            “What’s with the funny look in your eyes?” Scott asked carefully, getting ready to run.

            “Funny look? What funny look? I love sitting in my trick with nothing to do for over an hour.” Kyla said, a smile still on her face.

            “You’re pissed off.”

            “Get your ass in the car!” Kyla screamed. Scott’s eyes winded and he leapt into the car, Kyla slammed the door and gunned the gas pedal.

            Scott put on his seat belt, and held on for dear life as Kyla tore out of his driveway and onto the highway. She was pissed off, big time.

            “Slow down! You’re going to f---ing flip this truck!” Scott screamed, still holding the door handle in a death grip.

            “I know how to handle these vehicles, Scott. Trust me.” Kyla said as she took a corner, not bothering to slow. Scott swore the truck took the corned on two wheels.

            When the truck screeched to a stop in Kyla’s driveway, Scott ripped open the door, and fell to the ground, praising the God and Goddess for letting him survive the trip, with all limbs in tact.

            “Do not make a scene, it is disgusting.” Kyla said, stepping over Scott as he kissed the ground a few times. Scott obediently got up and followed Kyla into the house.

            “You can’t blame me, I’m just happy I’m able to walk.” Scott grinned.

            “You have to learn to pack quickly, we may not have an hour next time.” Kyla said as she walked through the kitchen and into the back yard. “The Hunters do not like to wait, they are more of a down to business pack.”

            “Where ya going?”

            “Out for a run, if you do not mind too much. I have a feeling the packing was exercise enough for you today.” Kyla said, sarcasm was thick in her voice. Scott flinched at her words, offended.

            “I do mind, in fact. We’re a pack whether you like it or not, and we have to learn to get along and hunt together.” Scott said stiffly. “I’m coming.”

            “If you must, then.” Kyla shrugged, and started to jog down the private beach, towards several cliffs and dunes.

            Neither vampire spoke while they approached the dunes, a good five miles from the house, and humans would have been panting and sweating by now, or laying in the sand, unable to move from fatigue.

            “What’re you doing?” Scott asked as Kyla started to scale the side of a cliff that overlooked the ocean.

            “Going for a swim.” Kyla answered. Scott gave her a look saying he thought she was crazy.

            “A swim? You’re gonna dive off this thing?” Scott asked, scoffing.

            “Is there something wrong with that?”

            “You’re insane.” Scott said, Kyla shrugged and jumped off the edge of the cliff. Her body formed a graceful arch as she plummeted headfirst towards the cold ocean water.

            The cold water hit her like a sledgehammer, but she didn’t have any wind to be knocked out of her so she swam deeper under the waves. Kyla opened her eyes, and let her hands drag along the sandy bottom as her strong legs propelled her foreword, towards an underwater cave.

            Breaking surface of the water, Kyla blinked a few times as she treaded water and looked around the cave. Bare stone walls met a stone ceiling, about fifteen feet about the stone floor. Nothing too fancy or mysterious about it, just a normal cave that filled with water when the tide came in. Boosting herself onto ledge, Kyla sat on there for a while, feet in the water, enjoying the peace.

            If Scott could find her here, he must have bugged her. Vampires can’t track prey underwater, unless they left a visible trail because the water made it impossible to leave tracks or a scent. Smiling, Kyla stood up and wrung her long hair out casually as she walked around the cave in a slow amble.

            No electricity, no battery-powered machines, no people, no signs of modern civilization at all, just her. Not all modern things were bad, and most were very helpful, but they sometimes got very annoying and frustrating. Thing had started to become way to commercial, Christmas was just a bunch of toys, catalogs, and sales. Easter had become a pile of pastel colored eggs and rabbits hiding chocolate. Valentine’s Day was an excuse to give cards that made Kyla want to gag and over-priced and over-sized boxes of chocolate. St. Patrick’s Day was an excuse to wear green and get piss drunk. And what angered Kyla the most was All Hallows Eve, now known as Halloween. Sure, the basic idea was still there, people getting dressed up, but the spirit was gone! Kids ran around yelling ‘trick-or-treat’ to get candies! Teenagers played juvenile pranks that caused many hurt feelings. And adults went to parties to get drunk and talk about all sorts of s--- and how cute their kids looked in their costumes.

            Closing her eyes and taking a few deep breaths, Kyla pushed the thoughts from her mind. Then the one day that no one could ever commercialize came to her head, June the nineteenth, the day Alexander died.

            “F--- it all!” Kyla screamed, slamming her fist into a wall. A few stone chips flew from the force of the blow, but Kyla didn’t so much as flinch. The blow would have shattered a human’s bones beyond repair, but it only left Kyla’s knuckles slightly reddened. White dust sifted slowly to the ground as Kyla glared at her fist which was still raised in front of her, like she wanted to hit the wall again.

            Sighing, Kyla dropped her arm to her side and shook her wet hair out of her face.
Had Alexander been here, he would have told her she was being over emotional, and shouldn’t hit the wall because it couldn’t fight back. Chuckling slightly, Kyla shook her head and turned away from the wall, looking up at the ceiling.

            “Alexander, how come you never come to me when I am in sorrow or in need of you? Did you not love me as you said?” Kyla asked quietly. She had tried many times to call upon Alexander’s ghost, all in vain. It hurt her to no end, and it worried her as well.

            She stayed in the cave for another hour, thinking about whatever came to mind, and trying to collect her thoughts about Scott. He was sitting on the beach, a worried expression on his face when she finally surfaced.

            “Kyla! Dear God, girl! I thought something happened to you!” Scott said, jumping up.

            “I was thinking.” Kyla replied.

            “Next time you feel the need to do that, warn me so I don’t have to decipher C.P.R from E.R shows!” Scott yelled. Kyla rolled her eyes.

            “I do not need C.P.R, Scott. I do not breathe.” Kyla sighed. “Please, save you worries until they are needed.”

            “Living with you is going to test my nerves.” Scott muttered as he followed Kyla back to the house.

            “Why is it that the male vampires always worry more?” Kyla asked, smiling. “It is annoying.”

            “It’s because they know what the female vampires are like, especially you.” Scott answered.

            “What is that line supposed to mean?” Kyla asked, pretending to be offended. “It is you males who give us more problems.”

            “You, my dear, have to loosen up.” Scott said, shaking his head and grinning. “The ‘it is’ and ‘do not’ and ‘you are’ is old, babe. And the modesty thing, it’s way too up town.”

            “And you think I should change?” Kyla asked, scowling. “I have been like this for nearly five hundred years, and it has always worked for me.”

            “Listen, come shopping with me tomorrow, and we can get you some new clothes, and a new look. Just try it for a few days, if you don’t like it, we’ll try again.”

            “All right, we will try.” Kyla agreed, reluctantly.







The Makeover

            Nine in the morning, the mall just opened, a Wednesday morning so it was fairly empty. The female was in a knee-length denim skirt and a simple black tee shirt with black sandals. Her companion, a male, was in khakis and a white tee shirt, and Nike sneakers. The female did not look happy to be here, and the male looked a little agitated as well.

            “Well, you have got me where you want me. Now what?” Kyla asked, turning on Scott suddenly.

            “We’re going to The Gap.” Scott smiled, happy Kyla was under him, in this territory at least, and for now.

            “The Gap? It sounds like what you call the Grand Canyon.” Kyla frowned as she followed Scott into the popular clothing store, frowning all the while.

            Scott quickly shoved Kyla into a change room, along with several items of clothing, including several pairs of leather pants, some different colored tops, and another few tube tops.

            “Scott?” Kyla asked, peeking out of the change room.

            “Well, let’s see, girl.” Scott smiled. Kyla slowly opened the door and stepped out of the change room, and Scott gasped. She was in a white tube top and a pair of tight gold-colored pleather pants.

            “Do I look that bad?” Kyla asked cautiously. “I knew this was not a good idea.”

            “Wow, you’re a new woman, Kyla. I suggest you try on a few more outfits, and we’re keeping that one.”

            “You are odd.” Kyla sighed, and returned to the privacy of the change room. Scott swept around the store, finding more items of clothing for Kyla to try. Some looked good, others even a blind man would gag at.

            Kyla wordlessly dragged Scott out to her car at seven that night. Needless to say, he was carrying the bags, and she was the one going to be driving. This was not a good combination at the moment, especially since Kyla was all but smoking from the ears.

            “Get in the car, shut up, and get you wallet out.” Kyla ordered. Scott sighed, nodded, and did as he was dictated (‘told’ was not a word to be used right now).

            “Fine.” Scott said, throwing the bags in the trunk, and quickly getting into the passengers side because Kyla had started the engine and Scott had the feeling she wasn’t going to wait.

            “Almost twelve hours in that mall! How ever did I allow you to talk me into it?” Kyla demanded as they flew from the parking lot.

            “I don’t know.” Scott admitted, and sat back in the leather seat. “So, I take it I’m buying supper?”

            “You think!?” Kyla snapped, and pulled into a Keg. “I have an appetite for a rather expensive steak and you are the one buying it.”

            “Thought so.” Scott muttered, slouching out of the car and into the restaurant.








            Rural Manitoba, well, Winnipeg at least, was a nice enough city. It had changed a lot in a hundred years, though. The fur trade had burned out, and the city had become a business area. Alexander sighed and pushed his unruly brown hair back and out of his blue eyes. He was starting to feel the effects of being nearly five hundred, as he would be in another twenty-two years. 5’9 had been tall in his time, now, it was simply average height, but, he was lean and muscular so females still swooned at his feet.

            Today, it was four hundred and seventy eight years exactly since his beloved Kyla had died, and it was still a sad day for him, and it probably always would be. To a mortal, the only way to explain loosing your maker would be to walk up to a strong Christian and tell them their God had fallen, and would never raise again. That Jesus Christ had been killed on the cross in Jerusalem, and wouldn’t rise on Easter Sunday. Maybe even that wouldn’t even scratch the surface of the immense pain he felt.

            “Hey, watch it!” someone yelled as Alexander crashed into them.

            “Sorry. My wife just died.” Alexander murmured, not bothering to look up, and hurried on his way. He heard the man scream a few lines of fairly good curses at him (I hope you get tied up naked in a pen with day-old calves!) before he lost himself in the rush hour turmoil. Not that rush hour in the city was even that major, it was minimal compared to cities like New York and Las Angeles.

            “Trick or treat?” a voice purred from a dark alley. Alexander looked up and saw a hooker in a tight orange scoop neck shirt and a short black skirt. It was July 19th and there was no possible way anyone could mistake it for Halloween.

            “Why the hell not?” Alexander shrugged. He was hungry anyway, and no one really noticed a missing whore for a few weeks, at least. Saying he was taking her to one of the cheap rent-by-the-hour motels, Alexander led ‘Peaches’ to a deserted alley, where no one would see them. It was easy to lie to mortals when you were a vampire.

            Alexander left the body in a Dumpster, under several layers of trash, so it wouldn’t be found for a while. He didn’t even bother to please the whore with her cheap thrills and fake tits. He just killed her, simple enough; go for the ‘treat’ and give the bitch the ‘trick’. Alexander chuckled at his own wit as he wandered down the street.

            The hooker out him in a better mood, and with Alexander, a good mood only could mean one thing, shopping, expensive shopping.

            “May I help you, sir?” a clerk asked as Alexander stepped into a Leather Ranch, the most expensive store in sight. He’d work up as he went.

            “Yes, I’m looking for an expensive jacket. Your best, please.” Alexander said, and the clerk, Thomas, smiled.

            “Of course, sir.” Thomas smiled. “Please follow me.”

            Alexander was quickly shown to a private room in the store, and was started on a parade of jackets. He finally decided on a long black leather trench coat and a leather jacket. Then he was off to whatever other stores where he could spend over a thousand dollars on less than four purchases. And for a grand finally, he got himself a brand new, never been driven before Mercedes.

            “Lemme guess, you decided to fix your depression by attempting to max out all your credit cards again?” Joey asked as Alexander walked in the door of his huge home, which he shared with Joey because Joey had been kicked out of his apartment.

            “How’d you guess?” Alexander asked, dropping his bags onto a couch. “Did my stereo get dropped off?”

            “Another new stereo?” Joey asked, frowning. “You just got one last month.”

            “That one’s for the living room, this one’s for the rec. room downstairs, and it’s about six times louder.”

            “So, if you get drunk and crank the stereo, I’ll be deafened in ten seconds instead of one minute?”

            “Only if you’re in the basement.” Alexander shrugged.

            “S---.” Joey sighed. “Anyway, you wanna order a pizza? I’m hungry.”

            “I ate.” Alexander smiled, and gently flicked his tongue over one of his incisors. Another common myth about vampires, humans thought it was their canines that turned into short, choppy fangs that made messy work of a kill, or the same teeth that simply formed long, graceful fangs. The latter was closer to the truth, but it was, in fact, incisors beside the canines that actually became long, graceful fangs when the vampire willed them to, and if the vampire was of a high enough generation, it was only when willed, and not at the sight of blood.

            Joey let out another frustrated groan and stormed into the kitchen. No matter how long he knew Alexander, he would never fully understand his friend’s moods, and it frustrated him to no avail. Alexander, on the other hand, shrugged it off and went upstairs to change into sweats and an old tee shirt to go jogging.

            “I’m going jogging!” Alexander yelled on his way out the door. Joey gave a short farewell, which Alexander barely caught before he slammed the heavy wooden door.

            The day was gorgeous, not hot like many summer days, but warm. Alexander looked around for a minute, letting the sights and smells sink in and become familiar. He didn’t like surprises, well, some surprises he didn’t like. Taking off at a pace that could shatter any record held by humans, Alexander tore off towards the woods that surrounded his property. Kyla had loved the woods, and had taught him how to hunt there, and to be at home there. Running and keeping familiar with them helped keep Kyla’s spirit alive in ways that the shrines, prayers, and other things could not. He had even tried to raise her spirit many times over the years. It just didn’t work. She would not come to him. The psychics he hired told him this was a good thing. And that her spirit was at peace and had moved on to the next world and was happy and waiting for him there.

            Alexander refused to believe that, his Kyla would not have left him here on Earth while she moved on, not without coming to him and telling him. In his mind, he saw her spirit trapped somewhere, hurt and lonely, wondering why he did not come to help her. Perhaps it was even too late, she had lost the fire that made her Kyla, his Kyla, and simply dwindled away to nothing, ceasing to exist in any of the astral planes, and he would never see, or hear, or feel her presence, again.

            So, why he could not explain, Alexander kept himself familiar with the forests around the world, and kept Kyla’s memory alive and burning. He had had many lovers over the centuries, and had sometimes even felt the pain from loosing Kyla fade. Then, the woman had found him out, or he had tired of her, and he was forced to kill her. Every time he did this task without a second thought, and left soon after.

Joey always wondered why he was always complaining of the seemingly endless parade of women that Alexander brought home, some who managed to come back for about six months at the most. Alexander simply shrugged off his friends’ worries, and told him not to worry.

“Hey! You!” Alexander yelled, seeing someone sulking around in the bushes. That someone jumped up and looked around desperately.

“Alexander?” the person asked.

“Who are you and what do you want?” Alexander demanded, approaching the person slowly, in case he needed to fight, or flee for his life.

“You really don’t remember me?” the person laughed. Alexander shook his head. “Alright, alright! I’m Stephen, a Third Generation from Scott’s pack, remember him?”

“Stephen.” Alexander nodded, still a little wary of the stranger on his property. “What do you want?”

            “Scott’s pulled a disappearing act on me, we were the only two left after a raid.” Stephen said, looking at the ground.

            “Can you go in the sun?”

            “Yes, but it makes me weak.”

            “Better than a ball of fire.” Alexander sighed. “C’mon, you can tell me all about it in the house, sometimes the trees have ears.”

            Stephen nodded and followed Alexander into the house, and down to the sub-basement, where Alexander kept all his momentous, and where no one else, human or vampire, had set foot until now.

            “You mentioned a raid, what happened? How many lost?” Alexander asked, sitting in a large chair and motioning for Stephen to do the same.

            “There were about forty of us, before the raid. Scott made twenty Second Generations and the ten he trusted most, he allowed the to make mates for themselves. A girl named Alex was my maker, she was a hundred and thirteen when she made me, and I’m only fifty, right now.

            No one really knows what happened, I think some one ratted us out to the Hunters. We were all at the mansion, waiting for Scott to give the word so we could go on our hunts. Next thing I knew, Alex was hit in the chest with a wooden arrow, she died in my arms as everyone around was killed. Then Scott was there, telling me to leave Alex, she was gone, and to follow him because he refused to let all of his pack be killed off. We made it out, didn’t make any kills on the way because it would have been suicide to try, but we made it.

            Then, a week ago, Scott disappeared and I fear he’s dead. I haven’t heard from him since he left four days ago, and none of his belongings are gone.”

            “Where were you when he left?” Alexander asked, pondering what Stephen had just told him.

            “We were at a highway bar in Tampa, Scott was hungry and saw a hot girl. I saw him leave with her and haven’t seen him since. The girl must have been a Hunter.” Stephen sighed.

            “That family’s nothing but a bunch of trouble for us.” Alexander growled. “I needed another excuse to go after them.”

            “What?” Stephen asked.

            “Will you pledge honour to me as your leader?” Alexander asked.

            “Yeah.” Stephen said slowly.

            “Good, I have a private jet that can be ready to fly in two hours, I’m guessing you don’t have any luggage, and I don’t need that much, so we’re going to Tampa. Today.” Alexander said standing up and storming out of the room. He meant business, and he was set to kill anyone who was even remotely related to the Hunter family.





Alexander’s Memory-2

            “Do you not plan to marry?” Jason asked as he and Alexander wandered through the huge Southern mansion. The year was 1805, and Alexander had found his way to the United States of America.

            “No, the only woman who I really loved, or ever wanted to spend my life with was killed years ago.” Alexander shrugged. He seemed to be a wealthy cotton farmer who had everything at his fingertips: money, power, woman, slaves, and he still wasn’t happy.

            “How about Kristen Carston? She’s nice, pretty, and her father is offering you a huge dowry.”

            “Kristen?” Alexander asked, frowning. “I really don’t know, she’s not really what I want in a wife. She’s a little, well, religious for me.”

            “You find something wrong with every woman who wishes to be your wife but you always seem to be able to be a great many of them!” Jason wailed.

            “That, my friend, is where we differ greatly. You are small-minded; marry, have children, get rich, gain popularity, grow old, and die happy, leaving everything to one of your sons. I, on the other hand, believe in living life to the fullest, having fun, and not getting tied down.”

            “I am not small-minded, just sensible.” Jason corrected. “And it is a good idea to reproduce, we cannot live forever.”

            Alexander did not answer, knowing that if he did, it would only end in him being forced to kill Jason and then to run for his life. Jason sighed and kept walking, the pair were headed to Alexander’s home, back from inspecting his cotton fields, to have a drink.

            “Sir?” a young female slave, probably about 15, asked Alexander as he and Jason came around the bend to the stables.

            “Yes?” Alexander asked, glad for the interruption. He was growing tired of listening to Jason’s talk of marriage and family and future plans.

            “There are people here, sir, they claim you are a vampire and are here to expose and kill you.” The girl said, being careful not to meet Alexander’s eyes.

            “What’s you name, girl?”

            “Susan, sir.”

            “Susan. Thank you.” Alexander said quietly. He forgot about stabling his horse and instead rode up to the house.

            Susan had been truthful, there was a mob of about a dozen men holding torches, crucifixes, stakes, and bows with long, lethal looking arrows. And all looked ready to kill him.

            “What is this I hear about you calling me a vampire?” Alexander called.

            “There was another whore found dead this morning and it was said you were last seen with her!” a man who Alexander recognized as Martin Hobbs, a banker.

            “If I was a vampire, would I be out in the sun right now? Or go to church among you and your families? Or even eat in your homes and drink your wine?” Alexander asked, chuckling. This caught the livid men off guard, so, Alexander continued. “Also, would I be able to wear a crucifix like all of you good men?”

            “It is a trick!” Hobbs screamed. “He made a deal with the devil to pull this off!”

            “Deals with the devil, is that all you people think about?” Alexander scoffed. “I give you my word as a man, I am nothing more than you.”

            “Get him!” Hobbs yelled, and Alexander charged through the crowd into his house, where he’d have a fighting chance against them.

            He managed to duck into the basement before the first man, a 21-year-old named Thomas, found him.

            “I am going to send to back to hell where you belong!” Thomas screamed, flying towards Alexander, steak in hand. Alexander sighed and easily ducked Thomas’ attack and snapped his arm back.

            “So you were right about me being a vampire, and you should have stayed home today.” Alexander growled, and tore out Thomas’s throat. The young man didn’t even have time to scream before his blood was spilling down his front and onto the cold stone floor. Alexander simply let his body fall in a crumpled heap before moving on to the library by a secret passage to sneak up on more of his possible assassins.

            He was just able to close the door behind him before someone barged into the room, and screamed at the sight of the dead body. ‘Damn’ Alexander thought, and turned back into the room he had just left, to ‘dispose of’ the unfortunate soul who had came to help Thomas.

            “Vampire!” Maxwell Johnston yelled, pointing at Alexander.

            “So I lied.” Alexander shrugged, and fell on Maxwell, much to the horror of James Harris, who had come down with Maxwell to find Thomas.

            James didn’t have time to even think about running before the vampire was impaling him on a wall of spikes, pinning him to a wall like a bug. The last thing James saw was Alexander propping Thomas and Maxwell up in a corner, their dead eyes frozen in the glassy stare of the dead.


            “The Sunshine State.” Alexander mused as he and Stephen crossed the state line into Florida. They had taken Alexander’s Escape, and packed what few belonging they were taking in the back, and on the roof rack.

            “Do you really think there’s a Hunter pack here?” Stephen asked.

            “They don’t move their fat asses too far, Stephen. And I want to see what’s so important about Florida. All Hunter attacks seem to be situated around here, and I heard there’s a few Reggae vampires around here, Tampa to be a little more exact.” Alexander said gravely.

            “Do you really believe that?”

            “Would I have driven across the continent if I didn’t?” Alexander asked, ending the conversation.

            Stephen sat quietly, apparently thinking about something of depth, because his eyes were glassy and when the cops pulled them over for speeding, Alexander had to deal with them alone because Stephen didn’t flinch.

            “How can they get away with shows like Buffy The Vampire Slayer and Angel?” Stephen asked suddenly, and Alexander almost went off road because the silence had been so long and heavy.

            “They don’t know that we really exist, or that it’s impossible for a vampire to gain a soul, no matter how powerful the majick. That and the people on these shows are ‘real’ with ‘real’ problems, and they’re beautiful people.” Alexander said thoughtfully, once he regained control.

            “What would happen if the world knew about us?”

            “We’d probably be taken into some government base somewhere, kept secret, and be subjected to hundreds of thousands of tests until we impaled ourselves on steaks. Or, we’d simply be killed.”

            “Why do you hate Hunters so much?”

            “Because, they killed Kyla, my maker, lover, and the only First Generation female, and probably one of the few female vampires who know up from down. And they’ve my life a living hell, they track me down, a female Hunter will convince some males of a village of what I am, and I am forced to slaughter them, some of who were close friends.”

            “Why are you helping me? For all you know, I could be an imposter, taking you to the Hunters right now.”

            “Only Scott’s pack wears the emerald earrings, Stephen.” Alexander smiled. Stephen gently touched one of the emerald studs in his ear, and sighed. It was the mark of his pack, the way to recognize one another in battle, or when in fear of imposters.

            “I should take them out, I’m not in Scott’s pack anymore, am I?” Stephen said thoughtfully.

            “You don’t know that yet. Scott may still be alive, and he will want his pack back.” Alexander replied. “Why so many questions?”

            “I’m curious, Scott just told us not to let humans know what we are, he didn’t tell us why. And I wanted to know why you’re helping me find him.”

            “I’m hoping that it’ll take me closer to where the bastards took Kyla’s body, and what they did with it.” Alexander said, his face becoming a mask of stone.

            “Stop!” Stephen screamed, and Alexander just had time to slam on the breaks before it hit the windshield.

            “It’s not human.” Alexander muttered, and vaulted out his door, snarling at the vampire that had unknowingly crossed a fate worse than death.

            “Business man, huh? Little wife in there too?” the vampire cackled, getting up. “Or are you one of the gay boys running around with your boy-toy?”

            “Someone you shouldn’t have messed with.” Alexander said, pulling the vampire the rest of the way up, and snapping its neck like a twig before ripping of its head. The vampire let out a squawk of surprise before turning to ash.

            “Oh dear God.” Stephen said, he had gotten out of the vehicle to watch. “I didn’t think that was possible.”

            “It is.” Alexander snapped. “Get in the f---ing truck, we’re not there yet.”

            Stephen opened his mouth like he wanted to say something, but changed his mind and did what Alexander ordered, not wanting to end up like the poor bastard that had thrown himself onto the Escape. The cross that Alexander had worn since his flight from Ireland had come out from under his shirt, and glinted dully in the moonlight.

            “You wear a cross?” Stephen asked dumbly. Alexander glanced down at his chest and swore. He didn’t like other people, or vampires, to see it.

            “I took it with me when I fled Ireland.” Alexander said simply.

            “Is it the cross that Kyla received from you when you were courting her, hoping for her hand?”

            “Aye, it is. And it’s the only thing I have to keep my memories sharp.” Alexander said, and stepped on the gas a bit harder, wanting to get to Tampa more desperately than ever now.

            They made it to Tampa on July 21st, at 11:08 in the morning. It was the beginning of a long stay, and a hard hunt for Alexander and Stephen, and none of it was going to be easy on the two vampires.

The Hunt Begins

            “Ghosts.” Alexander muttered. One of the few things that scared his s---less, and that’s what was giving him grief, ghosts. He had bought an old mansion that over looked the ocean, thinking it would be a good home for him and Stephen. Now, he was ready to leave and not look back.

            Being a vampire introduced you to another world that was interlocked with the human world, one that wasn’t always pleasant and held many secrets. It also introduced you to other beings that you never dreamed could ever exist outside of science fiction or horror. Unfortunately, ghosts became clearer, scarier, and a hell of a lot more dangerous when you were part of their world.

            “Ok, you’ve scared me, where are you, you little f---?” Alexander demanded quietly. Laughter sounded, sending chills through the vampire, and a woman appeared.

            “So, you can see me then.” she laughed.

            “Cut the crap, who are you?”

            “Me? I am Kristen Marie Thomas, the wife of Brendan Thomas. Who are you?” Kristen tittered.

            Alexander rolled his eyes, an airhead ghost, wonderful. “I’m Alexander, the owner of this house and I want you out.”

            “But I am so much older than you, who are you boss me about?” Kristen demanded, frowning.

            “When did you die?”

            “January 4th, 1809.” Kristen said proudly. “My husband murdered me when he caught me with his younger brother.”

            “Well, my dear, I died in 1522, I think I am a little older.” Alexander smiled. “And I believe my race is greater than yours, so be gone you pest.”

            “I do not like being called names.” Kristen said, and disappeared. Next thing Alexander knew, he was ducking flying books, lamps, and other items. Without thinking, he let his fangs slid out and vampire senses take over.

            “Stop. This. Right. Now. You. Can’t. Win.” Alexander grunted, making each word a sentence because he was batting airborne objects away from him. It was a flying vase from behind that finally hit it’s mark, the back of Alexander’s skull and exploding on impact, sending the vampire sprawling.

            “I think I just did.” Kristen replied. Alexander grunted and looked up from his spot on the floor and saw the ghost floating over him.

            “Kristen, be gone already. You are a pest and you can’t win this game with your little pranks.” Alexander said, his fear of ghosts momentarily forgotten.

            “You’re not bleeding.” Kristen said suddenly.

            “I can’t bleed, you bitch. I’m a vampire.” Alexander groaned, sitting up. “I’ve dealt with bigger and badder ghosts than you, and I’ve won.”

            “You haven’t won yet.” Kristen said slyly, and disappeared again. Alexander swore again and went upstairs to pour himself a stiff drink.

            Stephen was out somewhere, presumably running to clear his head, so Alexander had the huge house to himself, well, he was the only solid being in it, at least.

            “Kristen Marie Thomas, I’ve heard that name before.” Alexander mused, staring into his drink. Then, it clicked. “Kristen Marie Carston and Jason Thomas. I’ll be damned, he married her.”

            Kristen, the girl who’s father had been desperate for him to marry and one of his friends from when he lived the Georgia. Jason had always thought Kristen would be a good wife, and wanted Alexander to marry her.

            “Jason you little bastard.” Alexander laughed. His laughter was cut short when his whiskey glass exploded in his hand.

            “So, you know who I am, then.” Jason’s ghost said, appearing in front of Alexander.

            “Christ, more ghosts.” Alexander muttered, glaring. He was past being scared, he was just pissed off now.

            “I take it you met my wife, Kristen.” Jason smiled evilly.

            “Yes, she said you killed her for screwing around with Robert. I didn’t think you had it in you.”

            “How did you know that?” Jason asked, his grin wiped off his face.

            “Simple, I remember Robert always trying to impress me, hoping he’d become a partner in the cotton business, and you always throwing him out by his ear.” Alexander chuckled, he liked toying with the ghost.

            “Who the hell are you?”

            “Aaww, my friend doesn’t even recognize me. I’m wounded.” Alexander cackled. “I’m the one Kristen’s father was forever pestering to marry his precious little girl.”

            “Alexander?” Jason asked. “Are you a ghost too?”

            “Nay, my friend. As it turns out, the men who came to kill me that day were right, I am a vampire. I just surprised them, and got away.”  Alexander said, it was his turn to grin. “I’ve been a vampire since 1522 in Ireland, when the vampire Kyla changed me.”


            “I was once rather like you, Jason, young, in love, and na´ve. The girl I feel for was beautiful, rich, long red hair, bright green eyes, the perfect girl. She was wild, didn’t follow the rules set for women in those days, she made me want her. And I got her, in time. Kyla suddenly changed one day, she became more wild, she took me as a lover, coming to me in the dead of night and leaving before dawn as I slept.

            “Then, when she came to me one night, I knew something was different, she didn’t looked human. She told me her plans, and I refused, but it was wasted breath, she changed me anyway. And as she promised, I loved being a vampire, and I still do.

            “About a year after I changed, the Hunters found us, and killed our pack and Kyla. I ran, promising to avenge her death. That’s why I came here, Stephen told me of Scott disappearing, the last First Generation vampire left, and his master. I am going to kill all Hunters, even if it kills me. And your little wife had better stay out of my way, or I will bind her to something.”

            “A Second Generation vampire, who would have guessed?” Jason laughed. “You said your lover’s name was Kyla?”

            “Yes.” Alexander said, fighting to remain calm.

            “I know of a few murders of the Hunter family, maybe they are connected.” Jason said thoughtfully. “Right here in Tampa, Chris Hunter and Peter Chase were found washed up on the beach, blood drained and no marks on their bodies.”

            “Work of a vampire.” Alexander agreed. “Could be a Reggae, or a lower Generation though.”

            “It could be Scott, and he could know something about your Kyla.” Jason pointed out. Alexander though about this for a moment.

            “You could be right, Jason. But how, and where do I find Scott? He’s disappeared!”

            “Did he now?” Jason asked, sounding surprised. “Well, doesn’t that just change everything.”

            “You’re as annoying now as you were when you were alive, you know that?” Alexander asked, standing up. “And was a crystal glass you shattered, by the way.”

            “I thought it looked expensive, but one can never really tell these days.”

            “Yes, well, I’m going out for a run, and try to find Stephen. Tell your little wife to stay out of my way if she knows what’s good for her.” Alexander said as he left the room, and Jason’s ghost.

            ‘The ghost of my old friend, and his wife. Wonderful. I don’t need anymore distractions.” Alexander thought as he stepped into the sunshine. He glanced around quickly before pulling of his shirt and leaving it on the porch swing, leaving his well- muscled torso exposed.

            Little did he know, he was just ten miles away from Scott, and his mate, Kyla, in fact, he had just missed her earlier that day, when he went into the city to buy some food, and booze. Kyla had just slipped out of the store when he had gone to the front to pay.








            “Scott, you jackass!” Kyla screamed, kicking the swinging door to the kitchen open, causing to hit the wall with an echoing ‘bang!’

            “What’d I do?” Scott asked calmly, he didn’t even flinch because he had heard Kyla storm into the house and knew that she’d be in the kitchen within seconds.

            “This!” Kyla yelled, throwing a bill down, purposely landing it on top of the book Scott was reading.

            “Yeah, it’s for some electronics, so?”

            “It’s $22,000.87! What the hell did you buy? Marilyn Monroe’s white halter dress?”

            “No, I got a new entertainment system for the rec. room. I also bought myself a stereo and some c.d.’s. Don’t worry, I fully mean to pay the bill.”

            “Next time, warn me before hand, hmm?” Kyla asked, sighed and leaning against the counter.

            “Yeah, I will.” Scott said, folding the bill back up and closing his book. “Why are you so stressed?”

            “The Hunters are planning something, and I have no idea as to what it might be. It’s worrying me.” Kyla sighed, turning and slipping out of the kitchen, headed to the attic, where her momentos now resided. The collection was complete, yet not complete. Kyla had art, clothing, furniture, jewelry, and other items, everything that had meaning to her, but one item that she would trade everything in this room to have again.

            The one thing she regretted not taking when the Hunters struck was her gold cross, which was stolen during the raid, and she hadn’t been able to track it down. Alexander had given it to her while he courted her, before he knew she was a vampire and before she changed him. Looking at her left hand, Kyla smiled. She still wore the emerald ring Alexander had given her on the night so many years ago.

            She heard that her castle still stood, and they were trying to track down relatives of the owners. One day, when she knew what happened to Alexander, Kyla would take the castle back. Try to settle there again. But, for now, the mansions and villas she owned were enough.

            Closing her eyes, Kyla unwillingly opened a memory she wanted to forget, but knew it would always be with her, no matter how hard she wished it gone.

            The cell was small, dark, filthy, and damp. It smelled of urine, human waste, bile, and death. The floor was dirt, and had piles of rotting straw in the corners to serve as beds and broken and splintered stools for the prisoners. Three other women were held captive with Kyla, and they were sitting in a tight circle in one corner. They were scared of Kyla, and refused to show her the least bit of kindness, even though they would be dead within a week.

            “The only one of us who deserves to die is you, bitch.” Freda, a black haired girl yelled across the cell.

            “I am no more a witch or a vampire than you are.” Kyla responded, glaring. Freda sneered and turned her back on Kyla once again.

            Kyla sighed and turned back to the window. It was a full moon that night, a night when she should have been out hunting, but she had let her guard down for mere minutes and was stuck in this hell hole until the guards came to take her to trial. She was in New Salem, at the time of the witch-hunts, and was accused of being one herself.

            “You, Mary, it’s time to go.” Thomas Ferris said from the door. Kyla stood obediently and followed the man outside.

            “I do not think I want to go.” Kyla said, leaning against a tree once she and Thomas were out of sight of the prison.

            “No one does, girl. Don’t make this hard on yourself.”

            “I never make things hard on myself.” Kyla smiled, and stood up straight again. “But I do not want to go.”

            “Let’s go!” Thomas said, grabbing Kyla’s arm and pulled her to him.

            “Do not get any ideas, Thomas.” Kyla whispered, and extended her fangs. “Then again, I am hungry.”

            “You are a demon out of hell.” Thomas said as Kyla bit him. The hot blood flowed easily down her throat, much like a good wine does in humans, and filled her stomach. Kyla had not eaten in a week, the girls she had been caged with never slept, or always had two awake to watch her.

            Leaving Thomas’ body where it fell, Kyla fled. She headed to the woods, where she could take cover and collect her thoughts on what to do next. A counterpart had been told to send Kyla’s belongings to Italy, and to have them ready for her when she came.

            Kyla let out a strangled yell and smacked the hell of her hand to her forehead, shoving the memory from her conscious mind, for the time being. Everyone thought that being young forever is a dream come true, they were those who didn’t know the pain of loosing a lover, a family member, or being tortured. Kyla did, and she found herself wishing that she had never became a vampire and had married Alexander in Ireland, and died with him.

            “I have to get out of here.” Kyla said to herself as she ran outside, brushing past a surprised Scott.

            She ran to the cliff and didn’t stop pumping her legs until she was airborne, and plummeting towards the cool ocean water. Fish of all kinds scattered as Kyla pushed towards the cave entrance, her mouth set in a thin line of desperation. By the time Kyla had boosted herself onto the ledge, tears were mixing with the water dripping from her face.

            “Why did you leave me?” Kyla screamed at the high ceiling. “Did you not love me as much as told me?”

            There was, of course, no answer, there never had been, and quite possibly never would be.

            “Where are you, Alexander? Are you happy there? Or are you in pain or do you even exist anymore?” Kyla asked quietly. She lowered her eyes to the stone floor and let herself cry openly.

            Scott watched Kyla run out the door, and considered going after her, until her saw where she was headed. The ocean, and he knew that’s where she went to escape everything, to be on her own and to think, it was best not to follow her.

            He knew about Alexander, he had read all the histories written on vampires, the ones written in truth by people who glimpsed the other world for themselves. No one knew where Alexander was buried, and it was rumored that he hadn’t died at all, and it was Kyla who had been killed in the raid. Other books said both were alive, only they didn’t know the other was still in this physical world. Scott had sworn years ago that he would find the truth about his kin vampires and visit the graves, if there were any at all. When he and Kyla had almost ripped each others throats out, it had actually been a happy occasion for him; he had found the only First Generation female vampire in history, ending part of his search. Slouching down farther into the overstuffed armchair, Scott closed his eyes to remember.

            A young vampire, only three weeks old, when he was forced to commit his first set of brutal murders, Scott also met another two vampires, one who had already made her mate.

            “The third member.” Kyla smiled, offering her hand, Scott gently raised it to his lips and pressed his lips to it.

            “Welcome to the pack, Scott.” Patrick smiled. Scott nodded once and kept a wary on the other male, he had only known him for minutes, and he already didn’t trust him. Kyla, on the other hand, smiled warmly and offered him a silver goblet, and the male behind her stood rigidly, looking like he was ready to bolt.

            “This is Alexander, my mate.” Kyla said, putting a hand on the male’s arm and glancing quickly at him.

            “Scott.” Alexander said quickly.

            “He is young, barely two weeks, and very shy around others yet.” Kyla explained. “He is very different once you have earned his trust.”

            “That is good, you can’t be too trusting now.” Scott smiled. “And I feel better if I earn someone’s trust, and they do not simply assume they can put their trust in me, and expect me to do the same.”

            “Thank-you.” Alexander said.

            “Excuse me?” Scott asked.

            “Kyla tells me not to be so jumpy and distrusting, I needed someone to side with me.”

            “Men.” Kyla smiled, and raised her glass. “To us”

            “To us.” Scott, Patrick and Alexander repeated. Warm blood filled the glasses, much like wine fills the glasses of humans. The four vampires drank deeply, the only time they would a pack with a thin line of trust shared between them.

            When Scott opened his eyes again, Kyla was back and pouring herself a brandy. She was soaked to the skin, but didn’t seem to care.

            “Are you alright, Kyla?” Scott asked.

            “It is nothing that will pass.” Kyla muttered, sipping the brandy slowly. “I always have these moods this time of year.”

            “You look almost exactly the same as you did when I first met you.” Scott commented. “And we were sharing a drink.”

            “I remember.” Kyla smiled. “Even then I knew you did not trust Patrick, very wise.”

            “I still trust my instinct on everything I do, and it’s never led me astray.” Scott shrugged. “When are you going to start another pack?”

            “Soon, I hope. I have been watching individuals, and I think they will be good to change.” Kyla said, tilting her head thoughtfully.

            “Still miss Alexander and your first pack?”

            “Yes, it’s something that you never really get over.” Kyla sighed, draining the glass and setting it down. Scott’s head dropped to his chest and a tear fell from his eye.

            “My pack suffered a raid recently, there were second and third generations under me, and they all died. The only one to escape with me disappeared a few months ago, I fear her dead.”

            “And you ask me if I’m ready for another pack?” Kyla asked, raising her eyebrows. Scott opened his mouth like he wanted to say something, but stopped before he made a sound. Kyla nodded like she was saying ‘I thought so’ and walked out of the kitchen.

            “I…I just wanted to know.” Scott said quietly, and put his head on the table. His heart screamed thousands of thoughts at him, but his head ignored them.


Just Like Old Times…

            “Are you sure that neither knows the other is alive?”

            “Positive, Master. Alexander and Kyla both believe the other dead, and wish to leave it at that.”

            “Excellent, both have annoyed me for years. Pitiful, really, two vampires crying their eyes about their poor, slaughtered mate.” the face within the fire cackled. “It is almost too perfect.”

            “All is ready for your return, Master.”

            “I will believe you when I walk the physical planes again, underling. Until then, do not get cocky.”

            “Yes, Master.”

            “Now, leave me, I have much planning to do yet.” the power commanded. The poor, soulless thing bowed and quickly left the damp cave.

            The face in the never dying flame cackled loudly, it’s return to the physical planes of being was drawing nearer with each passing day, and it would take back what was stolen years ago; power. Power was the center of the universe, and the only thing a being like this could ever truly love.

            Kyla and Alexander, the idiots, they were too busy weeping to realize that the other was actually alive. If they had any brains, they would have figured out there were no graves long ago, and they would have actually found each other! And it was thought that Kyla was the most powerful vampire in the world. She, consequently, was also the dumbest. As for Alexander, it was a miracle the bastard was still alive at all, he should have been killed the second Kyla was torn from his side.

            Still, once he returned to power, he could have Kyla like it was always meant to be, and Alexander could be ‘taken care of’ for good, and Kyla would finally see her lovers’ grave, and see that he was the one she should have mated with from the start. This pleased him greatly, and a cold smiled wormed its way onto his forbidding lips, a very unnatural habitat for a smile of even this subzero temperature.


Time and Again

            The next month passed in a badly woven tapestry of time for both, Kyla and Scott, who kept to themselves in the ocean front mansion. Time was passed by making plans of creating a new pack, training, what to do incase of a raid, and always, trying to figure the other vampire out.

            “Kyla, what in God’s name are you doing?” Scott asked when he came into the kitchen one day to find the female vampire dressed in biking shorts and an athletic top, with Henna covering her arms, legs and stomach.

            “Ritual, Scott, every full moon requires a sacrifice to satisfy the Gods.” Kyla replied.

            “Follower of the Old Book.” Scott said quietly.

            “Yes, I am, and as long as you are here, you will earn the Old Ways as well.” Kyla said. “It is part of knowing about the Bloodstone.”

            “As long as these rituals don’t include dancing around naked under the full moon, I’ll go quietly.” Scott said.

            “You watch too many fictional movies, Scott.” Kyla frowned. “Take off your shirt, I need to put the Henna on you.”

            “Just keep it clean, ok, girl?” Scott joked. When Kyla didn’t smile, Scott quit  laughing and did as Kyla had told him.

            At midnight, the two vampires stood on the top of the cliff that Kyla had leapt from many times in the past, and had held many rituals. A small fawn stood, trembling, chained to the stone cliff top. The blazing fire caused distorted shadows to dance, and the pair to look truly evil.

            Scott held the knife as Kyla began the Gaelic chant that rose and fell eerily with the flames. Death for the small deer was quick, a slashed throat given by an experienced hand, and blood flowing into a clay urn.

            “So mote it be.” Kyla said in English as she poured the blood into the flames. Scott jumped back as the fire flared blue, and the small body of the fawn collapsed in on itself and disintegrated, leaving only a few fat maggots wriggling where the deer had lain.

            “Oh my God.” Scott said, watching the fire dwindle to nothing as fast as the fawn had disappeared.

            “The Gods are happy.” Kyla smiled. “We should go inside, I feel it is going to start to rain soon.”

            “When did that happen?” Scott asked, looking at the sky and seeing the once clear night had become choked with dark clouds.

            “Time passes differently.” Kyla explained.

            “What do you mean?”

            “We have been out here for hours, the Gods are pleased with the sacrifice.” Kyla said quietly, opening the door. Scott didn’t say anything, he was still in shock after his experience of watching the ritual take place.

            Dreaming wasn’t something Scott did normally, or even in color, but that night, he did both.

            “Kyla, what the hell are you doing?” Scott demanded, slapping at the hand that was toying with his hair. It was the girlish giggle that told him it wasn’t Kyla playing with his hair.

            “Who is this Kyla you speak of?” a girlish voice tittered.

            “Holy s---! Fairy!” Scott screamed, his eyes snapping open. “Get away from me! I’m not mortal!”

            “I know that, silly. Diana wishes to see you.” the Fairy giggled. “Come, Scott, we do not have long here.”

            Scott carefully stood and followed the tiny woman. He had tangled with Fairies before, and didn’t like them in the least, they were tricky little creatures, never taking anything seriously and always giggling! The never stopped that insane laughter and it drove those who listened to it long enough insane.

            “Welcome, Scott.” a feminine voice said from the mouth of a blacker than black cave. Scott glanced around and realized his pint-sized escort had flitted off and was nowhere in sight.

            Scott mustered his courage. “Diana, I’ll guess.”

            “Yes, I am.” the Goddess said as she immerged from the cave. The Goddess of the Night was beautiful, tall, dark haired, fair skinned.

            “What am I doing here?”

            “Simple, do you know why Kyla is still searching desperately for any traces of Alexander?” Diana asked, smiling.

            “Because she loves him and wants to be assured he’s resting in peace, and not stuffed in some Hunter’s den.”

            “Because she believes he is still alive.” Diana corrected. “Wouldn’t that be reasoning as to why she hasn’t found his grave yet?”

            “It may be an illusion to explain why she hasn’t found it.” Scott said. “Or it may be a hope she holds on to, to keep her going.”

            “You have never found your Soul Mate, have you?”

            “Not yet, no.”

            “That’s why, Scott, Kyla and Alexander are Soul Mates.”

            “Alexander is still alive?” Scott asked, frowning in confusion. Diana’s lips moved into a half smile. “Why did you come to me? Kyla is the one suffering.”


            “What? Does this mean Alexander is still alive? Am I supposed to find him and bring the two back together? What?” Scott demanded.

            “Something is happening, Scott, if it occurs, the mortal’s way of life will cease to exist, and you and your kind will suffer eternal Hell, Kyla especially.”

            “Why not tell Kyla that? She’s the one with the Bloodstone, and she knows more than me! What am I supposed to do, huh?”

            “Make Kyla see, her mind is closed to all dreams but the ones she wants to see. She is only open when she wishes to be, and that is not often, and when she is, it is in a place where I cannot reach her.” Diana said.

            “How do I do that?”

            “You must find a way, Scott.”

            “How?” Scott demanded.

            “Our times ends, Scott. Make Kyla see, or you have condemned yourself and all other life to Hell.” Diana said.

            Prying his eyes open, Scott looked around the room, Kyla was not in sight, the sunrise was lighting up the room. Jumping off the bed, the male vampire flew out the door and into the library, where Kyla was looking out a window.

            “What happened, Scott?” Kyla asked, not turning around.

            “Why don’t you let yourself see?” Scott demanded.

            “Excuse me?”

            “Let yourself see! You have to, Kyla, it’s important.”

            “Scott, what the hell are you going on about?” Kyla asked, turning around to face him.

            “I had a vision of Diana and she said that you have to see! There’s something coming.”

            “Why should I? So some Hunter can show me images of what they did to my pack?”

            “She said something about Alexander and used present tense!” Scott finally yelled out of desperation. Kyla stopped, and looked at him before she exploded.

            “How dare you!” Kyla shrieked. “Get out of my sight!”

            “Not until you let yourself see, Kyla.” Scott said, crossing his arms and standing his ground. The female vampire suddenly threw Scott across the room. He crashed into the wall opposite them, and lay there, stunned and surprised that Kyla would attack him. Looking up, he saw Kyla glaring at him from the other side of the room, she hadn’t moved except for the step it took to send him flying.

            “Don’t make me do that again, Scott.” Kyla said in a voice that no human would be able to hear through the distance, which she and Scott now stood. Scott didn’t answer, he just lay there, staring at Kyla in utter surprise.

            Kyla gave Scott one last smoldering glare and strode out of the room, leaving him sprawled on the floor where he fell.

            “She attacked me.” Scott said quietly once the heavy oak doors slammed shut. “Kyla attacked me.”

            Sitting up, Scott felt the pain slam into the back of his skull where his head struck the wall. He groaned and fell back to the floor, hold his throbbing head. The force of impact would have shattered a human’s skull, but only gave Scott a killer headache. He was forced to lie on the unforgiving floor until his headache subsided a little and he could drag himself to his room to collapse on his bed and let sleep take him from the blinding pain of his throbbing head. Thankfully, he had no dreams to disturb the quiet nothingness that sleep offered him.

            After she had stormed out of the library, Kyla had ran to her bedroom, and collapsed, sobbing, to the floor at the foot of her bed. She had left Scott crumpled on the ground where he had fallen. The pain of what he had said had hurt her like a wooden stake being driven through her chest. Kyla sat up and gently touched the scar above her heart, a mark of a battle that left her bedridden for weeks, unable to move and completely helpless. If it hadn’t been for the Bloodstone, she would have died, and it left her wondering if she would have been happier dead, if she would have been with Alexander, or at least known what had become of him. Crawling onto her bed, Kyla curled up under the thick goose down covers and let sleep take her away from the grief Scott’s words had caused.

            When his senses told him his headache had retreated, Scott opened his eyes slowly. The room was dark and the glow of the moon came through his window. Creeping out his door incase Kyla was waiting to pounce, Scott slipped into the den, only to find Kyla staring it a roaring fire, toying with one of her rings. Scott stood in the doorway, watching Kyla carefully, incase she suddenly turned on him again. And Kyla did turn, but didn’t meet his eyes as she strode past him, and out the front door into the night.

            He watched her leave, and stood quietly form a moment to make sure she had really left before running to her bedroom. Scott knew what he needed to find, and he knew he had to hurry in order to find it before Kyla returned from her hunt and caught him.

            The diary was hidden under a floorboard, in a heavy stone box to protect it from moisture and rot. Scott gently took the ancient book from it’s black velvet bed and sat cross-legged on the floor to read it.

Kyla’s Diary

            July 1st, 1523

            I have been a vampire for nearly four and a half years, and I still long for the love of a Soul Mate. Alexander, I believe, is from the same Soul as I, but he does not yet know what I am. He thinks I am his angel, sent from above to grace his bed sheets and leave before the morn comes, always leaving as he sleeps like a sweet child. I must make him mine forever, soon, for he is to marry Kathleen on the eve of the next full moon. He will fear me at first, I know, but his love for me is strong, and he will not run, or resist me strongly. Alexander knows that if I leave him, I will not return, and he knows his heart is mine, and he will die with the knowledge that I will not return to his bed.



July 11th, 1523

            Tomorrow night is the night, Alexander will become a vampire. Tonight I went to him, and he whispered his love to me in the privacy of his chambers. He confessed he will never love another, and he will not be content until I am his forever. Kathleen means nothing to him, and he promised once he married her, he will take her to the North, then call for me to come to him, and he will have a priest annul his marriage and we will marry the same night. Then we will go to Spain, and live our lives together there, in wedded bliss. Poor, na´ve Alexander, he does not know his angel is the older sister of Kathleen, the one who fled to escape the marriage to Jackson so many years ago, the one who he bedded for the first time five years ago. The one who is dead of a knife wound inflicted by her own hand. He has much to learn.


                        July 13th

            It has been done, Alexander is mine forever, he still sleeps, though now in my bed. I took him here early this morning, just as the sun’s first light pierced the sky. I must sleep now, I am tired.

            Scott frowned, nothing of use yet, except that Kyla had been engaged to Jackson, and fled before killing a woman who looked like her to stage her own death. She then returned to Alexander and became his lover, gaining his trust and love before changing him. But even that offered no help to him. Putting the diary back, Scott returned it to it’s hiding place for another night, when he could read more, and hopefully find some useful information. He had to know what Diana meant when said that Kyla and Alexander are Soul Mates. And he had to make Kyla see before it was too late.

            When Kyla got back, Scott was sitting in the kitchen, bent over a book and a cup of coffee beside him. The two vampires looked at each other for what seemed like forever until Kyla spoke.

            “I had no right to attack you the way I did, Scott, but you also had no right to speak to me like that.” Kyla said quietly.

            “I had no right to say some of the things I said, but I needed to let you know.” Scott corrected.

            “Speak of Alexander like that again and I will do more than simply throw you across the room.”

            “Fair enough, I don’t talk about Alexander anymore, but you have to let yourself see.”

            “I do let myself see!” Kyla yelled in frustration.

            “But in the wrong place, Kyla. You’ve made it sacred, and the Gods cannot send to visions to your eyes there.” Scott argued.

            “How do you know where I let my defenses down?” Kyla demanded. “And why should it matter to me what I do and do not let myself see?”

            “Never mind, then!” Scott said, throwing his hands up in frustration. So he couldn’t talk Kyla into letting herself see, he’d have to make her see.

            Kyla shook her head and ran her tongue over her lips, licking the remains of her dinner from them.

            “So…who was dinner tonight?” Scott asked, trying to break the tension.

            “Someone named Tom.” Kyla answered. “He started screaming for Mommy when I bit him.”

            “At least he didn’t try to stab you with a pencil.” Scott smiled. Kyla’s eyebrows perked.

            “A pencil?” Kyla asked, looking skeptical. “As a stake?”

            “Yep, damn thing hurt like hell, too. I got some of the lead stuck in my chest, and had to pry it out by myself.”

            Kyla grimaced at the thought of having to pick pencil lead from one’s own body, and took a cigarette from a silver box which Scott had never seen before. She put it in her mouth and lit it, inhaling deeply.

            “You smoke?” Scot asked, a little surprised.

            “Only when I am very stressed, like now.” Kyla said. “I cannot get cancer o the lung, or heart disease, or have to worry about pregnancy. It cannot kill me.”

            “It’s still a bad habit.”

            “Only if you are human.” Kyla answered, taking another drag of the cigarette before crushing it in a small silver ashtray. Scott rolled his eyes in annoyance and opened his book again, Kyla noticed his left eye twitched when he got mad, and it was going like mad. She let out a small laugh and put the cigarette box away.


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