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Mark R. Brand



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I am a 2001 graduate of St. Lawrence University.  I hold Bachelor’s degrees in Biology and Sociology.  My work has been featured in various mediums, most notably two short stories (“The Reading of the Riot Act” and “Ballerina”) appearing recently in the science fiction anthology “Alien Light” edited by Carl Rafala and a short non-fiction piece in the September 11th narrative compilation edited by Paul Hughes.  Two of my short stories (“32 Minutes”, and “The Loupe”) and sample chapters of my first and as-yet-incomplete novel have appeared on, and I am one of the founding authors of the literary site on which several dozen fiction, non-fiction, and poetry pieces of mine have been published.

In addition to writing, I enjoy playing the guitar and hold a silver medal in Division I Men’s Collegiate Rowing from the 1999 New Hampshire Championships.  I currently reside in the Chicago metropolitan area and am nearing completion of my first independent publication, a book of short stories tentatively titled “Dragon Etiquette”.

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