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By Lawrence Kirsch


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The road was long and flat and time was running out.  He knew this machine was built for speed.  That's why he climbed in, to go fast, really fast.


"Come on Dad, pick up the speed."  His son wanted to go fast, too. 

"Hurry up!" 


"Okay, Okay."  He was a little concerned.  The steering felt loose and the brakes were sluggish.  Yet the accelerator was tight and responsive.  "Hang on, son."  He pressed down on the gas peddle.


The term "speed freak" came to mind.  He thought of Jimmy, his old high school friend.  Jimmy loved to go fast.  Everyone figured Jimmy was going way to fast for Cool Spring Road.  How else could you explain the condition of his smashed car.  Or the 50 feet Jimmy's broken and lifeless body was thrown.  Jimmy was a true speed freak - right to the end.


A car appeared out of nowhere and nearly side swiped him.  "Watch Out!" his son yelled.  He yanked the steering wheel to the left sending the vehicle skidding onto the shoulder.  "What are you doing, Dad?"  What was he doing, he thought.  That was close.  "Maybe we should head home, son."  It's getting late."  "Come on Dad, lets keep going."  He wanted to keep going too, despite the danger.  He could taste the adrenaline, and it tasted good.  He maneuvered back onto the road.


"Maybe that's what happened to Jimmy?" he wondered.  "Something he didn't expect."  Yes, Jimmy loved to drive fast, but he was better than anyone else.  And he knew Cool Spring Road.  He could have driven that road with his eyes closed.  Something must have surprised him.


"Floor it Dad," his son exclaimed.  Caught up in the moment, he did so and the machine accelerated.  He tightened his grip on the wheel.  The road moved quickly under the car, presenting curve after curve after curve.  His entire body moved in concert with the wheel.  He was speeding now.  He could handle it.  If felt good.


Suddenly, a shape darted across the road.  A animal, perhaps a deer.  "DAD," shouted his son.  He slammed down on the brakes pulling the wheel to the right.  The car careened head-on into the side rail.  The impact with the steel beam forced the front end to buckle in and down, flipping the car over length wise and smashing it down on its roof.  Seconds later, the gas tank exploded, engulfing the car in bright red and orange flames.



"Oh shoot, Dad.  You were doing really great.  Let's go again and see if we can get to level 4."

As he inserted another coin into the slot, he sighed "my son the speed freak," and hit the gas.

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