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The Forsaken Warrior

By Kel Cooper


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"Go over there, quick cut him off, don't let him get a way!" yelled Madetrel E. Periel. Running as fast as possible he pursued the mysterious fugitive in the black suit. The mysterious man turned down a small corridor seeing it was his only way to go without being caught with all his other choices were being blocked by mages all coming his way.

Though it was a dark and narrow corridor he shot down it with unlimited speed. Coming to a stumbling stop at the wall that concealed his confinement. "Taka allesa mendala." He chanted steadily getting louder every time he repeated it until at last he was consumed by the dark shadows around him. With a sucking sound he was gone.

" He's down here and we've finally got him trapped." Madetrel yelled with a shining grin. As all the pursuers came down the corridor they were stunned at their finding, nothing.

"Well sir that was what happened" Madetrel said to Ryku L. Tenachese', the Grand Mage of the planet Atlao. Jumping up from his golden diamond studded chair a horrified look fell over his face. "Quickly, Madetrel contact the Grand Mages as fast as you can tell them to come to the dining hall for a important meeting.

Finally after thirty minutes passed the Grand Mages were all gathered in the dining hall. " Thank you all for coming on such a short notice. This meeting is attaining to a very important matter. There have been sightings of a Black Mage. Since many of you don’t know of the last battle on the Earth I will tell you what happened. Earth had suffered badly from the battle with Kalex the Dark Warlord. In the battle between the light and the dark the tables had been turned in favor of Kalex and his army of Black Mages and Shadow Fighters. My father, Ulmneon, the last of the Grand Mages of the light forces used his final breath to create a New World where we could live. This world is what we know as Atlao. Our world's location was unknown to Kalex but now I fear he has discovered us and we must now prepare to fight."

Later that night Madetrel was fast asleep in his room on the west wing of the Mages Cavern. In his dream there was a blinding white light. It was soon shaded by a cold, intense and haunting darkness that had an unmistakable since of evilness to it. There were only four white dots of light left in the cold darkness. The dots suddenly started to join together and formed a warm loving light. A light brighter than the sun, as warm as fire, and as powerful as life itself was created. The darkness slowly started to crack as the light pierced through the evil and darkness. In the center of the light there was a warrior in shining white armor, holding a beautiful, well-crafted sword. The sword was that was known only by one name: The Legendary Blade of Destiny. The sound of a horrifying, skin turning yell he was awoken.

"Cambara oloska," he said swiftly and was instantly dressed in his battle armor. The armor was thin but also one of the most durable armors known to Atlao. It was a loose fit on Madetrel's slim, lanky, medium muscular built body. He shot down the hall heading to the to the North wing where the yell he now recognized as Grand Mage Ryku was. "Riganorse," he said blasting the large wooden door of Ryku's chamber. As he entered the chamber and suddenly became cold. In the center by the far wall Ryku was chanting a barrier spell to defend himself against the fast swift moving shadows known as Shadow Fighters. The Shadow Fighters were surrounding the bed. "Nelgleota noche'," Madetrel shouted out and his body was multiplied. He unsheathed his Shining Blade, an ancient, sparkling metal blade with a streak of pure gold through the middle from bottom and stopping just before the tip of it, in the center of it's black hilt there is a sparkling red ruby made into the shape of a diamond. Madetrel and his other split selves dived into the battle with the swift and fierce Shadow Warriors of evil. As more and more of the Shadow Warriors were slayed more and more entered the room seeping through the walls of the room.

 With a piercing cry twenty Shadow Warriors were slain by bright bursts of light. In the doorway of the room was the silhouette of a person standing with his hands moving at an unbelievable speed as arrows of light poured through the door. With a smile Madetrel began fighting fiercer with a renewed energy of hope for he knew it was Tendel Archanarius the champion Archer Mage of Atlao. His magical arrows shot with a speed faster than the wind, whistling like a falling bomb because of the intense speed they were soaring through the air with. From the power of Tendel and his Crimson Bow, named for its dark burgundy color made from a dragon-eye jewel and the string from the silky white hair of a unicorn.

Soon the Shadow Warriors were destroyed with the magnificent power of the two Warrior Mages. " DeNelgleota noche'," Madetrel said, returning his body multiples back inside of him. As he rushed to Grand Mage Ryku’s bed Tendel entered the room and was soon beside him.

"Thank you two for saving me from those horrible beasts, there numbers were far to great for me to destroy myself." Ryku, Madetrel, and Tendel were soon sitting in the dining hall discussing what had happened that night. " I fear now that we have seen a attack of the vicious warriors of dark we stand no chance against their outrageous numbers. This truly will be a long and dangerous fight." Madetrel’s face soon changed into an embarrassed red. "How could I have forgotten, MY DREAM!" He told them of what had happened in his dream that earlier night and Tendel was shocked at what he was told and said that he had the same dream as Madetrel. Ryku smiled and soon told them what he knew, "You have just referred to the Legend of Hope, they say that there is a sword called The Destiny Blade, but I always thought it was a myth. The chosen ones will take up the sword and slay the darkness as a great warrior. The sword can do this for the four Chosen of the Dark. If you two had this in your dream then you must be of the four Chosen Ones of the Light. We have no time to waste you must move quickly before the dark forces gets the Destiny Blade!"

With one glance at each other Madetrel and Tendel dashed out of the room to start their quest. They had no directions and could only count on their instincts to guide them on their long and perilous journey. They started traveling North towards the Kuntashi Mountains. They walked hard until they decided to stop for the night.

They decided to stop and rest by Lake Tunisan which was on the way to the mountains. Watching the Indesom Forest they were soon to come upon Madetrel fell off to sleep. Tendel was up on first watch for the night. He surveyed the area around him like a hawk, always sure to keep his Crimson Bow ready to be fired at a single moments notice. Soon he became weary and woke Madetrel before he fell asleep.

Madetrel watched with the same awareness as Tendel had before, keeping his hands on the dark, smooth hilt of his Shining Blade ready to unsheathe it when necessary.

Suddenly Madetrel unsheathed his Shining Blade and threw it straight behind him. The sword skimmed through the air quickly like an arrow, penning a dark, shadowy figure to a large and thick oak tree. Madetrel approached the unknown figure slowly and cautiously....