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Seven Dark Angels

By Kristin Colletti

Chapter Two


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January 16, 2002
   Kylie smiled at the customers and wished them a good day. She finished separating the money and change in the cash register then shut it again. There was no one else in line which was good because her shift ended in a few minutes.
"Lynn, can you watch my line for a second? I'm gonna run to the soda machine."
"No problem."
Lynn nodded and continued to read her magazine.
  Kylie put the quarters in and pressed the Pepsi button. She was taking a sip when someone put their arms around her waist. Kylie jumped, dropped her can and spit out her soda.
"God damn it Drew! What the fuck?"
She screamed, as Drew laughed a little.
"I'm sorry babe, I didn't mean to scare you."
  Kylie wiped the soda that dribbled on to her chin.
"What the hell, you didn't think it would scare me to creep up on me from behind? It's all over my shirt and pants."
   Drew tried covering her smile and that made Kylie fight a smile. He pulled her close and hugged her.
"I am sorry Ky, forgive me?"
"Yeah, this time."
     She took his hand and pulled him back in to the store. He put his other hand on hers again.
"Hey Drew."
"What's up Lynn?"
   Kylie locked her register and said good bye to everyone. Drew kept hold of Kylies hand, following her into the back room. Kylie turned and got on her tip toes to kiss him warmly, her hands now to his face. Kylie was 5'4 and drew was 6'1, everyone thought it was so cute that she stood on her tip toes.
"I really love you so much."
She said softly. Her finger nails going through his short brown hair.
"I love you too baby girl. Can you believe in July we'll have been together for five years?"
  Kylie let out a small laugh then turned around to finish getting ready.
"You say that every single year. What, are you so surprised we made it through another year?"
"No, that's not what I meant and you know it. I already know it's forever. It's just we're only nineteen, fourteen year olds don't usually get this far, especially without breaking up a few times."
   A few minutes later the two walked out of the store and Kylie lit a cigarette. He took her hand again as they walked across the parking lot. He unlocked her door first then closed it behind her. Drew got in and smiled at his girlfriend.
"I have a surprise for you when we get home."
Her eyes got big and Drew watched them glow.
"What is it?"
"You'll see."
 Kylie whined, flicking her ashes out of the window.
"Your like a little kid."
Drew said starting the car.
"Baby, please? What is it?"
"I can't tell you."
"When do I get it?"
"When we get home, I told you."
  Drew said looking behind, then pulled out of the parking lot. Kylie kept whining until Drew pressed play on the cd player.
"I am whatever you say I am, if I wasn't, then why would I say I am..."
Kylie pressed stop then ejected the cd.
"Ky! I want to hear that song!"
"I would rather get into an accident then listen to Eminem, and you know it. So why play it if you know it's gonna piss me off?"
 Drew let out an aggravated moan and started to drive a little faster. He was a big fan of Eminem and Kylie knew it, yet she was still very difficult.
"I'm sorry Kylie we can't all enjoy the great music of the Insane Clown faggots."
  He knew his girlfriend was giving him a dirty look but he chose to ignore it.
"It's two totally different things. Eminem is a piece of shit hypocrite, all he does is talk shit with a squeaky voice."
Kylie said very seriously.
  Both she and Drew felt strongly for music, they just couldn't agree on it. Their most heated debates were over music. They both wished for fame in the music industry but both highly doubted the chance of it ever occurring. Drew and Kylie could sing but they didn't want that. Neither ever attempted to do what they love in fear of realizing the truth. If they knew they couldn't, it would only destroy their dream.
"Babe, I don't care that you can't accept the truth about your whiny little bitch rapper, but stop driving so fuckin fast!"
Drew ignored her and Kylie just kept looking through the cds in the case.
"Don't even think about playing your shit."
"Too late."
  Kylie said inserting the Blaze ya Dead Homie cd, One less G in the Hood. She loved Psychopathics old and new cd's, it's all she listened to except Linkin Park, System of a Down, Three 6 Maffia, KottonMouth Kings and Slipknot.
  Drew pressed stop after it played for a minute and Kylie pressed play then covered it with her hand.
"If I can't listen to the music I like in my own car, I'm sure not going to listen to yours."
Kylie turned up the volume, gave her boyfriend a look, then smiled slyly. Drew pushed her hand away and ejected it.
"I will rip the cd player out right now Ky, I'm not playin."
  Kylie sat back and they rode the rest of the way in silence. They pulled into the drive way, he tossed her cd back to her then got out of the car slamming the door behind him. She held on to the cd for a moment and then put it back. Kylie lit another cigarette and leaned back.
  Kylie used to be a groupie, that started at only thirteen. At first all her friends listened to pop so that's what she "liked". She would dance with the rest of them and though she could hear the music, she couldn't feel it. Kylie never said anything though, never made a suggestion, never said she didn't want to dance. At sixteen Drew and his friends turned Kylie's friends to DMX. Kylie really liked DMX and still does. His beats were good, his words were deep but it still couldn't touch her in a special way.
   Next came Eminem, he got his fame quick and seemed to take over. Though she never liked his voice, for awhile she respected him. She thought it was honorable that he spoke his mind. All though she had no problems with homosexuals, he claimed to hate them and she respected him for voicing his opinion, especially for such a touchy subject. All his anger towards his mother and his wife, she found his rage to be truthful. Then piece by piece everything became clear, all he is, is a hypocrite. He went on tv saying he doesn't even dislike homosexuals, that he was just talking. He stayed with his wife even though she only went back to him after he got his fame. Then he thanked his mother, which he claimed pretty much ruined his childhood, on his cd. So he pretty much confessed that all he did was talk shit. It was only lies that rolled from his mouth, that's when Kylie knew he didn't rhyme from his heart. He knew that people wanted to hear these vulgar lyrics and that he'd get rich. When someone does it all for the money, you can't respect them anymore. Plus there were a number of things after that made the name Eminem turn her stomach.
   Kylie had been talking to this one guy on the Internet for quite awhile. As of now it'd been little over a year and she could honestly say that he was her best friend. Davon was difficult though. He lived in Pennsylvania, she lives in Connecticut so it would only remain an Internet friendship. Davon explained that he's very anti social, kind of sunk within a depression but Kylie, in her head, disagreed with that. She considered Davon special, unique, happy and settled in a world of his own. He was a challenge though, he could be very touchy about issues. This was how high she held him before but after he gave her the best gift, she felt eternally in his debt.
  The one Instant Message between them was when he offered the gift, not even realizing how much it would affect her. She mentioned that she had some money and said she was going to buy some cd's, one of which was D12, cause she liked Eminem still at this point. He suggested buying Dark Lotus, and explained it was a power group combined with Insane Clown Posse, Twiztid, Blaze and Marz. Kylie was very skeptical and left him with a maybe. She was at the store and when she picked up the cd, she realized she had more faith in him then she thought. How does a cd change ones life? Kylie listened to the songs a few times and she knew she needed more. Kylie didn't have a job at this point so Davon burned seventeen cds for her off his computer and sent them. They were a mix of Insane Clown Posse, Twiztid, Blaze, Marz, Psychopathic Ryda's, Esham and Slipknot. Kylie listened and for the first time she actually felt the music. She ended up giving away the unopened D12 cd.
   Her friends called her a freak, not one of them or Drew liked that music and tried offering her more of what they liked. Kylie finally said no. She stopped bobbing her head to theirs and she stopped pretending. All though no one liked her music she didn't care and she wouldn't let go. Davon had given her the best gift, he gave Kylie back herself.
  Someone knocked at the window, making her jump.
"Babe what are you doing? It's freezing out here."
 Kylie had gone into such deep thought about Davon and music she let her cigarette burn out and didn't even realize she was shivering. Drew went to open the door and Kylie locked it, then locked the drivers side. Drew leaned down and looked through her window and she stared right into his eyes. They just stared for a second then Kylie put her hand to the window and Drew did the same.
"I'm sorry."
"I'm sorry too."
Drew said back. She smiled then mouthed the words I love you and then he did the same.
"Come on babe, I want to give you your surprise now."
Kylie stayed looking at him for a second. She really wanted him to say sorry for calling them Insane Clown faggots. Kylie inhaled and kept the request in, cause then she'd have to apologize about Eminem and she couldn't.
  Drew took two steps back as Kylie got out.
"What were you doing?"
"Just thinking."
He took her hand as they started for the front door.
"About me?"
  Kylie looked at him, he was so precious. He was 6'1, 164 pounds, he was semi built but a little chubby too. His light brown eyes glowing, his short brown hair now covered by a hat and his beautiful, perfect smile.
She whispered with a gentle smile.
  The two went inside and her parents were right there.
"What were you doing Kylie?"
"Just sitting in the car."
She took her jacket off and threw it on the couch.
"So how was work?"
"It was okay, boring."
   Her parents looked at Drew and smiled.
"Go get your surprise."
Drew put out his hand then lead her upstairs. They stood in front of the poster on their bedroom door.
"What is..."
She stopped as she heard a small noise in the room.
"What's that noise?"
Drew opened the door and Kylie gasped in awe. A small baby chocolate lab was sitting on the floor looking up at her.
"Oh babe, this is the one I saw and wanted."
Kylie leaned over and picked the puppy up.
"Drew he was $200."
"I know."
He said then kissed her forehead.
  A little while later the three lay in their bed. Drew's back against the headboard, Kylie on him with her head on his chest and little Riggs on her stomach. Drew leaned over and kissed Kylies cheek, she smiled as she began to doze off.
"I'm sorry about dissing ICP, I know insulting them is like insulting you."
  Kylie opened her eyes smiling brightly, then lifted Riggs and put him on the floor.
"I'm sorry puppy."
She said petting him for another second as he went back to sleep.
  Kylie glanced at Drew then crawled to him. She started to kiss him hard, his hands crept under her shirt squeezing her tiny waist gently. Drew's legs parted as she straddled over him, Kylie pulled from the kiss and sat up. She put her hands on his then pulled her shirt up and off. Drew sat up and began kissing her neck intensely. Kylie leaned back and pulled her underwear off, Drew then took her hands and pulled her back up.
"You are so beautiful."
  Kylie smiled and rubbed herself on him while taking off his shirt. Drew inhaled as Kylie rubbed harder, he sucked on her neck down to her chest. He breathed heavily, squeezing her breasts. Kylie tucked her fingers into the top of Drew's sweat pants and started to pull them down.
"So, that's how to get you going."
He said, using his feet to finish the job then kick his pants to the floor. He sat back up and wrapped his arms around her waist, so close to each others face they could feel the others hot breath. He kissed her sweetly then lay her back. She wrapped her legs tightly around his waist as he began to push in her.
  Later, Kylie lay half asleep with one of Drew's arms under her. Her face nestled on his upper arm facing her face love, her only love, the love of her life. Within moments she dozed off to sleep. Drew pulled her a little closer and stared at her face under the moonlight.
"I love you so much."
He kissed her forehead and cuddled up next to her, whispering good night in her ear.
"Kylie! I'm still here!"
  Kylie gasped loudly and flew up. Her eyes wide open, her breath heavy, she was hidden in a cold sweat. She looked around the dark room then put her fingers to her ear, she could still feel Drew's breath.
"Drew? Drew?"
She flicked on the light and looked around. He's still here, she told herself., he screamed that he was still there. Riggs, on the floor, stirred from the brightness.
"Drew? Drew? Please, this isn't funny."
Kylie whispered with a whimpering lip. The ball of sadness once again stuck in her throat but her eyes remained dry. She tossed the blanket off of her and walked to the door, Riggs now following. Kylie went to the bathroom, then down stairs for a drink.
  When she was back upstairs she stared at her bedroom door again, Riggs growled at it. She looked to her dog, then back to her door, slowly making her way over to it.
She said softly with her ear to the door.
"Are you in there?"
"He's not in there Kylie."
She turned quickly to see her father standing with a cup of water.
"I didn't mean to scare you."
"It's okay, good night."
 Kylie said feeling very flushed, walking back to the guest room but Bill put his arm out.
"Can you come downstairs with me for a minute?"
"I'm really tired dad, can we..."
She stopped as her father shook his head.
"It won't be long."
  Only a minute or two passed when the two were sitting at the kitchen table.
"I loved Drew too, I loved him like a son."
He stopped for a second, you could see his struggle against the tears but they were winning.
"After the incident with Timothy, I could've lost you too. I thought that missing Drew would be bad enough. I thought, that I'd only be missing him, but I miss you Kylie."
 Kylie looked down as her father went on.
"I know that these last few months have been the worst for you. I know that this is going to take a lot of time to recover from but I need you to answer me this one question."
He wiped his eyes then lifted his daughters chin. His eyes seemed to be screaming for her, for his only child, his little girl.
"I need to know, will things ever be like before?"
"Dad, this isn't something that you can just bounce back from."
"I know that Kylie, I just want to know if my little girl is still in there somewhere."
 The sincerity in his eyes was overwhelming, hope though, hope was dim. Kylie looked down again, she wanted to lie to him to heal his heart, but it would only end up hurting him more in the end. Kylie had wanted to tell her parents the truth but knew she couldn't, but this much they deserved.
"No daddy."
Kylie whispered.
"Half of her died with Drew, half of her died with Timothy. I'm sorry dad."
 He nodded then exhaled, emotion and happiness draining from his eyes.
"I love you all the same, but..."
Their eyes met and she watched as his tears streamed down his tired face.
"I'm really gonna miss her."
He said softly, he kissed her forehead and made his way back to bed.
"Me too."
Kylie whispered to herself.
  Kylie lay on her bed again, smoking a cigarette. This was the first night she didn't speak to Drew, but she felt as if she spoke enough for one day, though she barely spoke at all.
  Tonight, her only thoughts were of her family and her friends. She realized her tragedy was theirs too but she couldn't smile and pretend everything was okay. She wore her misery like skin. Kylie knew her sadness, anger, and misery was hurting others on top of what they were going through. She closed her eyes to try to think of sweet memories but the only thing she saw was her father's eyes.

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