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the web fiction series

by TheCartoonist62


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Episode I:

The Stealing Spree

Joe is a boy with orange hair who is in 6th Grade. He is your average orange-haired friendly guy with hair that sticks straight up. He also has your average college boy’s knowledge of computers, motors, and electronics. He is our star character in this series. Sam is his best friend, a successful student with combed blonde hair. His pet is Fluffy, an orange, black-spotted cat with the ability to talk and think like a human. His sister is Cleo, a 15 year old blonde straight-A student who is obsessed with destroying and mutilating Barbie and Ken dolls, because she hates stereotypes. His rival is Nerdo, the one kid in school smarter than Joe and Sam, and the most evil human on the face of the Earth. The school bully is Johnny, an 8th grader who is the most savage and second most evil human on the face of the Earth. Bowman is Nerdo’s evil henchman, a vicious former middle-school-mobster who is idiotic, but makes up for it in loyalty, savagery, and uncountable middle school mafia connections. These people are the strange and partially, if not completely, insane main characters of this series. Now that you know the main characters, we can begin with our story.

Joe gasped in horror. His locker was empty! His backpack, coat, and science project were gone! Stolen! Today was the day he was supposed to turn in and present his science project to the class! He had four hours until his presentation at the science fair...

After talking to a connection in the patrols, he obtained a pass that would allow him to go anywhere in the school. He first went to Sam, and he agreed to help Joe look.

Sam went to check his locker, but found it was empty! The locker thief had struck again! Joe and Sam raced to the office, and informed the secretary of their plight. The secretary handed them the P.A. system microphone and Joe and Sam spoke. "Attention, students. A locker thief has been stealing from a few top students’ lockers. Please calmly exit your classrooms and check to make sure your locker has not been robbed. Please file out of your classrooms calmly and quietly. That is all," boomed Sam.

After everybody had checked their lockers, they found that every single person in the school had been robbed of everything they had in their lockers.

"I think we should call an emergency assembly," suggested Sam, at an emergency student government meeting.

"Quite a good idea. But I’m afraid we must consult the student government president before doing such a thing," replied the vice president, with more than a hint of hopelessness in his voice.

"I don’t think it’s a good idea to involve Nerdo in this," said Joe. Sam thought for a moment. "I’m afraid it’s school policy that we must consult him," said the vice, gloomily.

"Come in. Nerdo will see you now, Sam," said Bowman, after a long wait. Sam got up and entered Nerdo’s office. Nerdo gestured for him to stay standing, when he tried to sit down. Nerdo snottily denied Sam permission to hold an assembly, and Sam walked out, quite suspicious.

After checking, Joe and Sam found that Nerdo’s and Bowman’s lockers had not been robbed. "Well, that settles it. Nerdo is the thief. He has the storage space to do it, because he’s the student government president. After we inform the office, Nerdo’s scheme will be ruined and the science fair can go on as planned!"

After informing the office, Nerdo was foiled and the science fair went on as scheduled. Joe and Sam’s two by two foot fusion generator won the science fair, and the students of Twinhook Middle School lived happily ever after.


The End