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And World War III is Among Us

By Shane Stevens


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      "Captain we're being attacked from all sides. Should we retreat and send for the Egyptians?" ask the Corporal. It was dawn on a cold January morning in the Mesopotamia mountainous region.

      "Yes, send for them and get the rest of the men and head for the other side of the mountain ," said the Captain.

      "Sir, the Egyptians will be here in two days. They were attacked at the border by the Chinese." said the Corporal.

      "Well, we can hide in the caves of the Zargros Mountains until they get her."

      "We are having a famine, sir, and we are also having a real bad drought, as you can see, Captain."

      "Lieutenant, send some troops to get some water from the Tigris River."

      POW! POW! POW!

      "Captain," the Lieutenant yelled as blood started running down his arm and coming out of his mouth.

      "All this over land," said the Lieutenant.

      "Corporal, write a letter to the general and tell him that we are surrendering and giving the land to the Chinese. We Also tell him we have lost to many men and have not enough supplies to fight any longer  and do not forget to add that the captain is no longer with us. Then write a letter to Egyptians and tell them they no longer have to  fight with us."

      "But sir," said the Corporal.

      "Don't but me, Corporal. Just do it," said the Corporal.

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