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Nothing Seems To Be Clear Anymore

By Elaine Lee, UK


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Nothing seems to be clear anymore; everything appears smudged. Despite staring I still can’t see a single thing, its so frustrating it makes my head hurt.   There are broken pieces scattered around in front of me; I cannot put them back together, which part goes where. I try to focus, but it does not help. I feel like my sight all-together, maybe I need a white stick or a dog to guide that will guide me through this. I reach out my hand and I tough nothing. I go to speak but nothing comes out, I attempt to move but I stand still. Why did this have to happen to me?  I do not understand. God, I wish I had a high I.Q. because maybe I could figure all this out.  It is like a sum, a division sum that has a remainder over.  It is like a PC keyboard not having the letters of the alphabet in chronological order. It does not make sense.


Everything is fading to black; I am in the background alone. Nothing is clear, everything appears smudged


Have you ever been so scared? So, scared of what you ask? In addition, who were you scared of and when? Just scared, scared stiff what you cannot feel your heartbeat because it’s beating so fast. You are wet from sweat and your entire body is cold from the adrenaline running by fear. Your stomach is empty; your eyes are wide open and breathing heavily. You are transfixed. Think of being on edge of a cliff or running across that road by your house while a car or a bus is coming at you, you make it to the other side by a second. You cannot breathe, can you?



If I were a light, I would switch myself off. Where is the need for keeping the light on if no one is home? Darkness, no one can see you and no one knows you are there. Therefore, it does not matter. 


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