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By Madeline Vercher


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(The planet Trilifia was not too far from Earth, when you consider just how
vast the universe is. Trilifia had no sun; it was an ice planet twice the size
of earth. TheTrilifian beings lived under the surface of their planet, in
dome shaped buildings very much like the one the rebels had constructed on
Earth with Trooper’s help. The inside of the buildings were huge, a city of
thousands lived there.

In one of the buildings, the council met yet again; a new problem had arisen,
and a decision made. It was a council of 6. The beings met in a circle in the
center of the black floor, there appeared to be no walls, just darkness beyond
the beings who now spoke telepathically to one another.)

Alien 1
The problem we had on Earth is escalating. Something will have to be done.

Alien 2
The Trilifian power systems have been activated. The base is in full operation.

Alien 3
He won’t know how to use it.

Alien 1
He will learn quickly what power he has. He is already learning the power of
the life force he has been given.

Alien 2
What do we do?

Supreme Alien
We will wait two Earth years. If he has gotten stronger, or has learned to use
the power he has against his kind. We will intervene and bring him back here,
where he will take his place among his brothers.

Alien 2
He is not like us.

Supreme Alien
He is more like us than he is an Earthling. We take a great chance leaving him
on Earth. We must be ready to go quickly when the time comes. I am sure the
time will come.

Alien 1
With the Base in full operation, we will be able to monitor him at our
leisure. He may be able to pick up on us.

Supreme Alien
His telepathic abilities are strong, maybe even stronger than some of his
brothers. Be sure only our most disciplined people monitor his activities. We
must be diligent in our quest. This can quickly get out of hand. (The supreme
alien disappears.)

Alien 2
I fear we will have to revisit Earth sooner than two of their years.

Alien 1
We can contact Ace. He can help us monitor Trooper.

Alien 2
He is already doing that.

Alien 3
He must get closer to Trooper; this will give us adequate knowledge of
Troopers’ intentions before it is too late.

Alien 1
I will try to contact Ace and let him know of our plan.

Alien 2
No. Do not give him more information than is necessary. Trooper is strong, he
will discover what we are doing through Ace; he’s not strong enough to fool
him. (The aliens nod agreement, and disappear.)

(Scene 1) (The T- Cruiser II is underway to the T-Base. Trooper and his
sister were in the Observation room. They had all gotten settled in, and
Trooper wanted to know the whole story of how Dakota had found her. When they
first came aboard, the excitement quickly tired all of them, and details were
far from their minds. Trooper had shown off his son and Cassandra to his
sister, and then taken her to her quarters so she could rest. It was0800
hours, and Trooper wanted answers. Dakota was summoned to the Observation room
as well, and arrived shortly afterward. He looked as if he hadn’t gotten any
sleep, and had a lot on his mind. Angelina gave him a big hug and kiss
when she saw him, and he didn’t seem thrilled, that was mostly because Trooper
gave him an evil look. )

You look like you didn’t get any sleep at all.

I didn’t. (Trooper hands him a cup of coffee. They all sit at the table,
Angelina next to Dakota, Trooper on the other side.)

This is great. I never would have guessed you were James’ boss. (Dakota looked
down at the floor, he had a hell of an explanation to come up with.)

How did you get this Angelina Martinez name, you’re not even Spanish.

Aunt Lillian had our names changed when we came to Spain to get away from
Uncle Drew. We totally changed our identities. We totally lost track of you.
(She makes a face.) I heard them call you Trooper. Why Michael? What made you


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