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By Anna Li

Copyright 2000 Anna Li


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Another Monday morning in the boring world of school. Oh the joy.


“Will you go out with me?”

Christina blinked several times.

“Well…will you?”

“Guy…I don’t know what to say.” Christina said slowly. Actually, how bout, take a hint, get a life, I don’t like you. That sounds pretty good.

Guy came closer, his hands grasping Christina’s tightly. “You could say yes.” He said hoarsely in her ear.

God, when was the last time you brushed your teeth? Christina pushed him away and pried his hands off hers.

“Uh…I’m not really…ready for a relationship right now.” She said, choosing her words slowly.

Sure, he’s just full of hormones and stupid one-liners, but that didn’t mean I wanted to hurt his feelings. Christina told herself.

Disappointment showed on Guy’s face. “Oh.”

Christina took a deep breath and swung her legs in a fidgety manner. Why do I feel the sudden need to run from this awkward situation?

“Christina! There you are! I’ve been looking for you like, everywhere.”

My lifesaver! “Well, here I am.” Christina said very calmly, only just keeping down the urge to jump into her best friends arms and thank her for saving her from a terribly awkward situation that was happening right about now.

“Hey Sarah,” Guy said quietly.

“Hi.” Sarah chirped happily. “Migod! I have the best news! You will not believe. Okay so I was walking past Charlie Iverson, and he came up and talked to me and see this?” She raised her right hand up and shoved it in Guy and Christina’s faces. “That’s his phone number! Oh yes, written by Charlie Iverson himself, using my pen.”

Why am I so not happy to see Sarah all of a sudden? Christina thought, mentally whacking Sarah over the head. Could she have chosen a worse time to break the great news?

“Uh…Sarah, this is really great but…”

But,” Sarah interrupted, “I haven’t gotten to the best part yet, he wants to catch a movie tonight. With me! Me!

Guy took a deep breath. “Sarah…”

“Ahh! I need you to help me chose out what to wear tonight! So, come over at about 8-ish? Eh?”

Christina got up and grabbed Sarah’s arm and started leading her away. “See you later, Guy.”

“Bye Guy! Huh! That rhymes!” Sarah shouted.

A few people turned and stared.

“Uh…she’s on medication.” Christina explained apologetically.

Sarah shot her friend a look.


Sarah and Christina walked into homeroom, and made their way to the back to grab the empty seats.

Luckily their teacher wasn’t there yet, so they weren’t late, which also meant they wouldn’t get a detention for being late 3 times in a row.

At Clarner High there was a system where, if you were late for homeroom 3 times in a month, you would score yourself a detention. Detentions can also be scored for swearing, picking fights and the general bad behaviour.

“What?” Sarah asked as she sat down and plonked her folder and pencil case on the desk.

“Couldn’t you take a hint? You came in a bad time! Guy had asked me out, I said no, and you come along with your happy tale of a date!” Christina just about screamed.

“Oh…well Guy is a bit on the desperate side anyway, so really, you haven’t lost anything.”

Christina had to control her hands from flying out and beating Sarah up.

Sarah didn’t seem to notice though. She leant forward and dreamingly inspected the numbers scribbled on her right hand.

Christina gave up and opened her Geography folder. Might as well finish last night’s homework. I hope Guy isn’t too upset…I can’t believe he asked me out. I didn’t even know he liked me! A sigh escaped her lips.

“This has been the best day of my life.” Christina heard Sarah mutter to herself.

Glad someone thinks so. Christina couldn’t help but feel guilty over the whole Guy incident. I shouldn’t be feeling guilty. Note my guilt free feeling. Than a voice inside her head, a wisecrack that was known as her conscience said, Than why are you still thinking about him? Unless of course, it does mean something to you.

Christina frowned. Oh shut up.

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