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By Lucifer Thirteen


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 Chapter 1


 The stolen car flew down the motorway at 80mph. The driver was Danny

 Bank, 17 year old tear-away. In the passenger seat was Tan, also 17, best

 friend of Danny.


 Silent tension filled the car, but suddenly Tan bellowed,

 "Up there! Quick! To that resort town!"


 Without question Danny turned off down the small

 road towards Deary resort town.


 * * *


 At the same time, Alicia Wedcroft, beautiful yet

 dangerous, arrived at Deary. She was 18 and had left school at 16 to

 travel the world. Her parents, Lord and Lady Wedcroft were the third

 richest couple in the world. Alicia didn't have to worry about money.


She arrived by Taxi. What she wanted in this small,

 unknown town was greedy and shocking. Her 93 year old grandmother was

 dying, and Alicia had only a little time to do it, to wheedle her way

 into her grandmother's will.


 She arrived at her grandmother's house in 13 Harkshire avenue at the

 same time Danny and Tan pulled up at the empty



 "I'm not sure anyone's home." said Tan, getting

 out of the car.


 "Damn it!" cursed Danny whacking the top of the ford



 The noise echoed through the empty streets.

 Alicia rang the doorbell twice before trying the

 door. It was open. The damn old woman hadn't locked the door.

 Alicia walked into the quiet house. It was cosy and



"Grandma?" called Alicia, her voice slicing the

 thick pregnant silence. Suddenly she whirled around at the sound of



 Then she gasped.


 Danny sat in the blue ford fiesta humming a

tuneless song. Tan had gone round the back of the

garage to find life. He'd gone for almost quarter of

an hour. This dump of a town was deserted.

He wound down the window and yelled out, "Oi Tan!

Hurry up will you!"


"His voice rung through the air. Then he noticed just

how spooky the situation was.


Alicia ran into the kitchen and tugged at the

back door. It was locked. She kicked and slammed at the

white door, chipping the paint. "Help me please!" She



Danny went round the small brick building

that was the garage. The back door was open. He went

in, the small office was empty apart from a tidy desk

and wooden chair. There was no other exit from that



Alicia took a china cup from the sink and smashed

the window in the back door. The falling glass landed

on the slabs outside. She thrust through a flailing

hand and reached for the handle. It still wouldn't



Danny left the garage land hastily and sped up

the nearest road of houses, Harkshire avenue.

Alicia gave the door up and went to the sink. From

there she took a large carving knife. She turned

around; her predecessor was gone.


She crept slowly round the downstairs rooms. Then when

she got to the front door she opened it, sped through

it and down the road.


Halfway down she bumped into someone. She screamed as

she fell to the hard tarmac. Danny jumped a mile too.

But when he saw this sexy, shapely woman he quickly

helped her up.


Alicia stared at this handsome young teenager

who seemed her age.


"Sorry about that, you okay?" his voice was smooth,

like his looks.


"Yeah, Well I was going top speed anyway." Then her

terror caught up with her and she began running again.


Danny grabbed her arm.


"Whoa! Where you off to?"


"That thing in my grandma's house! Have you seen it?"



Alicia spun round to look at the house. It remained

silent like all the rest.


"Right, tell me, what's going on?"


"Let go!" Alicia tried to pull from his grip.


"No, you listen you jam-faced tart, you tell me what's

going on, 'cos I'm stuck in this place as well, now

you tell me!"


Suddenly the top left window of 13 Harkshire avenue

burst open, a body flying out.


            To be continued.....

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