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The Chest

Written by Mark'ee Drankard


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"Hey Jason, hurry up with that beer," Walter yelled as Jason pulled out of

the driveway. The two young men along with Stacy and Jennifer were planning a

camping trip deep in the back woods of Pennsylvania. Walter continued to load

the rest of the equipage into his Blazer when Stacy walked up behind him. "Hi

baby," She whispered hugging him around the waist. "Who can that be?", Walter

mumbled swinging around to give Stacy a smooch. "Where's Jason?", Stacy

questioned. "Oh he went to pick up Jenn and to get some beer, as soon as he

gets back we can roll." "Cool," Stacy said and hopped into the passenger seat.

Walter and Stacy whistled along with the radio as they sped down the road. In

the vehicle ahead Jason stuck his head out of the window and yelled out into

the wind. "We're here." Pulling off onto a trail Walter threw his Blazer into

four wheel drive. "Woo hoooooo," He shouted and sped up. Coming to a stop

about three miles into the pathway Jason exited his vehicle and pointed to

the ground. "Right here," He said happily.

After setting up Jennifer pulled a Ouija board from her backpack. "Let's have

some fun," She said holding it up into the air.

Thirty minutes later Walter placed his hand on the Ouija board triangle and

closed his eyes. "Will I," He whispered and stood up. "Sorry guys I have to

go take a piss, I'll be right back." "Hurry up," Stacy shouted and

illuminated a candle.

Walter sung Pretty Woman to himself as he strolled through the woods looking

for a spot. He suddenly stopped whistling as he noticed a branch snap. "Who's

there," He said. Stepping to a tree he unzipped his pants and looked down.

Dashing out of the darkness a dog jumped at his back knocking him down.

Walter scrambled to his feet and took off running. Breathing rigidly he

looked back to get a fix on the dog which was gaining on him. Without notice

Walter slipped on the ground and fell into a ditch hitting his head on the

dirt floor. "Shit," He screamed out in pain. Coming to his feet Walter felt

around the wall and his hand hit a wooden object. "What the hell is this?,"

He thought to himself. Immediately after tugging on the object it fell to the

floor and he unearthed a wooden chest. The first thought that came to his

head was money, gold and wealth. Pulling on the latch Walter quickly opened

the chest and a blurb of a noxious cloud rose escaped. Covering his face he

fell to the ground gasping for air."Help," He ye

lled into the darkness from

the ditch, but no one heard him.

At the same time back at the camping ground Stacy began to worry. "He's been

gone an awful long time," She said on the brink of crying. "Don't worry Stacy

I'm sure he's okay," Jason assured her."I'll go look for him if it'll make

you feel better." "Thanks," Stacy said wiping her face.
Roaming through the woods Jason screamed out Walter's name. Getting no

replication he lit up a cigarette and continued on. "Walter," He yelled out

once more. Turning around Jason felt a droplet of something his head. After

examining it he noticed it was blood. "Walter," He said quietly. Finally he

looked up into the trees and noticed a body coated with blood suspended from

a tree. "Holy shit," He cried out and spit out the cigarette. At that second

Jason felt a presence in the atmosphere around him. Spinning around he was

met by a large tack claw which decapitated him killing him instantly. Hearing

the screams the two girls at the campsite shivered. "What's taking him so

long," Jennifer said shoving a tent peg into the ground. "I just know

something happened to him, both of them," cried Stacy. "Stacy don't be

ridiculous," Jennifer said patting her on the shoulder. "We'll go find them

together." "Grab that flashlight and let's go."

"I don't wanna die a virgin," Stacy said as the two slowly walked through the

woods. "Your not going to die Stacy," Jennifer whispered shaking her head.

Suddenly Stacy tripped and fell dropping the flashlight. "Are you okay?"

Jennifer asked. "No," Stacy screamed as she pointed to the detached head of

Jason lying in a puddle of blood. Jennifer quickly broke into a burst of

speed and was shoved into a tree by and unfamiliar dynamism smashing her

head. Brain and skull fragments oozed down the tree as her body struck the

dirt. "Jennifer!" screamed Stacy as she struggled to get up. Arising to her

feet Stacy stared into the eyes of a ravenous beast with red eyes and jagged

teeth dripping with blood. Her screams faded in the woods as the sounds of

bones snapping cracked through the air.

The next morning Sheriff Winwood and Deputy Myers slowly walked along the

trail leading to the campsite. "What have we here," The deputy said

inquisitively. "Go see if you can find anyone out there," Sheriff Winwood

said after examining the tents.

15 minutes later Deputy Myers yelled for the sheriff. Quickly finding Deputy

Myers he lowered himself into a ditch. "What is it?" He said dusting his

shirt off. "It's a chest of some sort," replied Deputy Myers. "What's that

say on the top?". "Let's see it says No Abrir". "Huh?" The Sheriff said

scratching his head. "Simply translated sir, DO NOT OPEN."

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