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No Rest for the Wicked

By atdi_x

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Disclaimer: This story, its characters, and its premise are all owned by myself.  If you wish to distribute it, seek my permission first.  (Click here)

Summary:  The Vega family rules the city of Los Angelos with an iron fist.  The male matriarch of the clan, Gabriel Vega, is considered by many to be both a tyrant and a saint.  His two children, Isis and Virgos, rule alongside him as his equals and his successors.  But, when their power is threatened by a new clan in town a game of murder, deceit, and betrayal ensues as each member of the Vega clan tries desperately to hold onto their prestigious power.

Note: Be forewarned, this story does contain a respectable amount of violence.  If you are offended by that, or too young to be able to tell the difference between fiction and reality, please do not read it.



 ‘There’s no rest for the wicked.’  I remember those words so clearly now.  They were the first words Isis Vega ever said to me, it was her life motto and she lived it to the very tee.  I spent five years working for Gabriel Vega as his bodyguard and, occasionally, his confidant.  Granted, the Vega clan wasn’t much for confiding, but when things got rough Gabriel would always talk to me about it.  To this day, I never knew why that was, but for whatever reason, I was appreciative of it.  Gabriel Vega became the father I never knew, and his children became the siblings that you could both love and hate at the same time, but never understand why.

                I’ve embarked to tell you this widely known tale of the Vega clan for one simple reason; the truth.  Facts have widely been exaggerated and now I feel it’s my obligation to set the record straight, as it is a remarkable record indeed.  While employed by Gabriel, I was a listener, a very intent listener.  I never spoke unless I had to, doing so granted me access to the darkest depths of the Vega clan.  I know the things they did, the people they killed, the people they saved, and how deep their power truly ran.

                Each Vega family member possessed a single trait that made him or her feared just as much as they were respected.  For Gabriel, it was his eyes.  Dark and cold, they could cut right through you, no reason needed.  If you crossed him, his eyes assured you that he’d get you back.  Virgos’ trait was more narcissistic than anything else, and the thing about this was that he knew it.  He had an intimidating 6’5 frame and a personality to match.  His arms were key to his appearance, which was why he had an endless supply of sleeveless shirts to make sure that wherever he went, his muscles would be the first things to get noticed.

                Now, Isis is a different case from the others.  Her trait was inside her, something that couldn’t be seen through her anger or through a shirt.  It’s a quite impossible thing to explain with words, it’s something you muse see for yourself.  The closest thing that could possibly sum it up would be her demeanor.  It was unpredictable and incredibly dangerous.  Her and I never got along very well, not that I had a big problem with that. 

She had completed a lot of jobs for her father before my employment.  I’ve heard various rumors of the kind of things she did to the enemies Gabriel wanted disposed of.  Her techniques weren’t so much sick, as they were inhumane and treacherous.  Mind you, Gabriel’s enemies weren’t exactly model L.A. citizens, but death is still death, and Isis was very detailed when it came to delivering it.  She made them suffer in ways that would make your stomach turn by just hearing about it.  I can’t say I ever agreed with the way she got things done, but I can attest that the people she killed were just as demented and disgusting as she was. 

                However, I suppose I must give credit where credit is due.  While Isis did have a few personality flaws, she also had a good heart when push came to shove.  I saw her help a lot of people, and for that I respected her ; I also pitied her tremendously.  I don’t know if she ever punished herself for the murders she had committed, but I do know that she spent the majority of her life alone; and I know from experience that when you’re alone as much she was, those images of death that you created can eat away at you, until you can’t even blink without seeing unspeakable horrors.

                In the end, I suppose you’ll get to decide for yourself if the Vega clan were the villains that everyone portrayed them to be, or if they were just an unconventional family trying to find some common ground, and at the same time, stick together.

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