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By Elaine Davis


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Scott held dee by the neck tight; glaring into her eyes he could see Dee’s fear. Pushing her against the brick wall on a cold November evening, Scott transferred all his weight onto dee, making her unable to breathe.


“I’m not telling you again dee” Scott said in her face


Dee frightened, winced as she was helplessly pinned up against a cold and wet brick wall in an alleyway. Shaking her head vigorously, she could not bear Scott and Chris together. It was not going to happen, not over her dead body. “No” she managed to say  “Never”


Scott smiled; he had to admit she admired dee for her bravery. Smile dropping from his face he squeezed harder until dee made a tiny choking noise  “You’ll do as you are f------ told, I’m not telling you again” he said tightly


Tears filled Dee’s eyes, closing them, as the pain got worse. She wanted to say she could leave them alone, but she knew she’d be lying “I can’t do that” she breathed


Why isn’t this bitch listening to me? Why doesn’t she f------ understand? “Pardon?” Scott asked, eyes narrowing so much dee could hardly see his eyes


Dee began to shake a little “No” she breathed again before coughing “You’re mine Scott and that bitch is never going out with you”


Scott saw red and hit dee across the face, dee cried out as Scott let go of her, making her drop to the floor.  Dee stared to cough and whimper. Scott just watched dee.  With his left foot, he pressed hard on Dee’s collarbone, wincing she managed to look at him in the face. Scott’s eyes were now wide, erect and he was breathing heavily with anger.  Despite this, he spoke in a level tone


“Just remember what I said” he said as dee cried out in pain “I’m not in a habit of repeating myself” he told her as he took his foot off her collarbone


Dee relieved from the pain, looked up at Scott bleeding and slightly bruised. Almost crippled from the pain, dee spat out some blood from her cut lip, before looking Scott deep in the eye “And you remember what I said” she said breathlessly





“So come on,” dee said with a dirty grin “you must be jealous that I’m going to see them” laughing a little to herself she reached inside her school blazer pocket and pulled out a hair scrunchie.


Standing with botch hands in her pockets in her winter coat, Chris Anderson looked at Dee west for a moment. Sometimes she wondered if her friend smoked or snorted cocaine. Dee West is just over five feet five, long curly hair and small hazel eyes. She is very slim and knows it by wearing non-existent clothes, which are of all colours of the rain down. Dee is far from the class beauty; a wearer of glasses having inherited her father’s frail eyesight, long face and generous overbite which she has been ridiculed for most of her teenage years.  Some have said dee looks a lot like Greta in the cartoon Recess.

Chris shook her head “no dee, I’m not,” she said frankly and she wasn’t, seeing a pop group in a concert was not something she found any cause to be jealous over.

Dee touched her fringe, slowly pulling it strand by strand. Narrowing her eyes, she stopped grinning and looked at Chris with intense “Okay fine” she said quietly well you should be f------ jealous, everyone f------ should be!


“F------ chemistry, it takes the piss!” Natasha Lane spat as she slammed her locker door shut.


Chris rolled her eyes; here we go again Natasha’s Monday morning rant and curse “Never mind, f--- happens lane”

Natasha kissed her teeth as she fixed her padlock, letting it go it knocked into the door “I don’t think teachers know what they’re doing” she began, looking at Chris “Chemistry before noon is serious business”

Chris rubbed her eye “so is our GCSE’S”


Natasha got Chris’s point as they began to walk to the lab she could sense something was wrong and she wanted to find out. “What’s with you?”


Shaking her head “nothing” she replied, she did not think Dee’s petty behaviour this earlier on was a need for topic of conversation. Chris watched the pupils of Riverston School pass back and forth to their lessons. As usual top corridor was packed with everyone trying to get to their lessons on time, carrying huge books, bags and folders. There were even a few new pupils struggling to carry their briefcases, smiling Chris saw one little boy carry it with both arms.


Natasha was not convinced; she knew it had something to do with dee. “Where’s dee this morning?” she asked carefully


“Dun no” Chris shrugged “In the lab?”


“Scene” Natasha said as they approached the lab and seeing Jamie and dee run in. sniggering Natasha nudged Chris in the arm “I see the entertainment has arrived”

Chris laughed out loud.



“It is very essential that you study the periodic table as it will of some use to you in your exams” Mr Vermont began in is strong Mauritius accent


A few eyes rolled and others huffed, but Mr Vermont did not care for he had his qualifications and was soon to be out of Rivers ton. No one was here for him; he was here for him or her.


“Make sure you carry around this handout that I will give you in moment” he added tightly


The time was ten past ten; sighing Chris looked at the clock and groaned. I’ve got twenty minutes left and it feels like twenty hours! Elements, chemical reactions and the periodic table never made any sense to her. 


Everything always seemed jumbled up to her no matter how much she concentrates. Sitting on the backbench with deem Jamie and Natasha, Chris sat closet to the wall and leaned against it. Natasha yawned before leaning forward and resting her chin on her hands, feeling the heat from the radiator behind her Chris leaned off the wall and began to fan her self with her hand.


Twisting strands of her fringe in her had, Dee stared at the blackboard. Rocking slightly back and forth, Dee’s mind began to wonder. Suddenly looking to Jamie who sat next to him, studied him for a moment before staring back at the blackboard.



Break time could not have come any quicker for Chris, despite having the unwanted pleasure of Monday morning prefect duty in the canteen.  Chris has been a prefect ever since she impressed the head of her schoolhouse Miss Falkirk at last years swimming gala.  As she walked into the canteen the smell of turkey burgers, hot chocolate and toast hit her like strong scented perfume. Feeling queasy, she took a deep breath. Already pupils were lined up against the wall, ready to buy and eat. Standing at the side of them, Chris nodded at them and immediately a stampede of year 7 and 8 pupils ran in trying to overtake each other. Suddenly Chris stuck out her arm grinding the rest of the line to a halt.


“Wait” she commanded looking at them dead in the eye

Unhappy with the command a small boy spoke up “Why? You let ‘im go?”


Chris shrugged  “too bad, you’ll have to wait your turn”

The boy made a face, folding his arms she leaned against the wall and gave Chris a dirty look “This takes the mick”


“Yeah, you’re well out of order,” cried a ginger haired boy who stood behind him


Chris looked at him, it was Gerry Andrews. She recognised him from her house meetings, his high number of detentions cost the house the title of ‘winning house’ for the term. Despite this, this four feet ten boy is an excellent swimmer and football striker. Not caring what Gerry had to say Chris put her hands together


“I’ll tell you what I’ll be out of order when I make you go to the back of the line”




“Like I said” Chris said through a smile “Wait” backing away slightly she checked to see if the queue had gone down, in that space of time Gerry and his mate showed Chris the vee sign and muttered under their breathes.

Suddenly someone tapped Chris on her shoulder, turning it was Scott.  Chris greeted him before sending in fifteen pupils who ran in determined not to miss out on any food. Chris put her arm out again in front of a year eight-girl “Wait”


“I thought you need bringing back to the land of living” Scott smiled


Her stomach twisted, looking at him Chris felt a bad taste in her mouth. Rolling her eyes, Chris stepped away “and you were gunna do that were you?” Chris asked flatly

Scott’s smiled faded; frowning at Chris he put both hands in his pockets he did not like Chris’ tone.


Scott Bonnington is tall, handsome, and athletic and had many admirers in Riverston. Dark brown hair, brown eyes Scott has the potential to be a male model. He is charming, sexy and ambitious, having inherited his father’s passion to succeed.  Not many know much about Scott Bonnington, many have spoken of his life to be exciting as he is said to have a different girl each week, but much of this has yet to be proved.  The captain of the football and cricket team, Scott loves sports and games, of those he can win.


 As Chris sent the remaining pupils into the canteen, she realised Scott was watching her.  She had to admit he was good looking and could see why he had countless girlfriends; she felt there was something about Scott and was sure she did not want to find out.  Feeling a little uneasy she looked away, trying to concentrate on something else.


“Wa gwan” Natasha said walking into the canteen, ignoring Scott she looked around “Feeding time at the zoo going well is it”


Scott eyed up Natasha, surprised to notice how pretty she looked today. Scott noticed Natasha had cut her hair, it was now short sleek and shiny. She was wearing mascara and could smell her perfume. Coming from afro-Caribbean decent Natasha’s skin glowed, her eyes were deep and yet bright.  Scott had never paid much attention to Natasha in the past, but looking at her today made him consider widening his options.


Natasha could see Scott looking at her from the corner of her eye, she wanted to look back but she chose not to. She wondered why Scott was on prefect duty today, seeing as it was day off. This boy is so f------ transparent she thought, playing with fire where some poor bitch is going to get burned


Chris laughed lightly “Yes, the animals come in by two by two”


Natasha laughed, “Anyway, that’s what I come in for” pointing at Chris “Miss Falkirk wants your homework, she says she wants to get all her market done tonight. So, speed up”


Chris made a face “Yeah, tell her I’ll give it to her later”


“Good, cos I don’t want her hollering my name out in the corridor anymore” Natasha said pointing to her self “See you in English” and she was gone


Checking her watch, it was time to clear the canteen. Clapping her hands together Chris informed everyone they had five minutes to eat and leave. Despite not appreciating his presence being ignored, Scott watched Chris. He wanted to know what Chris Anderson had to offer and being the person he was, Scott was going to find out.




Mr Powell is year eleven long suffering English teacher, he has been teaching at Riverston for fifteen years.  His pupils are not too impressed with his teaching skills as he loses his temper too quickly, kicks doors and taps the table with his non-shatter ruler. Despite this, former year eleven pupils have rated Mr Powell as a teacher but now it is a matter of opinion.  Powell is tall, slender, dresses in tweed jackets, farah trousers. A wearer of glasses, which are fastened at the side with, plasters a heavy smoker, who has lead to rumours claiming he spends half an hour in the toilets every lunchtime smoking. Un fortunately for Mr Powell he has proved the rumours as wherever he goes the smell of nicotine lingers around him.


Natasha, Chris, Jamie, Dee, Scott sat at the back row desks leaning across their open English textbooks. The rest of the class potted around, chatted and paid no attention to poor Mr Powell who tried to conduct the day’s lesson.   Jamie yawned as he pulled himself up, Sighing with boredom he crossed his arms and stared at the blackboard.


“As we are all aware, punctuation is very important is very crucial where the subject of creative writing is concerned. You must endeavour the importance of each piece use it appropriately,” Mr Powell said pacing in front of the blackboard


Natasha rolled her eyes and swore under her breath before she buried her head in her arms. Chris turned to the classroom window, which looked out onto the junior playground, wishing she were out there she sighed.


“It is forever a pleasure” Mr Powell continued raising his voice a little to override the chitchat in his lesson. Not that it made much use as notes started to get passed around desks to desks “to read a piece of writing, which has the correct use of punctuation” Mr Powell stopped pacing and glanced out to the corridor “always a pleasure indeed” he sighed


Scott watched Chris closely, he had to admit to himself she was very pretty and had a nice figure which most of his past girlfriends could have had. He liked her long mousy hair, green eyes and the way Chris made straight eye contact when she was talking to someone. She’s a nice girl, she thought. There is something about her, something really.. His thoughts were cut short by an icy glare from Dee; meeting the glare she turned away.




It was great relief when school ended, cars drive in and out of the school car park coming to collect lost property that waited anxiously to be picked up. Dee, Chris and Natasha got ready to walk home, while others waited for the bus. Walking across the road, Dee had been keeping a close eye on Chris for the past five minutes and it was starting to worry Chris.  Chris knew Dee wanted to say something to her


“You know he fancies you don’t you” Dee said tightly

Chris and Natasha looked at Dee and frowned “Who?”

Dee tutted “Scott”


Natasha smiled, shock I should have known Dee would have something to say about Scott’s sudden interest in Chris. Chris laughed out loud as they passed a small church hall on the corner, she was sure someone inside heard her. She had never heard something so ridiculous in her life.


Scott Bonnington fancies me? What rubbish! Natasha rolled her tongue around in her mouth before eating polo.

“Yeah right Dee” Chris said holding out her palm to Natasha; reluctantly she put a polo mint in her palm.

Dee got irritable, don’t take the piss with me Chris or f--- about because you won’t like what I’ll f------ do to you. “He f------ does Chris,” she said tightly


Temper temper Dee “Dee shut up” Natasha said crunching a polo


An icy breeze blew across Chris’ face; shivering a little Chris was careful to choose her words “Dee, I don’t think you know what you’re talking about”


Dee stopped in the middle of the pavement and glared at Chris with intense and anger. She did not take to lightly to not being taken seriously, she knew Scott liked Chris and she did not like it. Licking her lips Dee’s eyes flickered “Just stay the f--- away from him Chris”

Natasha’s eyes widened with surprise, f--- this girl means business


Chris did not like Dee’s threat, but she knew what Dee was capable of. Coming from a shady background consisting of alcohol, pills and severe depression Chris knew Dee meant every word and she was not about to test Dee.

Dee looked from side to side before walking off, watching her Chris took a deep breath.


Chris sensed there was going to be a problem with Dee, like there was before, but there was a difference this time. Chris was the problem. Natasha looked at Chris, smiling she knew her last year at Riverston was going to be the one she most remembered.



The ice lay thinly on the ground as Chris walked up the road to school, crunching underneath her shoes. The grass and car windows glittered with frost; bonnets were half covered in ice and bare trees stood alone against the pale grey sky. Walking to school, a sharp breeze cut across Chris’ face making her teeth chatter. Passing row houses, which behind the school, she walked slowly letting the ice crunch underneath her shoes, so not it slip.  As she turned the corner to walk into the school car park, she saw someone leaning on the fence. Chris’ stomach twisted as she realised it was Scott, tutting under her breath Chris walked even slower.


Chris tried not to make eye contact with Scott, but it was too late


“I suppose I’d better say good morning, seeing as you had no intention,” Scott said with a smirk


Chris gave Scott a false smile “Funny aren’t we”


“It’s better than being a miserable bitch like you are” Scott said tightly


Chris’ eyes narrowed, she resented Scott’s comment. She was not miserable and she certainly wasn’t a bitch.

Walking past Scott, she gritted her teeth. Scott met her look before smirking, I’ve gotta admit to myself she is f------ fit!


“So Anderson, when are we going out?”


Stopping in her tracks, Chris glared at Scott astonished - taking her hands out if her pockets in dismay Chris could not believe what she had just heard. A little pissed off towards what she considered Scott’s slight arrogance, Chris began to seethe “What makes you think I wanna go out with you?” this boy is big headed beyond belief, despite being the best looking boy in the school

Scott sniggered “Chris, I’m no idiot”


Rolling her eyes, she was still trying to get to grips with Scott’s attitude “Scott, you might wanna ask yourself that question” she said tightly

F--- this is going to be easier than I thought; Chris is going to be great bait. “It’s a only a matter of time” Scott called after, grinning he turned on and suddenly came face to face with Dee



Dust lay thick on the benches in the physics lab, water spots stained the seats and windows were dirty. The room was humid and smelled of damp; coughing Natasha was the first to enter the lab and make a comment. Waving the dust away from her face, Natasha gave an exaggerated cough “Gee wisdom, dust!” she cried


Jamie blew into the air “Blimey, this room is gunna kill one of us these days” he said making his way to the back bench. Everyone scattered themselves in the lab finding themselves seats for the next ninety minutes of their Tuesday morning. Chris stood briefly in between Jamie and Natasha leaving a seat either side of them.  Yawning, she was dreading this lesson, as she wasn’t looking forward to seeing Dee again.  Dropping her books and bag on the bench she sighed before reluctantly sitting.


“Alright hun” Natasha said brightly as she opened her bag

“Fantastic” Chris replied without any enthusiasm


Laughing silently inside, Natasha knew Chris was not looking forward to seeing Dee yesterday. Ha ha, this is going to be so much “Yes Christina, you really sound it” pulling out a an 4 pad


Chris buried her head in her arms “I don’t wanna be here” she groaned


Natasha patted Chris’ shoulder “Neither does the rest of us, so you are gunna have to join us in our time of suffering”


Chris shook her head just as Scott entered, looking at Chris. Her stomach began to tighten, what’s this boy’s problem? Why can’t he just f--- off?  He is really starting to bug me!  Chris tried to look away, but she found herself watching him as he made his way towards her.


“I take it you thought about what I said,” Scott said as he sat down next to her


Natasha listened closely, biting her lip she knew in sheer concentration


“Should I have?” Chris said, realising her hands were starting to feel clammy


 She wiped them on her skirt


“Yes I think you should” Scott said inches from her face, “Why you just leave me alone?” Chris asked as she tipped her head back slightly she could smell his aftershave and he could smell her perfume.  Chris stomach tightened, why is he making me feel nervous? I don’t want to feel nervous around him; I don’t want to feel anything

“Because leaving you alone would you be all to easy” Scott could sense Chris felt uncomfortable around him and he was glad, he knew he was attracted to her but it was all for the wrong reasons.


Chris did not like what Scott said


“Right year eleven” Chris jumped to the sound of her physics teacher’s voice. Sighing she watched her teacher walk in and stared in slight horror at Dee who stood in the doorway.




Tapping her pen against her ring binder. Dee waited impatiently for Chris outside the canteen. She had to talk to her, make her realise that she was not to f--- about. Scott is mine and that’s I have to say. Why were they talking this morning, what was it about? What did they say to each other? Sighing with irritation as she watched crowds leave the canteen, sucking in her breath she waited for Chris. Come on for f---s sake, she muttered under her breath. Suddenly Chris appeared behind a group of year eight girls, Dee waited until Chris was near enough to hear her.


“I want a word,” Dee said stiffly


Chris knew this was coming, her stomach twisted with dread. “What about?” she asked carefully, she did not have the energy for an argument. Walking into the foyer, Chris felt like she was walking into her schools principal’s office for skipping school. She felt as if she was bout to be punished, maybe she was right.

Dee grabbed Chris by the arm of her school blazer and yanked her towards her, so close they were eye level apart. “What were you and Scott talking about this morning before school?” if she f------ lies, I’ll f------ kill the bitch


Chris shook her head “nothing” she lied trying to pull away from Dee’s grip, but the more she pulled the tighter Dee’s grip got. “Why?”


She’s lying, she’s f------ lying! “Didn’t look like nothing to me,” Dee said through clenched teeth


Chris exhaled lightly, she wanted to tell her but she hated to have to justify herself to Dee but she knew if she didn’t it would only make things worse “It’s nothing Dee” she lied again


Dee stepped closer; her eyes were red and hard. “I meant what I said Chris, stay away from him” she warned. Squeezing she made Chris flinch


Chris took Dee’s word for it, but she did not like being dictated to by Dee. Pulling away from her grip “Dee I told you, nothing was said” she said with irritation

Suddenly Dee grabbed Chris by the neck and threw her against the wall, Chris froze as she was taken completely of guard “Don’t lie to me Chris, I told you to stay away from him Chris and if you don’t I swear on your life I’ll f------ kill you” Dee said calmly, eyes erect


Chris gulped and stared at Dee in horror, eyed wide and frightened she winced Dee’s nails dug in her skin.   Chris wanted to tell Dee to leave her alone and she was free to talk to who ever she pleased, but she couldn’t, as she felt helpless.



“I’m glad you understand me,” Dee said letting go of Chris neck; standing back she stared at Chris with intensity and anger. Chris touched her neck and she felt blood. Looking at her fingers, she shuddered at the sight of her own blood.


Why are you f------ looking at me? What’s there to f------ see? I f------ warned you, I’m warning you again! Scott is mine! Scott is mine until the f------ bitter end!



Natasha ran up behind Jamie before shouting “Boo!” in his left ear, jumping slightly with fright he spun around to see Natasha laughing in his face


“Ha ha, got you Jamie,” she laughed as she walked towards a bench in the senior pupils playground


“Funny” Jamie said dryly with both hands in his pockets

Natasha crossed her arms as she sat comfortably on the bench “Okay, what’s Dee West done to Jamie Parker now?”

Jamie shook his head, how did she know its Dee I’m agonising over. I suppose it’s always going to be obvious “forget it, it’s poetry,” he said looking over to the football grounds


“Just tell me”


Smiling Jamie looked at Natasha for a moment before breaking the stare “She’s just is so hostile these days, I know something is bothering her and she won’t tell me”

“Considering the girl is full of chemicals what do you expect?” Natasha said bitterly


Jamie gave Natasha a look “Don’t ever mention talk like that again” he said tightly, eyes hard and erect


Natasha shrugged, not sorry for what she said, “Like you were saying Jamie”


Jamie did not show any signs of forgiveness for Natasha’s comment and suddenly became a little dubious towards Natasha “I’m just worried that’s all”


Natasha tried not to smile; this is all too f------ easy for me. Jamie aint got a clue what Princess West is up to, if he knew he wouldn’t be so quick to defend the crazy bitch


Jamie frowned at Natasha, he sensed she was holding back “What”


Natasha sniffed “Nothing”


Jamie’s eyed narrowed, he knew it was something serious and he would not like it “Just f------ tell me Tash,” he demanded


Sighing Natasha knew this was her chance; this was to make everything fall into place “You’re so clueless it’s disgusting, you have no idea what the f--- is going on around you”


Jamie did not like where this was going, but he wanted to find out “What are you talking about?”


Shaking her head Natasha took a deep breath “For the past 2 years your girlfriend has been obsessed with Scott and I mean obsessed Jamie” Natasha began


Jamie’s eyes widened in horror “I don’t believe you”

“F------ ask her then, or better still ask Chris” Natasha choked “Dee threatened her yesterday warning her off Scott, telling her if she goes near him she’ll kill him”

Jamie backed away, trying to work out if Natasha was telling the truth. Dee, Scott, kill? Where the f--- did all this f--- come from?


“You and I both know how f------ unstable she is” Natasha wanted to stop, knowing what she was telling Jamie was going to destroy him, but she knew Jamie’s devastation was to be her advantage. “Jamie I’m telling you she never loved you, it’s Scott she wanted and I’m telling you the crazy bitch has every intention of making everyone around her realise that” Natasha paused as little, looking at Jamie she could see his eyes were filling up with tears. She could see Jamie was not going to take the news well, which is what she wanted “Accept you of course” she added uncrossing her arms


Jamie did not want to hear anymore, he could not get his head around it all. Backing away, he headed for the school.


Natasha sighed, glancing at her fingernails she licked her lips and reached for her Vaseline from her shirt pocket.



Scott watched Chris as she made her way to the back of the school library, sitting opposite the study room Scott saw Chris go in one of the rooms and shut the door. Instantly he got up and swiftly walked over to the room.

Pushing the door open quietly, Scott stepped inside and stood in the doorway. Oblivious to Scott’s company at first, she jumped when she realised he was watching her

“Do you have to do that?” she gasped silently, throwing her pen on the table Chris was unsure whether she could cope with Scott’s antics this morning.


Shutting the door with his left foot, Scott smiled “Yes I do”


Chris sighed with irritation, she felt like she was being watched. She did not want another confrontation with Dee like yesterday, picking up her pen she could feel Scott watching her and it made her feel uncomfortable “Can you just leave me alone please?” Chris snapped hoping it didn’t sound like a plead.


Scott shook his head, stepping towards Chris as if she was his prey. “That’d be too easy Chris, you and I both know that”


Chris picked up her textbook and threw it down “Scott, I haven’t got time for you hanging around me, just piss off” she said harshly, she could feel herself losing her temper.


Scott was feeding off of Chris’ uneasiness; he could smell it like strong scented perfume. Moving even closer to Chris, Scott put his folder on the table. Chris backed away unaware of what Scott was going to do, just piss off and leave me alone she thought. Putting her hands together, Chris’ stomach began to twist “What do you want from me?”



Scott pulled Chris by the arm close, lips apart Chris could feel Scott’s breath on her lips. She wanted to pull away, but right at that moment she felt weak.


“Not a lot” Scott replied looking into Chris’s eyes



It had just gone one when Chris turned over, staring at the clock she sighed. Chris could not sleep, whether it was guilty conscious, fear or just plain insomnia she could not decide. She knew she had to stay away from Scott, but admitting to herself she was finding it hard as she thought about him non-stop. Chris wished she didn’t but she did, what am I getting myself into? This is all going to go drastically wrong and I know Dee will make sure of that. Rubbing he stomach Chris could still feel his lips on her skin from this afternoon and his fingers. Sighing Chris lay back down and dreaded her day at school.



Jamie threw a glass bottle at his bedroom door; the smash was unheard to loud distorted sounds of heavy metal, which boomed through his stereo speakers. Kicking his school bag across the room and pushing all his belongings off his dresser onto the floor, Jamie’s eyes welled up with tears as he caught his reflection his bedroom mirror.


Almost sobbing Jamie screamed “How the f--- could you do this to me!”



Natasha smirked as she met Chris later that morning, frost lay on the winter ground decorating the streets with white ice and tiny specks of snow. Clutching her folder, Natasha knew Scott had got to Chris and knew that Chris was walking on extremely thin ice.


“Morning hun, late night?”


Chris shrugged “Just couldn’t sleep” she replied yawning

“Thinking about what crazy Dee said to you are you?” Natasha asked carefully as they walked into school

Chris glanced around for both Scott and Dee, despite not wanting to see them she wanted to know where they were “How can I not? It’s hardly something that I can wipe from my mind”


Natasha sighed “at the end of the day I know you like he’s growing on you. If that’s the case, go out with him”

Chris felt a little relieved at Natasha’s semi approval “It’s not as easy as that though is it?”


“Well all you have to do is stay away from Scott and you’ll be fine” Natasha pointed out


Chris looked at Natasha “It’s not me, it’s Scott. He won’t stay away from me,” she said defensively


“Dee isn’t gunna see it like that and neither is Jamie”

Chris closed her eyes “I forgot about how much Jamie is gunna be affected in all this”


“Yes, it will f------ destroy him” Natasha said firmly, even though it already has


“I can’t let Jamie find out about this” looking at Natasha with worry “Please don’t tell him Tash, please”

Smiling Natasha linked arms with Chris “Don’t worry, I won’t”


Chris smiled a little “thanks Tash”




Jamie pulled Dee by the arm as he caught up with her; she tried to avoid him by diverting up the stairs but got trapped in between two year eight pupils.


“We need to talk babe,” Jamie said lightly, hanging on to her arm he didn’t want to let go


Dee shook free of Jamie’s grip “Just f--- of Jamie, I don’t wanna talk to you” she said abruptly, impatient she pushed past two senior members of staff who were more than alarmed as they were knocked into the wall.


“Well I wanna talk, I want you to tell me something Dee” Jamie followed her anxiously to the top step, almost tripping on the top step. Just stop, please Dee! I wanna sort this out babe


Dee sucked in her breath; she wished Jamie would just f--- off. Why can’t he just leave me alone? What is it with this boy?


Jamie knew he and Dee was over and what Natasha told him was true, but he was desperate to speak to Dee in hope of him of proving him wrong. He loved Dee too much to let their relationship die. “Just wait Dee” he pleaded

Dee spun around and stood in the middle of the corridor, eyes erect and hard she clutched her ring binder as if it was her only means of living “However you found out, I don’t care. I never loved you Jamie, I love Scott and we will be together,” she said calmly


Jamie’s eyes filled with tears, he felt sick. At that moment he wished the ground would open up and swallow him. Tears falling, Jamie watched Dee disappear in the crowds of the pupils of Riverston School. 



Scott stood by the flowerbeds in the local patiently he waited for Chris to arrive. Looking around he had to admit it was a nice place, the pine benches, picnic tables swings reminded Scott of a garden in BBC’s ‘Ground Force’. By the main entrance there was a huge grass area, which was surrounded by a mini fence, the flowers looked pretty in the half empty park as frost was lightly sprinkled on them. The benches and the picnic table were almost covered in a thin layer of ice. In the far corner to the left the pond was silently, only very tiny ripples appeared showing life to the half frozen pond.


Tapping his finger on the railing, Scott kept an eye out for Chris. Come on he muttered


“Glad you came”


Scott spun around, it was Chris. He exhaled lightly as she stood before him; she had never looked so pretty. F---, every time I see this girl she looks better and better.


“Yeah so what’s the big deal?” Scott managed to say



Natasha widened her eyes as Dee walked towards her, biting her lip Dee tried to avoid eye contact with Natasha but it was too late.


“You wanna remember to take your f------ medication on time Dee, it might help you” Natasha said nastily


Dee rolled her eyes, she did not have time for this “Yes, well you should remember to keep you mouth shut”


Sniggering “Why? It gives me great pleasure not to”


Dee did not want to get nasty to Natasha, but she could see she was going to be a problem “Don’t send Jamie to me next time, I can do without his tears and woe in my face” she said flatly


“I didn’t, it’s unfortunate for him that he still cares for you” Natasha sniped


Dee’s eyes widened “What’s going to be unfortunate is Chris not listening to me Natasha” she whispered before walking down the stairs


Smirking Natasha shook her head before heading for the girl’s toilets.