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When She Sleeps

By Yalonda Smith


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“No, no, no.  Oh god please no!”  She screamed.

“Gina, Gina, wake up.”  Her roommate Tiffany

had burst through her bedroom door, awakened by

Regina’s screaming and panting. 


“I’m, I’m, I’m bleed, bleed.”  Regina was breathing heavily.  She could

barely get the words out of her mouth. 


“Regina, what‘s wrong with you?  You‘re not bleeding,” Tiffany said.


Regina looked at herself, she felt her neck, she

looked at her hands, and rubbed her behind to see if

it was bleeding.   “I, I, I’m not bleeding,” Regina



“Regina, did you have a bad dream?”  Tiffany



Regina took a while to answer.  She took a

deep breath.  “It was a dream! I’m alive,” Regina

said, coming back to reality and realizing that it was

only a dream. 


“Regina, what’s wrong with you, you’re

scaring me,” Tiffany asked with fear in her voice

afraid of what Regina was going to say. 


“Tiffany, when did you come in here?”  Regina hadn’t noticed

that Tiffany was the one who had awakened her. 


“Are you all right?”  Tiffany asked. 


“Yeah,” Regina said. 


“What happen Regina?” 


“Nothing, I don’t want to talk about it right now.”  Regina had been

having the same nightmare over and over again

constantly for the last two weeks.   Every dream would

show a different part of that day and this dream

showed the ending.   It seemed so real to her.  Her

best friend Tiffany had come into the room to see what the

problem was. 






Tiffany and Regina had been friends since they were

babies and they never kept secrets from one

another no matter what the circumstance was.  They

never kept anything from one another.  They were

more like twin sisters than best friends.  Whatever

one of them was going through the other one felt it.

But, this dream frightened Regina so bad that she

feared telling anyone for fear that it might come



Although Regina had the dream Tiffany felt the side

affects.  When Tiffany had come into Regina’s

room her eyes were red from not getting enough sleep

and she had been sweating so profusely  that it was

showing throughout her clothes.  She didn’t know

exactly why she was sweating but, she knew it had

something to do with Regina. 





Tiffany knew that there was a problem with Regina and

she was shocked when Regina didn’t tell

her what was wrong.  Regina always told Tiffany every

thing.   Regina got up out of her bed and went into

their kitchen to get her something to eat before she

had gotten ready to go to her first class.  Tiffany

watched her as she got up out of her bed. 


She saw that Regina was limping on her right leg, she had her

hand on her right butt cheek, and she had her left

hand on her neck.   Tiffany followed Regina into their

kitchen.  She saw that Regina was pouring herself a

bowl of cereal.  Regina didn’t go to the table to eat.


She stood in the corner of the kitchen between the

stove and the sink to eat her breakfast.  Tiffany

stared at Regina hoping she would tell her what the problem

was.  But, Regina ignored the attention and

continued to eat her cereal. 


Tiffany  could see Regina’s hands were shaking and that she had began to

cry.  “Regina why are you shaking?”  Tiffany asked.

Frustrated by Regina ignoring her and upset because

she will not tell her what the problem is as to why

she is acting so strange.  Tiffany asked.  “Why won’t

you tell me what is wrong with you?”  Tiffany voice

cracked with fear in it as she asked.   “Tiffany,

please don’t ask me what’s is wrong with me anymore, I’ll

tell you what’s wrong with me when I get ready,”

Regina said as she tossed the bowl into the sink

making milk splash all over the counter. 






 Regina and Tiffany grew up together in the same

neighborhood,  attended the same schools,

graduated the same year, and decided to go to the same

college.  They were 18 years old and in their first

year of college at the University of Arkansas Little

Rock.  Regina was majoring in psychology and Tiffany

was majoring in accounting.  It was the fourth week of

classes and everything had been going well for

Regina until now.  Until now she thought it was just a

dream, she feared that her dream was turning into






The pain in Regina’s neck and butt had gone away.  She

walked to her room in tears and sat

down on her bed putting her face in her hands.  She

had a test that day that she couldn’t miss.  Regina

told herself that it was only a dream to clear her

mind of any fear and so she could go to school.   She

managed to get up and get ready for school.   


“What are you doing?”  You are not going to school today. 


Regina look at you you’re shaking too bad to be going

to school, and if you did go you couldn’t do any

work in the class because you’d be shaking to bad,”

Tiffany told Regina.  “Why are you going to school



“Tiffany you are not my momma, but if you

must know I have a test today in my first class

that I can‘t make up,” Regina said.







When she got outside of the dorm building she looked

around as if it was the first time she

had been there.  She had her backpack on her back and

her Psychology book in her arms with her

notebook.  As she stood there a guy came up behind her

and put his arm around her “Hey girl, what’s up,”

he said.  Regina screamed, jumped, and dropped her

books.  She turned around to see who it was who had

put their arm around her.  Her hand was on her chest

as she turned and she was breathing heavily.  She

saw that it was her cousin Undray. 


“Boy don’t scare me like that no more,” she said. 


“Girl what in the world is wrong with you?  And why are you shaking like you have just seen a ghost?”  He asked out of



“Na, no, nothing is wrong with me,” she said. 


“Are you sure?” He asked. 


“ Yeah, I’m all right,” she said. 


“No you’re not,” he said.  “Why do you think there is something wrong with me?” Regina asked. 


“Regina, I’ve known you too long not to know when something is wrong with you and when something is not wrong with you.  Come on let me

walk you to class,” Undray said.  “That’s o.k.


Undray, I’ll be all right,” she said.  “What I say,”

he said.  As he put his arm around her and proceeded

to walk her to her class.





Undray was Regina’s first cousin who had transferred

to the University of Arkansas Little Rock

from Washington State University to finish his last

year in college in his home state, to lower his

college expense, and to be near his family again because he

was homesick.  He was going to school to be a

Scientist and after graduation he was going to move

across seas to work for a chemistry company

which had already offered him a job but he had to

graduate first.  He lives in the dorm as well.





When she got to her first class to take her test she

couldn’t remember what she had studied , and

when she tried to write down her answer to the

questions on the test her words look more like clouds

in the sky.  “Ms. Mathew I would like to see you before

you leave?”  Her professor asked. 


“Ms. Mathew this is a history course not an art class.  I don’t

understand what the problem is, since the school

semester has started and I have had you as a student in my class

your grades have been at the top of the class.  You

get all the questions right.  I can’t see why you would do

so poorly on this test.  Let’s not make this a habit.

I know you can do better,” her professor said. 






Regina know she wasn’t up to going to her other

classes but, she couldn’t let her fear get the

best of her.  After her classes Regina went to the

bookstore on the floor of the Donaghey Student Center

to get something to drink.  Every time she would go

inside the bookstore to buy something there would

always be this guy who would follow her every where

she went.  He wouldn’t follow her with the

movement of his body all the time but whenever she

would come in the store it was as if he could feel or

sense her present.  If it wasn’t his eyes following

her she always noticed that when she would be in a

different part of the store he would move closer to

where she was, and when she would need to reach or

find out where a book was he would always be the first

to help.  Even if she didn’t want or asked for his

assistants.    She didn’t pay him much attention most

of the time but after this last dream she felt very

uncomfortable, and she decided to approached him and

confronted him. 


“Look, regardless if you like me or not, from now on don‘t look my way, and when I come in here the only face I would love not to see is



He couldn’t believe that she was actually

talking to him.  His eyes widened, and when she spoke to

him his mouth dropped.  He was speechless.   He wanted

to talk to her, but his words wouldn’t come out

of his mouth, and when Regina said those words to him

he felt hurt and embarrassed.  Because when she

confronted him there was a crowd of people inside of the

bookstore and she did not talk softly.  


A tear came down his face, he couldn’t believe that she was that

kind person. Regina didn’t want to hurt his



she saw that she had because after she confronted him his face looked like he had just lost heis best friend as he turned and walked away with his head down.    





When Regina got home she went to her room.  Feeling

tried and worn out from a day of

being at school.  She lay down on her bed.  Afraid to

go to sleep she tried to stay up by watching TV but, when her eyes closed she did. 



“Hey girl,” her boyfriend Ricky said.  He had met Tiffany in the

hallway and came in their dorm room with her.  He had

entered Regina ’s bedroom and when he saw that

she was sleep he decided to surprise her by whispering

softly into her ear.  Regina woke up swinging, kicking, and screaming.  When he saw her reaction he quickly jumped back.  He grabbed Regina from behind and tried to get her to stop kicking. 


“What in the hell?  “Regina wake up!” 


Regina opened her eyes. 


Ricky sat her down on the chair that was in her

room.  Girl what is wrong with you, and why is

Tiffany telling me that you are acting like you, have

lost your mind.  Tiffany told me that something was

wrong with you but, I didn’t know it was this serious.

Baby, why are you shaking,” Ricky said.  Ricky had

gotten in the front of Regina facing her.  When he got

in front of her he knelt.  


He reached to grabbed her hand as she put her hand in his.  Regina looked Ricky straight into his eyes rubbing his face as she

began to cry. 


“Baby, why are you crying,” Ricky said.


“Ricky I’m scared,” Regina said.  “Scared, scared

of what,” Ricky said.  “Baby for the last past two

weeks I’ve been having this dream and last night I saw

the end of the dream and I was bleeding he stabbed



“What, baby, come on now.  A dream and the

end?  Baby, what are you talking about?”  Ricky said.

He was very confused and couldn’t understand

what Regina was talking about.  Regina took a deep

breath and squeezed Ricky’s hand trying to hold her

cry in. 


“Ricky for the last past two wee’s I’ve been

having this dream.  Every time that I would go to

sleep my dream would show a different part of the day.

Last night when I went to sleep I saw the end of

my dream.” 


Ricky looked at Regina like she was crazy.

He couldn’t believe what Regina had just told

him but, he did.  Regina had never been scared of any

thing in her life and for a dream to be scaring her

like that something had to be wrong.  He looked into

her eyes they were blood shot red from her crying,

and he looked at her face there wasn’t any need for

him to doubt her.  He rose up from the floor where he

was  kneeling and sat on the bed in front of Regina

who had tears rolling down her face.  He picked

Regina up out of her chair sitting her in his lap as

he sat down in the chair.  He could feel her body

trembling next to his.  “It, Going to be alright, I’m

here.”  He said that but, that wasn’t the truth.  It

was the weekend and he had came to Little Rock to see Regina from Fayetteville.  He had to be back at school

for an assignment that was due that following Monday.


Ricky was a junior at the University of Arkansas

Fayetteville.  He and Regina had been dating for three








                       Day 2



      That night Regina did everything to ignore going to

sleep, but by 5:00am her sleep had gotten the

best of her.  Ricky woke up and found her sleep in the

lazy-boy chair in her room.  He had gone into the

kitchen of their dorm to get something to eat.  When

he sat down at the kitchen table after fixing himself

some cereal Tiffany walked in. 


“How is she doing?” Tiffany asked. 


“She finally fell asleep at 5:00 this morning.  I’m suppose to go back at school Sunday night but, judging by the way she is acting I might

stay.  Something just don’t feel right to me about the

way Regina is acting,” Ricky said.





“I loved you but if I can’t have you no one else will

either,” after she heard that she felt

something sharp go across her neck.  Regina woke up

screaming and hollering with her hand on her neck.


Tiffany and Ricky ran into the room.  “My neck, my

neck, my neck he cut me on my neck,” Regina said. 


“No, no, no, no Gina there is nothing wrong with your

neck,” Ricky said as he put his arms around

Regina, her hand was still around her neck.  


“It hurts, my neck it hurts.” 


“Regina what happen?” Ricky said sitting Regina down on her bed.  “He, he, he told me he loved me then he cut my neck.”


After Tiffany heard that she started crying and went to her

room.  Ricky reached for the phone, called Regina’s

parents and he looked up in the phone book to find







“Hello, Mrs, Mrs. Mathews this is Ricky.  Something is

wrong with Regina.  She has been

having this dream for the last two weeks where she

gets stabbed at the end.  Since then she has been

shaking and acting paranoid like she is afraid that

the dream is going to come true,” Ricky said talking

to Regina’s mother on the phone about Regina. 


“What is she doing now?”  Regina’s mother had just came

home from the hospital after giving an eight-hour

surgery.  So when she received the phone call about

her daughter having nightmares her voice was tired.  But,

when she heard that her daughter was acting frantic

over having this dream she quickly rose to her feet.

“I’ll be there in a few minutes.” 


Regina’s mother and she were from Pine Bluff, Arkansas, although, her

mother worked in Little Rock.  She had just made it

home from working and was on her way back when she

heard the news. 






Ricky had laid Regina down on her bed  and Tiffany had

come back into the room.  “Regina are

you ok?”  Tiffany asked as she sat down beside Reginaon her bed.  “I’m ok.”  Regina said.  “Will you

please tell me what is wrong with you now?” 


“For the last two weeks I’ve been having the same dream

and I’m afraid that it is going to come true.  Be

cause at the end of my dream I had gotten stabbed.” 





No least than 30 minutes after receiving the call

there was a knock at the door.  “Who is it?”  Ricky

said as he walked to the door.  “Mrs. Mathews.”  The voice said.

Ricky opened the door. 


“Where is my baby?”  The first word out of the woman's mouth as she continued walking.  It was Regina’s mother.  She had on some

Nike sweats with the shoes to match.  She went right

into Regina’s room with out Ricky replying to her

question.  When she walked into the room she saw Regina

lying on the bed and Tiffany sitting on the bed

next to her.  “Regina, are you ok?  How do you feel?”

Mrs. Mathews said as she approached Regina‘s bed

and sat down beside her on the other side.  When

Regina saw her mother she smiled because she was

happy to see her.  “Hey, momma,” Regina said in a soft



“Hi, Mrs. Mathews,” Tiffany said.  Ricky

had come back in the room.  “Now, what is this about

this dream that you are having or have been having

that is causing you to act this way.  Do you truly and

honestly believe that this dream is going to come

true,” her mother asked as she rubbed Regina’s hair

looking at the top of her head.  Regina sat up in her

bed as all eyes turned towards her.  She felt safe and

like nothing could harm her now that almost every

one who loved her was around. 


“I’ve had a lot of dreams that have come true and sometimes I just have

dream that meant nothing to me, but the other night

when I had that dream...  I have never in my life have

had a dream like that.  It scared me too bad.  So much

that when I woke up I was sweating in places

where I had gotten stabbed at in my dream.  I know

you’ll think I’m crazy and that I have lost my mind

but I really do fear for my life now.” Regina said.


“Come to think of it I did see wet spots on you when I

came in your room that day,” Tiffany said.  “I am not

going to school Monday, I‘ll just have to call and

make arrangements for my paper to be turned in at a

later date.” Ricky said after hearing what Regina

said about her dream. 

























                   Next weekend, Friday



      It had been a week and with every passing day that

past Regina’s dreams had gotten worst. 

Every time she went to sleep she would have dreams of

what people would say in it.  Her mother had been

staying with a relative to be closer to her daughter.

But, she was constantly at work on call for surgeries,

and Ricky was trying to keep up with his assignments

by computer but, all his classes were not on the

computer.  They had called the doctor to see if he

could help but, the doctor said there was nothing he

could do because it was too early.  Regina had not

gone to school any that week.  Tiffany had told

Regina’s professors why she wasn’t there but, her

grades had still fallen behind.  The most sleep she

had gotten that week in a whole was 5 hours.  It was the

next Friday and Regina looked a mess from lack of

sleep and her eating habits had changed.  She only ate

a candy bar three times a day and drunk a liter of

soda  a day.





“Professor Davis, Professor Davis, um Regina is sick

and I was wondering that since you  are a   

professor of psychology that you could help her,”

Tiffany asked Regina psychology professor when she

saw him going to a restaurant inside of the Donagehey

Student Center. 


“Yes, you did tell me about Ms. Matthew’s and her illness.  How is she doing?”  Her professor said. 


“She’s not doing so well.  I was

hoping that you could come by our dorm room to see if

you could help her.  She is loosing sleep and she

only eats three candy bars a day.  Professor Davis I‘m

begging you could you please come to the dorm and

see if you can help her.”  Tiffany has these words out

of fear that her friend was about to loose her mine



“Well, I’ll see if I can squeeze that in

my schedule this weekend,” professor Davis said. 


“Thank you,” Tiffany said with a smile on her face.





When Tiffany walked into the dorm room she went straight

into Regina’s room were she saw Ricky

on the computer and Regina trying to not fall

asleep on her bed. 


“Has she been to sleep today?”

Tiffany asked Ricky as she walked toward Regina lying at the

head of the bed. 


“Barely but, not enough,” Ricky said as he turned toward Regina’s bed in the chair, putting his hand together and his arms on his upper