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Underage Metro Review

By David Goodwin


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Many years ago, to a fun loving sixteen year-old, the concept of 'clubbing' seemed both foreign and distant. The actual idea of going to a nightclub glimmered like a mirage, reminding this individual all too well about the constraints placed on their age group.

But today such notions are fortunately a thing of the past with most of the larger nightclubs in Melbourne holding alcohol and drug-free underage events for the thousands of teenagers who feel as if the previously elusive joys of 'clubbing' should not be limited only to adults.

A great example of this concept can be witnessed on Wednesday nights at Metro (20 Bourke St, Melbourne). The hugely popular event, entitled "Time" is held every Wednesday night during the Holidays plus the first and third Saturday of every month.

Even early on in the evening, if on Bourke St, one can almost feel the anticipation. And if, by some weird chance, they're oblivious to the increased excitement, then they can certainly see the huge queue that snakes its way almost all the way to Swanston St.

The anticipation only grows as you stand in line, eagerly awaiting entry (remembering that "Time" sells out every single time without fail). Once finally entering the massive club, the mandatory security precautions (metal detector search and the emptying of pockets) are undertaken to add to the overall safe feel of the club. Once past this, entry is a somewhat demanding $17, but when considering the odd six hours of fast-paced entertainment, the fee is more than justified.

Once inside, inhabitants are greeted with the charming picture of a huge foyer that has been classically restored to a picturesque mixture of new and old. The foyer leads on to a large bar (serving free water and Coca-Cola all night long) that overlooks one of the largest dancefloors in Australia, that plays commercial dance plus an assortment of other popular music for the thousands of youths crammed into the gigantic dancefloor.

Long stairways lead from the bar and hug the wall, leading to a balcony on the far side at the highest point of the club containing pool tables and the clubs main cloakroom.

Or alternatively, if your tastes differ from Commercial Dance, one could take the other set of stairs from the same bar, that lead upstairs to the "Gods Bar" where R&B, Rap and Hip-Hop lovers (such as myself) will be more than adequately entertained for the entire evening. The Gods Bar also contains, as its name would suggest, another bar that also serves ice-cold water and Coke. So, a little warning, the Gods Bar can heat up a bit (both literally and in other ways) so if you plan on staying up there all night then plan on drinking a hell of a lot of fluids.

The night continues on until around about midnight when the thousands of patrons receive notification that the final song of the night is about to commence. Jeers and further sounds of discontent arise from the crowd as this fabulous night of entertainment once again draws to a close, as thousands of dejected youths slowly file out of the huge club, eagerly awaiting the next "Time" they can have some more fun.

So next time you're looking for something to do and you're sick of going to the movies then head on down to Metro on Wednesday (holiday) nights and have yourself a hell of a lot more than a good time!