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By Anna Li

Copyright 1999 Anna Li


Chapter Two

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Angel quietly closed the door behind her as she left her room. She walked over to the elevator and pressed the button on the wall and waited. Finally the doors opened and she stepped in and pressed ‘G’. The doors opened again at ground floor and Angel walked quickly to the counter to sign out.

The sky was blue and the air was crisp as Angel walked towards the theatre for her drama class.

"Hey Angel of mine." A mechanic voice mocked.

Angel felt her blood turn cold as 3 masked figures surrounded her.

"Ohmigod!" Angel gasped terrified.

"It’s going to be your blood tonight." The masked stranger said in a strange mechanic voice.

Angel tried to escape, but they closed in on her. One of the masked ones attempted to punch her but Angel ducked in time and pushed them over. Angel tried to jump over the fallen person, but another one grabbed her hair and pulled her backwards.

"Let go of me! Someone help!" Angel screamed.

The other masked person punched Angel in the face, sending her plummeting onto her back.

"Where is she?" Adam asked Mackie.

Adam, Chris and Mark were in Mackie, Angel and Buffy’s room. They got down there as soon as they were told what had happened last night.

"I don’t know." Mackie repeated.

"Adam, she said she doesn’t know." Chris told his friend as he stepped forward and pulled Mackie into his arms.

Adam looked over at Buffy who was making out with Mark.

"Buffy! You know where she is?" Adam asked. Buffy and Mark pulled apart for a second to look at Adam.

"What?" Buffy asked.

"Where’s Angel?" Adam asked.

"Oh yeah. Uh…I think she had a drama class at nine." Buffy answered.

Adam looked at his watch. 9:04am. He started walking out the door.

"Hey, where are you going?" Mackie asked.

"To find her," Adam said as he looked back at them, "I don’t know, maybe that message on your answering machine wasn’t a prank. All I know is that I don’t want my girlfriends blood everywhere. I’m gonna go check on her."

Buffy, Mackie, Chris and Mark looked down guiltily. They knew Adam was right, they would rather be cautious then take chances, especially if death was involved.

"We’ll come." Buffy said pulling Mark out the door with her. Mackie and Chris followed.

The five of them walked towards the theatre in silence.

Adam looked up to see four figures struggling. One figure caught his attention.

"Shit! They’ve got her!" Adam shouted as he started running towards the figures.

"Shit!" Mark and Chris swore as they ran after Adam. Buffy and Mackie took off after them.

Angel saw one of them pull out a knife and wave it around her face.

"No!" Adam screamed as he lunged for one of the masked people, knocking one of them over. Mark and Chris tackled the other two to the ground.

Adam started punching the masked person with all his strength. "Don’t you fucken lay a hand on my girlfriend!" Adam shouted angrily.

The masked person kicked Adam off him and punched Chris and Mark in the head. While Chris and Mark were getting back up, the masked people they were fighting got up quicker and the three of them ran off.

"Don’t you ever fuckin’ come back!" Adam swore as they ran out of sight. He turned around and saw Angel standing there crying silently.

"Oh baby come here." Adam said as he walked over to Angel.

Angel wrapped her arms around Adam’s neck as his arms encircled her waist and he gently kissed her forehead.

Mackie and Buffy stood watching numbly.

"This is serious," Buffy suddenly said feeling panic starting to rise, "I mean, she could have been killed."

"I wouldn’t let that happen." Adam said coldly.

"It’s not up to you to decide." Buffy stated in a shrill voice.

Adam let go of Angel and marched angrily over to Buffy.

"I said I wouldn’t let that happen!" Adam roared.

Buffy looked stonily at Adam. "Adam get over yourself! Reality check here, if we didn’t come in time they could have…"

Adam roughly grabbed Buffy by the neck and pushed her back into a tree. Without letting go he angrily talked on.

Angel and Mark rushed forward to pull Adam away from Buffy. Mark grabbed Adam and pulled him away.

"Hey! What the hell do you think you’re doing?" Mark demanded.

Adam shrugged Mark’s arm off.

"That bitch…"

"Don’t call her that!"

"What are you going to do huh?" Adam challenged as he pushed Mark in the chest.

"Stop it!" Angel shouted as she pushed between them. "This isn’t getting us anywhere."

Mark gave Adam a disgusted look as he walked over to Buffy. "Are you okay?" Mark asked. Buffy didn’t reply.

"What do we do now?" Mackie asked.

"Call the police I guess." Angel answered.

They all took one last look around and then they started heading back to the boarding house.

That afternoon Buffy, Mackie and Angel called the police and told them what had happened. The police listed instructions on security and were told to call them if anything happened at all.

Buffy, Mackie and Angel had a lock put on their door and were told not to go anywhere without letting someone know and taking at least 3 people with them.

That night Angel went up to the boys floor to see Adam while Chris and Mark went downstairs to see Mackie and Buffy.

Adam let Angel in and locked the door behind her. "What’s up?" Adam asked as he flopped onto his bed. Angel sat on the edge of his bed and looked deep into his green eyes.


Angel looked away as a tear slid down her face. Adam sat up and turned Angel around slowly.

"Hey beautiful, what’s the matter? Don’t cry." Adam said as he pulled her towards him.

Angel rested her head on Adam’s shoulder and closed her eyes.

"Adam, I’m scared." Angel whispered.

"It’s okay, everything is going to be okay…"

"Adam, I could have been murdered today."

"Don’t say that."

Angel looked down sadly. What’s happening? Why do these people want us dead?

Adam gently lifted Angel’s chin up so that she would look into his eyes. "Angel, nothing will happen. I love you." Adam whispered.

"I love you too." Angel whispered back.

They both slowly moved closer and closer until their lips met.

Adam and Angel woke up to a loud ringing sound.

They had both fallen asleep on Adam’s bed.

"What is that sound?" Angel shouted as she stood up.

"I don’t know." Adam replied.

"What?" Angel shouted.

"I said I don’t know!" Adam shouted back.

Angel walked over to the door and attempted to open it. She turned around and looked at Adam in horror. "Adam! We have to get out now!" Angel screamed as she frantically tried opening the door again.

"What?" Adam shouted as he started walking over to her.

"There’s a fire! The door won’t open!"

Adam tried the handle. Angel was right, the door was stuck. Smoke started drifting in from under the door.

"The window, come on." Adam said pulling Angel over to the bedroom window.

Angel pushed the window open and Adam punched out the fly screen. Adam started climbing out but Angel got a hold of his shirt and pulled him back.

"Adam, may I remind you we are 5 storey’s high!" Angel screeched.

"We don’t have much choice. Come on." Adam said frustrated.

Adam climbed out onto the ledge and offered his hand to Angel, Angel took it and stepped out onto the ledge next to him.

"Okay, can you see the pool down there? Well, we’re going to climb down till we reach the junior dorms, then we’ll leap outways into the pool, okay?" Adam said as he looked at Angel’s pretty face. Angel looked at him in disbelief.

"Okay here goes." Adam started climbing downwards. "Be careful, I don’t want you to squash me."

"Oh funny, ha ha." Angel sarcastically mumbled.

"Have you found them?" Mackie asked Buffy, Mark and Chris.

"No, Masa said he saw Angel go into our room, but he didn’t see her come out." Chris explained.

"Daniel! Over here!" Buffy shouted as she caught sight of Daniel.

"Yeah, what?" Daniel asked as he looked sadly towards his room which would be burnt in about 10 minutes.

"Have you seen Adam or Angel?" Mark asked.

"Uh…yeah." Daniel replied distractedly, as he stared up at the boarding house.

"Where?" Mackie asked.

"Umm…up there." Daniel said not taking his eyes away from the boarding house.

Everyone turned their heads around to see Adam and Angel climbing down the side of the boarding house.

"Ohmigod!" Britney gasped, "What if they fall?"

There were some gasps and murmurs from Christina, Anna, Hollie and Kylie as they watched Adam and Angel climb down slowly

"Okay, we have about a storey to go before we jump." Adam told Angel as he looked around.

"There’s a comforting thought." Angel said as she resisted the urge to look down.

Adam reached a window and stopped on the ledge to wait for Angel.

"Angel, hurry up…" But before Adam could finish his sentence, he felt the explosion from within the boarding house. The window behind him exploded and the force sent him flying off the edge.

Angel looked down to see Adam flying through the air.

"No! Adam!" Angel lost her grip and plummeted after him.

"No!" Buffy and Mackie both screamed as they watched their friends plummet downwards. There were two huge splashes from the pool and everyone started running over to it.

Mark and Chris dragged Angel and Adam out of the pool as quickly as they could. Angel collapsed and started spluttering water immediately.

"Someone call the ambulance!" Mr Pendergast ordered as he pushed his way over to Adam and Angel. "Are you two okay? Make some space people, they need air!" Mr Pendergast shouted as he pushed some people back a bit.

Angel looked up from the ground to see Adam lying stilly on his back. She crept towards him and shook his arm.

"Adam? Adam get up. Get up." Angel sobbed.

Adam’s eyes didn’t open and he remained silent and still.

Siren’s echoed louder and louder as the ambulances got closer.

Angel closed her eyes and rested her head on Adam’s chest and waited until the ambulances would take them away.



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