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A Genie in a Dream

Written By Pretty Star


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         That night when I went to bed I dreamt of something that I would never dream of. It was all very blurry, then things start coming into picture. It was a boy, maybe around my age but he was a bit taller then I was. He had dark brown hair and blue eyes, he was dressed in jeans and a blue shirt. All that looked just perfect with his smile. He had the most beautiful smile I’ve ever seen, the type of smile that makes you want to smile back, but not just for the sake of not being rude but the smile that just makes you smile too.

           “Hello, who are you?” I asked him.

           He replied “Just a genie in a dream” with a smile. I smiled back.

          “Huh…” I said softly trying not to sound all confused and trying to keep cool of myself infront of him.

           “I’m a genie that comes in your dream, you get one wish in each three nights,” he said with a grin. I didn’t really understood him and wanted more explanation but I think I understood a little bit.

          “Well ok, I wish to see you again tomorrow night in my dream just to prove it!” I said, raising my voice a little bit to show him I wasn’t going to believe him that easily.

          “As you wish…” He said, taking a little bow and then giving me a smile. After that everything went black and I woke up. I sat in bed trying to remember and figure out what was the dream about. I wasn’t sure if it was a dream or not because it did seem real to me. So I thought I had to wait tonight to see if it was real or not.

                The morning went slow and the afternoon went even slower, at last evening came and it was the last few hours to midnight. I went to bed early that night because I couldn’t wait any longer and also because I was tired too. It didn’t take me long to drift into sleep. I could see some pictures starting to form but it wasn’t the one that I was expecting. At last after other dreams I had, came that boy walking towards me with a smile on his face.

            “Hey, it’s you!” I shouted waving my hands.

          “Of course it’s me. You wished to see me again and here I am!” He said with a grin on his face. Then things began to become blurry again. I heard him say, “Well now you’ve seen me, what will be your second wish?”

           “That’s it? Is that all? I wished to see you and all I get is a few seconds?” I asked in anger.

         “Well maybe next time you can wish to see me a little longer.” He said laughing loudly.

          ‘That’s not fair! He never told me anything about this! Well I’ll show him!’ I thought to my angry self.

          “Ok, I wish to be with you again tomorrow for the whole night, and I mean the whole night! From the start of my sleep till the end of it!” I wished and gave him a wink. He gave me an attitude face and softly said, “As you wish…” Then things went black again and I woke up.

          I felt like telling someone about this but I knew they wouldn’t believe me, they’d just think I’m making things up, so I had to kept it to myself.

         My day went pretty fast this time, I guess it’s because I was busy in tuition classes and finishing up my homework. The time came when I kissed my parents goodnight and went to bed. I thought for awhile about him, him the boy genie in my dreams. ‘This is nonsense’ I thought, ‘How can this be true? There is no such thing as a Dream Genie! Because there aren’t even a genie in a bottle!’ I got kind of mad because I was confused and I couldn’t explain it and what’s worse I couldn’t ask nor tell anyone about this. Finally I drifted to sleep and pictures start to form again. There he was the genie boy, standing a few feet away from me, waving his hands to me. I waved back and jogged towards him. I came near him and hugged him, I don’t know where that came from or why did I do it but I felt like I needed to do that.

         “Whoa, sorry genie rules. No contact with masters, well in your case mistress.” He said backing off.

         “Oh sorry, I just wanted to see if you felt real or not,” I said trying to cover up.

        “So what are we going to do now? Since I have to be with you the whole night.” He asked looking down. In a way he seemed to not want to be with me.

          ‘Well we’re going to change all that!’ I thought giggling to myself.

         “What do you suppose we do? Since there’s absolutely nothing in site except an extend of white surrounding around us,” I said.

         “It’s your dream, you’re in control. Think of something, anything!” He said.

          “Ok, umm let’s go surfing!” I said jumping up and down closing my eyes trying to start the picture in my mind. Then as I kept doing that I heard the waves and the splashing of the seawater hitting against the rocks and shores.

          “Wait! I can’t surf!” he shouted after me as I was running towards the water with my surfboard.

         “Neither can I! But I think it’ll be cool, so come on!” I shouted back at him. We hit the waves for a while and kept falling off our boards. We weren’t any good but still we were enjoying ourselves. It was time to take a rest, so we rested on the sandy beach. We were both lying on the sand, I closed my eyes and try to make the sky go darker.

            “Hey, this is a lot nicer! And a lot more peaceful” he said with a smile, agreeing with what I did.

          “Yeah, I just think it’s a perfect scene if you’re lying on the beach the sky ought to be darker and yeah stars come out too,” I said closing my eyes again trying to form the stars. We were lying next to each other when I felt his hand holding mine. My heart raced and I knew I was blushing because I could feel my face turning hot. I held his hand back and he quickly pulled away.

          “Sorry, I didn’t mean to…” he apologized.

         “What is there to be sorry? You didn’t do anything wrong,” I said.

           “No, it’s just that I can’t…” he explained sitting up.

          “You can’t what? It’s really nothing!” I said, raising my voice a little higher.

          “You don’t understand…. I just can’t,” he said sadly.

           “Well I think time is up and what is your third wish?” he asked me, looking at me in the eyes and trying to force a smile.

            “I think you already know what my third wish would be,” I said with a wink.

            “You wish to see me again as like today?” he asked

          “Yes, but this time I want it to be forever!” I replied. His smile faded “You can’t do that, that’s impossible,” he said.

            “Just do as I wish!” I shouted at him, I didn’t mean to but I just want to see him again and again. I want to keep seeing him.

           “As you wish…,” he said softly, looking down.

           “I just want to let you know that this will be the last time I see you here,” he said sadly and without giving me time to ask what he meant everything went black and I soon woke up. I woke up with tears in my eyes and later cried even more because I didn’t understand what he meant and I wanted to know if I would see him tomorrow night. So I had to wait for the night to come.

          The day went very slow, it seemed like it would take years for the day to end but finally it came and I was off to bed. I couldn’t fall asleep for a long time but finally I did. There I was again in that white room or space but this time he wasn’t there at all. The whole night I waited in my dreams for him but he never showed up when finally I was awaken by my mother, it was time to go to school.

           I got dressed and came down for breakfast, “Did you know that we’re having  new neighbors?” my mother asked me.

          “No I didn’t mom and I don’t really care,” I replied sounding like I really don’t care.

          “Well I heard they have a son about your age and I think he’s cute!” my mother said giggling to herself. I rolled my eyes and got up, kissed her goodbye and head for the door. I came out and jumped onto my bike, I looked next door and saw the movers getting busy carrying all those things. I cycled a little closer to get a glimpsed at the new neighbors especially their son but none of them seem to be in site.

             “Gee, I wish I could meet their son or at least see him,” I wished. Then out of nowhere a voice came and said, “As you wish…” I quickly turned my head around and saw him. He looked familiar, someone I’ve seen and met before but I wasn’t sure when or where.

              “Who are you?” I asked.

              “Just a boy name Jamie” he replied with a smile. The smile, it’s like I’ve seen it somewhere but still not sure when and where.

               “You’re my new neighbor I presume?” I asked.

               “Yes I am,” he answered.

               “Well I have to go to school now but I wish to see you again if it’s ok with you?” I asked. He smiled and said, “As you wish…”

                “Have we met before? Because I have this feeling we did but I’m just not sure when and where,” I asked in confusion.

                With a big smile that turned into a grin, he winked and said “Maybe, maybe once upon a dream…”


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