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The Legends of Mathio

By Bob Burlestein

Copyright (c) 2001 Bob Burlestein

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Chapter 1

In the land of Amoumos the leader, Mathio, lined up his armies. His army numbered more than 6,000. The enemy was from a distant realm known as the neverworlds. His army, which was lead by Zrak. The army with Mathio did not plan on returning to their homes. They had chosen to fight. The leader of the neverworlds had stormed thru Mathio’s land and had stolen children and had made them slaves. Zrak had moved his army northward through the vast dimension and had destroyed anything he had come across. Mathio took a glowing cartridge from his vest pocket, and slipped into his plasma gun. He yelled “LOAD YOUR WEAPONS!” All of his army took out grenades, tactical nukes, plasma guns, and lasers. One man from his army drug along a fortified rocket launcher.  Mathio looked at his gun. He switched off the safety. “SAFETIES OFF!” The was about 6o00 clicks as all the safeties on the guns clicked off. Mathio eyed Zrak’s army. They looked powerful. They had all the guns he had, plus more goodies in store. Zrak looked back at Mathio and his warriors. “Pathetic fools. Don’t people know when they are conquered?” He pulled out his semi-automatic wide range laser, and aimed it at the center of the army, found a man, and fired. The laser cut out across the wasteland and struck the mortal. He jetted backward as sparks and blood flew from him. His comrade, Lesly, caught him in the air. He sputtered and coughed up blood then said, “Restore our land. Don’t let my death and others deaths be useless.”  He coughed and said, “Tell Mathio to-, to-” His head lolled back, and he died. Mathio had watched it all. He was enraged. He angrily screamed, “CHHHHHAAAAAARRRRGGGEEEEE!!!!” He raised his plasma gun and ran forward with rest of his army. Zrak was prepared for this moment.  He smiled bitterly at the weak army, and then yelled “CHARGE!”  His army pulled their guns and started forward. Lesly was dead-straight on slaying Zrak. He shot his way through the massive enemy army. He ducked and rolled on the ground shooting the enemies and foes. He got up and whipped out his dagger, and started forward. He screamed with rage: “Remember my fallen friend, you bastards!”  He plunged his knife into a foe and pulled it out and worked his way through others. He felt something rip into his leg. He looked down. His leg was bloodied and smoking. But that did not matter to him. He could only think of his brave friend. He pulled 2 poison darts from his garment and ran through the army. He found a general, and injected him with the concoction. The general vomited several times and plummeted onto the ground. He felt another searing pain at his chest.  He pulled out the last dart and injected himself with it. He fell to the ground with a look of grim triumph on his face, and died peacefully. Meanwhile at the other side of the battlefield, there wasn’t hand-to-hand combat. There were explosions. Mathio had slain a foe and taken his grenade. He took out the pin and tossed it into the air in front of him. The grenade exploded violently, ending several lives. He stood up and plucked infantry from Zrak’s army with his plasma gun. He looked in front of him.  There was no one but the enemy, about to slay him. He armed a tactical nuke and tossed it in front of him and then jumped into some nearby bushes. He brought out a remote control and pressed the button. There was a bright flash and the nuke exploded gracefully. Any enemy that was within 10 feet was vaporized while everything else 30 feet away perished instantly. Mathio hadn’t exactly got off the explosion that easily. He had burned his arm very badly and had scraped up his leg. His chest was bleeding badly. He fell over, and lost consciousness.

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