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Split Decisions

Written by Mark'ee Drankard


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"Maureen I'm tired of this," Chris yelled out at his partner in marriage as

she slowly walked up the stairs. Chris and Maureen were the perfect wedded

pair prior to Maureen becoming hooked on heroin. Chris stormed out of the

house and slammed the door behind him. Up in the bedroom Maureen slammed

drawers and threw apparel all over the room weeping. Upon opening a

nightstand drawer she came across a couple of papers. "Hmmm," She moaned

lifting them up into the light. The documents were insurance papers on Chris

for 300,000 dollars. Maureen's eyes bulged and thoughts through her mind.

"Oh yeah," She whispered. "Oh yeah."


As Chris walked into the living room Maureen rushed in and gave Chris a

tremendous hug. "What is this for?" He asked abruptly. "Nothing I just made

up my mind to look for help and I made a dinner to celebrate it." After

pausing Chris spoke. "Okay let's eat then."


"More wine honey?" Maureen asked. "Yeah sure," Chris answered back. Maureen

rose up from the table and over to the counter. She clutched the wine bottle

by the neck and stepped behind Chris. "Here you go," She said. The bottle

came down on Chris' head with a resounding crash. Blood and wine dripped on

the floor as Maureen slipped out a kitchen knife and plunged it into Chris'

heart. "300,000 dollars," She yelled as she continued to thrust the knife

into his chest.


Twenty minutes later Maureen ran up the stairs and into the bedroom. Once

again thoughts flashed through her head of how to form a story to tell to

the police. Taking one last gaze at the documents she checked over the date

on the documents that read: CANCELLATION DATE: JANUARY 21, 1997. Looking at

the calendar it was January 25, 1997. The doorbell rang and Maureen looked

up. The visitors identified themselves as the Cleveland Police Department.


"Anyone home," they yelled. All that was heard through the house was a

gunshot and a fall to the floorboards. When the papers fell out of Maureen's

hand the succeeding page read: RENEWED JANUARY 22, 1997.

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