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By Jack Pinemonkey

Copyright (c) 2001 Jack Pinemonkey


Chapter 1

        Magus watched the Good King Richard line up his troops on the top of the hill. He hid on the enemy front lines disguised as a member of Dragoon's army. He stood among the mindless zombies that would soon charge King Richard's army. After he was sure Dragoon's army would win, he shifted dimensions. He was now on the plains of the alternate reality closest to Slyn, the dimension he just came from.


            Here, there were no armies, there was no war. There was only eternal night. He had entered the dimension of Earth-Prime. This world had once prospered. The humans that were the dominent species before its destruction, had accomplished many great things. They had developed space flight and even built a space station. Until Zi came, everything was fine. But Zi usurped the planet with his puppets. He began to hunt down humans. And for each human sacrifice he made, the more powerful the Ark, the machine of Evil, became. When the Ark was powerful enough to cross dimensions, it wiped out the planet sending the surviving populace to their deaths.


            Nobody really knows what the Ark is. At least nobody in the dimensions Magus had visited. And that number was too large to count. The Ark had wiped out the planet in seconds. A great flash of light and the humans were reduced to dust. Only the animals survived. The new dominant species, calling themselves the Bracketts, had already developed astounding technology. They developed a substitute fo the sun, saving the Earth and its animals. Magus liked the Bracketts. Advanced and peaceful people.


        Trick was a Brackett. He was different than the rest of the Bracketts. He was a super-genius like Magus. He wore funky clothes and looked weird like Magus did. The Council thought he was dangerous so they had him tried. He was one of the first people to be tried. He was released when Magus showed up at the trial and promised to watch over him so he didn't turn out to be like the humans who made weapons of mass destruction.


        Magus did just that. He trained him. With that training it was revealed that Trick was a planeshifter like Magus was. Trick was shown the many different dimensions of the multiverse. Eventually Trick and Magus came back to Earth. The bracketts hardly recognized Trick. He now wore baggy white pants with an orange vest covering a purple-black short shirt worn over another white shirt that covered his arms. His face was still masked by colored paint. He wore white paint on the whole of his face. This includes his whole head; he had his little bit of hair drawn back tightly in a ponytail. He held a long golden staff in his right hand. Magus also held a staff. This one was a shiny black ore found only in the mining dimension of Glakk. Magus held it in his left hand.

        Magus looked the same minus the face paint and adding a dark violet robe that covered him.

        The Council was pleased with Trick. But their was a problem. There was an epidemic spreading of unknown origin. It had already infected many people. The source seemed to be coming from a spot atop Mount Beny. It looked like a busy day tommorow so Trick and Magus retired to their quarters.


Chapter 2

            Magus and Trick set off to investigate Mount Beny that next morning. One investigation had already been sent to the mountain. They hadn't come back. A search party and second investigation party had been sent out but only few members of the search party came back and where barely able to crawl. They died before any information could be revealed.


            Now the Bracketts were not easy to kill. There tan skin covered a thick layer of reptilian hide. It would take a very sharp blade with an extremely srong weilder to cut through to the bone of a Brackett. Everyone was dying to know what had killed some of the strongest and brilliant men and women of the search party.


            "Stop," ordered Magus. He held his hand out in front of Trick. This was their signal to stop and be silent. Usually Magus was picking up an important signal from another dimension. Trick froze.


            "He's dead," said Magus. He put his arm back down. "Dragoon is dead but so is King Richard. That means the Ark will take over that world." Magus began to walk forward again.


            "Do you think he will wipe out the whole world or choose an appointed ruler?" asked Trick.


            "Difficult to tell. What makes me so mad is the fact that I fought so hard to defend that world. I used to be the head magician and the royal advisor, you know," Magus stopped and clenched his fists. "DAMN!" He raised his fists and shot out a ball of searing flames that destroyed a giant boulder and left a big hole in the ground. "There goes Blackjack and The Professor."


            "Excuse me, but who are these people?" asked Trick.


            "Let's walk," ordered Magus as he unclenched his fists. Blackjack was a scientist gone mad. The Professer was Blackjacks sane partner. Together with a few other friends of mine we defeated an Evil dictator named Culex. At least my father got away."


            "How come you never mentioned your family?" asked Trick.


            "I never thought about it."


            "How old are you?"


            "Your family is immortal like you are?"




            "How old are your family members."


            "My father, Janus, is 18-"




            "My real father died and my real father as a kid came back with me to another dimension."




            "Uh-oh," said Trick. The ground began to shake and the dust and grass started sinking into a hole. There was a loud roar.  


Chapter 3  

        The ground continued to rumble and from the earth came a large machine. It looked like a flying pirate ship without the sails. Along the side of it were tiny microchips that connected to one another by wires. Also on the sides and onthe back too were giant propellers and three rockets. One on the back, left, and right side of the ship.


            "It's the Ark," spat Magus. He drew a metal cylinder that morphed into any weapon he wanted it to. He charged the Ark while his metallic cylinder transformed into a magical staff. Before he got close to it, the Ark turned around and fired a machine gun that protruded from openings in the front. The bullets hit Magus square in the chest.


            With Magus down, the Ark turned back around and headed for Mount Beny.


            Trick ran over to Magus who got up before Trick was halfway there.


            "Come on! It's getting away!" yelled Magus. He ran after the Ark. Trick followed.


            Eventually they came to the base of the mountain. The Ark had left them behind along time ago.


            "Where did it go?" asked Trick.


            Magus grunted and started up the mile-high Mount Beny. Trick shaking his head and followed.


            They were about three quarters of the way up the mountain when a creature stepped forward. He had been walking down the trail. The creature was a bizarre combination of knives, coil, marble, and leather hide. It had many arms, all but two ending in blades. It stepped forward and one of its arms twirled at the wrists causing the blades to spin outward. With another hand he twirled anfd the blades came inward.


            "I guess we know what killed the Bracketts," said Trick.


            Magus pulled out his cylinder and morphed it into a laser sword. He brought the sword to his chest and assumed fighting stance. The creature rushed forward. The laser sword failed to cut through the blades but did stop them in their tracks. Trick let his symbiont, a squid that protruded from his torso, come out.


Chapter 4


"State your full name and occupation," ordered Magus.


            "Sin, Engineer and pilot. Proud owner of the Ark."


            "The Ark has a pilot?" questioned Trick.


            "Of course," said Sin cheerfully. "May I assist you in any way?"


            "I don't understand. The Ark is Evil and you are good," said Trick.


            "What do you mean? I am pure Evil," claimed Sin.


            "You're Culex!" cried Magus.


            "No, I am Sin."


            "Do you know someone named Culex?" asked Magus suspiciously.


            "Yeah, he was a moron. He was also my child. I disown him though."


            "You gave birth to Culex?" asked Trick.


            "No. I made Culex with my genes."


            "What do you plan to do here?" asked Trick.


            "Take over the world, destroy all who disobey me, you know, the typical Evil madman routine," responded Sin.


            "Tell us," said Magus,"what is the future have in store for us?"


            "You kill me, Trick dies, the Ark is destroyed, world peace is restored, of course there is a war to decide all of this."


            "What?" said Trick. "Your weird."


            "I find it amusing that you lie to us in that way," said Magus.


            "Explain," ordered Sin.


            "Well Culex would say that I would die, while you say I live. A unusal taunting method. You give us confidence that will lead to our demise."


            "Hee hee hee. I do not lie. You'll have to excuse me, I have an appointment."


Chapter 5


            "Where do you think Sin is going?" asked Trick.


            "I don't have a clue. We should get back to the Bracketts."




            Magus stepped through the smashed gates of Haven, the Brackett's largest town.


            "What happened?" asked Trick.




            It looked like a warzone. All the major buildings were leveled. The people inside crushed. There were remains of the blade creatures that Trick and Magus had encountered earlier. The streets were covered with blood. Magus walked through the carnage to where the Council had once stood. On top of the rubble was a man. He was dressed in red and had a yellow scarf around his neck. He turned to Magus and Trick. His eyes, Trick saw, were wide  and his pupils abnormally small from the intake of horror.


            "No," said Magus,"You don't have anything to do with this, do you?"


            The man shook his head. He jumped down from the rubble.


            "I don't even know what happened or where I am. Where is Schala, and what are you doing here?"


            "Where'de you come from?" asked Magus.


            "Do you guys know each other?" asked Trick.


            "He is my brother," confirmed Magus.


            "One minute I was in Slyn, the next I was here lying on the ground."


            "I don't know how you got here but you are lucky you didn't fall victim to Sin," said Magus.


            "Sin, the owner of the Ark?."


            "How would you know the Ark has an owner?" questioned Trick suspiciouly.


            "I don't know. Who are you?"


            "I am Trick."


            "Oh, I am Teel."


            "We've got to let the Vice-Council members know about this loss," said Magus.  


Chapter 6

            When Magus, Trick, and Teel arrived at the at the Vice-Council, or what was left of it, they saw a throng of Bracketts. They were all carrying weapons, even the kids. When the group saw Magus, they lowered their weapons.


            "What happened here?" asked Magus.


            "The Ark came," replied one of the Bracketts.


            "The best is yet to come!" cried a voice.


            Magus turned around and saw Sin. Sin smiled. The villagers charged Sin. When the weaopons and villagers reached Sin, she/he dissapeared in a flash of fire. Some of the villagers were burned.


            Magus looked on in rage. His face was twisted in anger. He turned to the Bracketts.


            "We can't bargain with it, we have to fight!" declared Magus.


            "Command us Wise One!" cried some of the villagers.




            The first battle took place on Grass Hill. Sin lined up the Bracketts under her/his control. Magus lined up his troops. Magus' troops waited for the signal. They had been ordered to wait for Sin to make the first move. The enslaved Bracketts were suddenly thrown up into the air. They soared over to the front lines of Magus's troops. When they hit the ground, they exploded killing members of the first and second lines. Magus troops charged.


            Magus waved his Striped flag. Out of the ground, in the gap between the third and fourth line, rose a giant machine. It had the face of a Brackett but the body of a spider-like creature. It walked with the troops.


            Sin stood at the top of the hill. Her/His hair bellowed in the wind caused by the oncoming storm. The cloud had already become gray with clouds. The Ark came over the hill floating over Sin.


            The spider crouched and jumped over the front lines. It started up the large hill that Sin stood on. The Ark opened fire with the guns on its side. The bolts hit the spider all over the place. The magic barrier deteriated and the outer shell began to melt and give away.


            The spider jumped into the air and curled its legs up. Then it burst into a mixture of fire and electricity. When the dust cleared, the troops could see the soft, blue, glowing magic barrier that surrounded Sin and the Ark. The barrier was let down and compartments on the Ark opened. Out of the compartments came tiny ants. A whole googolplex of them. They crawled down the hill.


            The troops were swarmed with them. Once the ants left a body, there was not much left. The ant moved through the army quickly.


            BOOOOM! There was a clap of thunder. Then rain. Magus did the first thing he could think of. He jumped into the air and shot out a bolt of lightning. The electricity spread fast. The remaining Bracketts were killed, but so were the ants.


            Magus walked away, as did Sin.


Chapter 7

        "I think we have to strike Sin where it hurts," started Magus,"As most of you know, Sin has made a camp on top of Mount Beny. My brother, Teel, an I shall march up there and take Sin's camp. Trick will be your new military leader."


            The Bracketts nodded. Trick turned away to get to work on new strategies. Teel, who stood beside Magus, started asking questions.




            Magus and Teel were hiding behind a barrel. They were waiting for any sign of Sin.


            "There!" whispered Teel.


            "Let's go."


            They sprinted over to the entrance to the door to Sin's tent. The workers didn't pay any attention to them because they had cloaked themselves with magic. Surely Sin could see them, if she/he got the chance. Magus knew they had to move fast. Magus didn't get a chance to finish his plotting when a red fireball blasted through the tent. It hit Magus in the stomach. He flew backwards a few feet. He wavered a second before collapsing on his back. He lifted his head once more then let hit go back again. Teel watched Magus then turned back to the hole in the tent.


            "Going to fight me?" asked Sin, stepping out of the hole in the smouldering tent. Teel walked backwards. "Why would you want to do that? After all the time we've known each othe? Now that you've found your brother like I promised you, you betray me?"


            "What?" asked Teel, clearly confused. He shook his head and backed away some more.


            "That last trip must've scrambled your memory slightly," said Sin,"You should get your memory back soon enough. I see you are trying to infiltrate my camp. Observe."


            The workers all began to board the Ark. They formed several lines for each of the large openings in the Ark. After the workers had boarded, the Ark rose and soared over to the edge of the cliff. The ground began to shudder. Out of the center, where Magus was, of the mountain rose a tall round tower. It started deep beneath the earth and rose sky high, many miles above Mount Beny, carrying Magus with it.


            Sin disappeared and the Ark headed towards the top of the tower.




            Teel stood at the entrance to the tower. It was at the bottom of Mount Beny. Although the tower was in the middle of the mountain, there was a cave at the foot of the mountain.  In deep in the cave was the entrance to the tower.


            An inscription at the top said Tower of Dognis.


            "Tower of Dognis? Okay."


            Teel walked through the entrance.


Chapter 8

            The second battle took place at the foot of Mount Beny. Sin had sent a hundred of her/his soldiers. Trick had all of his soldiers lined up to. Sin's calvalry charged. In response, Trick's troops fired there hand guns. Behind the gunners were Bracketts operating a metal shell. The calvalry continued to charge. Most of them were gunned down, but the remaining soldiers broke through the gunners and met a worse fate with the metal warriors.


            Next, everyone on both sides charged. The metal warriors were destroyed easily with electric staffs. But Trick's troops killed everyone in their path. When most of the warriors were gone, Trick rode onto the battle field. He rode over to the remaining captured soldiers.


            "Kill them," ordered Trick.




            By the time the second battle had ended, Teel had already scaled most of the Tower. He had managed to sneak past most threats. He had been forced to fight a dragon and a giant bat. He defeated the bat but had to run from the dragon.


            He was had found a giant lift. Unfortunately, it was guarded. To robed figures with skulls for heads. He jumped onto a rafter above the lift. He silently crawled till he was over the lift. There was a crack. Teel looked behind him. the rafter had cracked under...


            A giant spider! The rafter spilt and the giant spider and teel fell on to the lift. The rafter crushed the skeletons swiftly. The spider landed on its back. Teel hopped onto its abdomen. He ducked to avoid the legs that were moving wildy. He brought out his rapier and brought it down in its stomach. He lifted it up and brought it down again. The spider's legs convulsed.


            The lift had already started to go up.


            "Um, is that a dinosaur?" asked a voice. Teel turned around and saw a bizaare looking monkey. It had white fur and was hopping about.


            "Where?" asked Teel stupidly, looking around.


            "HEHEHE!" The Monkey started transforming. It grew first at the legs, whick turned scaly. Then its whole skin turned scaly. Its head pretty much stayed the same in shape and size. It tossed its head back and roared. It towered six feet above Teel.


            "Oh boy."




            The third battle took place in the sky around the top of the Tower of Dognis. Sin's troops, now called astrites for their tendency to fall out of the sky and attack villages, had dive bombed a Trick's army in airplanes. The planes were thin and had small wings. They had sent flaming balls of lead directly to the army, killing alot.


            Trick's troops had chased them in their own airplanes, to the top of the Tower. Magus had awaken already and was attacking the astrites with balls of flame that he conjured up. Two went down immediately. The others were surrounded. Magus shot one of them, but the other two escaped by shooting threw the circle. The other planes were on their trail instantly. A few quick manuevers, and they were dead too.


            Magus blew a hole in the top of the Tower. He jumped into it.    


Chapter 9


            Teel removed his sword from the belly of the dinosaur/monkey. He got off the elevator, which was on the second to last floor. He preceded down the corridor. He reached another stairway. He took it up to the top level. He had entered a long, dimly lit hallway. It was lit only with a few tiny candles on the side.


            Three quarters of the way down, Teel began to hear organ music. He finally reached a door. The music was blaring now. Teel opened the door.


            Inside was a huge organ with pipes up to the ceiling. Teel recognized Sin playing. Next to the organ was a man dressed in black. He had a child-like face complete with a smile. He had a metal cylinder similiar to Magus'.


            "Come to rejoin us?" asked the man in black.




            Sin stopped playing the music and stepped down.


            "I'm afraid we have to do this the hard way, partner," said Sin.


            The man in black swiped his robes back reveiling his chest. In a split second, a bear with shaggy hair, his symbiot, charged from his chest. It stroke Teel with its forearm, knocking him out cold.




            Magus had been trapped in the large pipes belonging to the organ. Finally, he shattered them. He fell to the ground. He landed in front of Teel. Teel had an Evil grin on his face.


            "Meet our former partner, James," announced Sin.


            "Zi?!" cried Magus as he looked at the man in black. Then he looked at Teel.


            "It's quite obvious," explained Zi,"Always recognizing your brother whenever you were battling the Ark. Even Janus was our partner, as you have already found out. So were you Magus."


            Magus looked dumbfounded. "I wont believe it!" he cried.


            "Good because we made it all up," said Sin.


            Magus didn't have time to react to the bladed pendlum that fell from above. It cut him cleanly into two pieces.




            Magus opened his eyes.




            Trick jumped through the hole he mad in the roof of the Tower and landed on the ground.




            Teel awoke from his spell.




            Teel and Trick charged at Zi. Sin watched, Zi pulled out his metal cylinder and it turned into a sword. Teel jumped over the sword and Trick walked right into the sword. His symbiont came out bleeding. It wrapped its legs around Zi and Trick walked forward. Teel blew a whole in the side of the Tower. Zi and Trick fell out of of the hole.


            Teel saluted and turned toward Sin once he saw Zi and Trick were dead.


            Sin jumped into the air. Her/his body was ignited in flame. The Tower and everything in ti except for Teel and Sin disappeared. Sin and Teel fell. When they were about to hit the ground, they suddenly disappeared.




            They were in space. All around them were stars and galaxies. There was one big star that's gravity pulled them in. They were constantly falling but they would never get close enough to the star to get burnt to crisp. They were both surrounded by an air bubble.


            Teel finally got used to the feeling of constant falling.


            Sin's fire got brighter and bigger. Teel shielded his eyes. When he looked again, the Ark was their.




            The Ark on Earth vanished.




            Teel ran towards the Ark. This Ark was different. It had a lion's head  growing out of the front. It bore the mark of the Ark, a whale on its forehead.


            Teel was blown backwards by a laser beam.


            No matter what he tried, his attempts were futile.




            Magus was inside the Ark. He went from room to room. One door interested hime. It was marked 'Time'. He opened it. He fiddled around until he had managed to restore the world as it was before Zi and the Ark.




            The Ark was blown sky high. Sin now stood their. Lines of light shot from out of her body. She began to explode. Sin still charged toward Teel. Teel blocked with his sword. Sin brought her sword down. Teel blocked and thrusted into her abdomen. Out from the wound shot fire. She fell backwards, her face twisted in agony. Magus came down from above and sliced her in half like she had done to him. She exploded into flames.


            Magus and Teel began to fade away.




Magus opened his eyes again. So did Teel. They opened their eyes to see the familiar cities of Earth as they had looked like in 2525.


            AT LAST THE JOURNEY IS OVER, thought Magus.  

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