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Changing of the Guard

Outline - Book Proposal

By Larry McCrea


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Title-“Changing Of The Guard”, The Chosen One


80,000 words




Opening Comments:

Changing Of The Guard, The Chosen One was created for those who love dramatic fiction with a flair for realism. It’s a story that will excite every nerve ending of love, compassion, heroism and prophetic timetables. The action is intense and unrelenting. It’s not a book of some action and fill-in-between conversation, rather a consistent storyline where the balance of drama and religious significance directs your mind from everyday thoughts of current life into a realm of spiritual possibilities for the future. In other words, you will be left wondering, not if the portrayed events will happen, but when? Changing Of The Guard brings together current feelings of our world in turmoil and the seemingly persistent, inescapable destiny we have created. As you approach the end of the story, no stone will have been unturned. Excitement will build to a climax and you will feel, become a part of and know that hope for the future is still very much alive.


“Changing Of The Guard,” ..The Chosen One..

!!!The most incredible adventure and religious story of our times.!!!  You will laugh, cry and love, but after reading it, you will never feel the same again. For the first time in religious literary history a daring novel has been created about the reality of God’s final promise to mankind. A man, not like any man, has been chosen by God to carry out his wishes for a world gone mad. God’s last level of patience of man’s unwillingness to live in peace and love has severed his last nerve. But mankind has one last chance. Beautreu is the “Chosen One”. Born into poverty and misunderstood by most, he lives a life of simplicity, unaware of his reverence. His life is one exciting adventure after another as heavenly, mystical, spiritual forces protect him until the day of his calling. Feel the violation of humankind as the World Trade Center Bombing takes on a whole new meaning. As a child, Beautreu is pursued by Islamic Fundamentalist who have knowledge that he is the chosen one. Sacred Scrolls are uncovered on Mt. Sinai that will confirm the birth of this special one. Feel the suspicion build as Eastern Terrorist stop at nothing to rid the world of this Savior who is suspected of having powers beyond human comprehension. His adventures will take him on a journey, searching for answers to the driving spiritual forces that lurk inside him. The story will captivate your imagination and you will ask yourself, “could it really be possible”? You may be surprised at the answer… Feel the compelling power of the Holy Spirit of Jesus ignite the warrior flames of Beautreu’s destiny as his journey begins. Hold on to your seat as destiny challenges Beautreu to face his worst fears and possible death, only to find that God’s plan is about to unfold. Feel the power and glory of the creator’s passion for his people as Beautreu is sent to heaven where God’s plan is revealed. Follow his journey through heaven to the “Valley Of Life”, and witness the imperfection of human character as Beautreu strays from his destination only to be ridiculed and taunted by Satan. Feel the gut wrenching evil when Satan’s tricks deceive Beautreu into forming a pact for the final showdown. Your emotions will be plunged into the depths of despair as the world is brought to the brink of nuclear confrontation. Experience the power of love, as he pursues the affection of the only woman who really understood him. Become alive with compassion as the light of his heart burns within the souls and minds of college students who are mesmerized by his character and passion for God. But in the end, you will identify with the true purpose of God’s intentions, as the bloody battle for heaven and earth is brought to a conclusion by the uttering of one name, the true name of God.

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