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The Trouble With

written by
John T. Van Horn
To Jeff, Nick, Roman, and Kirby. Thank you for believing I could do this.

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Chapter I:
The Magic Kit
    After school each day, three friends, Jeff, Roman, and Ash, walk to Jeff's home to do homework together. One day, as they were walking to Jeff's house, they saw a store they had never seen before.


"Oh, cool!" said Jeff, "This is the new magic shop my mom was talking about the other day!"
"Look..." said Ash, "it's a 'Deluxe Little Wizard Magic Kit'! You'd have an interest in that wouldn't you Jeff?"


"Would I?" said Jeff, "Of course I would! I've always wanted a magic kit!"


"And it's only ten dollars!" said Roman.


They boys went to Jeff's house, and when they got there, Jeff aked his mom and dad if he could have it.


"No, Jeff," said his mom, "your birthday is coming I have an idea of what you want."


"Oh, come on!" sid Jeff.


"No!" said his dad, "Your mother's right. You might get it for your birthday."


"But Mom!! Dad!!! I WANT IT NOW!!"


His parents were getting irritated.


"Oh, alright," said his dad, "If we don't get it, you'll never stop begging for it."


"You guys wanna come with us, or do you wanna stay here?" Jeff's mom asked Ash and Roman.


"Sure! We'll come." replied Ash and Roman.


They went to the magic shop and came back with Jeff's new magic kit.


"Okay Jeff...are you happy now?" asked his mom.


"No...I wanna pony! And a computer! And..."


"Heh-heh! Stop that you little, kidder. Now you guys go on upstairs and do your homework, and then you can play with your magic kit," said Jeff's dad, still laughing.


    They finished their homework, and Jeff opened the box his magic kit came in.


"Look at has a magician costume, a magic wand, and...what's! A spellbook!" announced Roman.


Jeff put the costume on. It was a blue, sparkly robe, a cape decorated with plastic jewels and gold stars, a pointed, blue wizard hat also decorated with stars, and white leather gloves.


"You look like Mickey Mouse in that cartoon in the movie Fantasia," said Roman.


Jeff just stared at Roman like Roman offended him.


"I don't care what you think; it looks cool!" protested Jeff.


"It does," said Ash.


Jeff opened the spellbook, and browsed it's numerous spells. The one he liked most was a 'Spell of Teleportation'. He showed the spell to his friends.


"Well what do you two think? Do you two wanna be teleported?" asked Jeff.


"I don't know...where will it teleport us to?" asked Roman.


"Yeah...where?" asked Ash.


"Hmm...I don't know. Would you care to find out?" said Jeff.


"Okay...after all, it can't hurt to try," said Ash.


"I guess I'll do it too, then," said Roman.
Jeff recited the spell:


  "Forces of Earth, enchant them!
Forces of Water, bind them!
Forces of Fire, surround them!
Forces of Air, teleport them!"
Suddenly, there was a thunderbolt, and a portal appeared, inhaling Ash and Roman! Jeff flung off the costume and jumped in the portal before it closed. He was dropped in a large forest. He did not know where he was. The was no sign of either Roman or Ash. Perhaps they were transported somewhere else, Jeff thought. All he knew was that he had to find them.
Please save this for future reference, because a lot of other chapters will be coming.  Thank you!!!!