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Seven Dark Angels

By Kristin Colletti

Chapter Four


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July 20, 2002
Kylie and Davon spoke for hours on the Internet a few nights ago. They had deep conversation and asked about a thousand questions each. Her love for him expanded immensely, of course in only a friendship way. They discussed all of their feelings for each other from the very beginning. Davon confessed that for a mere second he thought of her as more then a friend, but that vanished quickly.
  Through the first hour of their conversation Kylie actually felt guilty, as if she were betraying Drew in some weird way. Then she remembered Drew's eyes when he used to look at she and Sara talking and laughing. Kylie knew Drew would want this, someone easing the pain step by step.
  Yesterday, Kylie spent the day with Sara and her family. Then at night she and Sara went into Kylies room to talk about the past, Drew and even the things they wished for the future. Sara left at 11, and Kylie felt better then she had in months. Her affection for her parents was taking course slowly as well. Kylie felt like a withered flower that had once again sprouted a bud. She knew eventually she'd open up and shine again.
  The days seemed to go by quickly but the nights were slow. Her lack of sleep still wasn't helping her much. It was still to much to handle at this point, sleeping in her own bed, alone. Then to only wake without an arm holding her still made her drag her feet around and cry just a little more. The nightmares were fading, except for the night with Timothy.
 What upset Kylie the most wasn't the lonely nights, empty mornings or nightmares, it was what was forgotten. There were things that happened and words that were spoke that she can still feel but can't see nor hear. The whisper that occurred the night Drew died, what happened in her bedroom and the vision she that had spoken in the bathroom before she collapsed. Kylie could swear it was the same voice, an unfamiliar yet comforting one.
 The truth still boiled up in her, the steam so thick she felt ready to explode. There was something in her telling her to tell the tale of Timothy's death. Not to everyone, but just someone. She considered telling her parents or Sara but after time she went to speak, she stopped. Kylie realized she couldn't tell them because she'd be forced to look into their eyes. She'd have to watch their warmth, faith and trust drain with tears and cluttered thoughts.
  Kylie signed onto the Internet. She still had not been to Drew's grave since the funeral and she planned on going today, but only after a heavy weight was lifted from her shoulders.
   Hey, how are you? Good I hope. Me? Well, I'm not doing so good.
 Kylie stared at her words wishing her confession didn't have to be through an e mail.
 The other night was great, I haven't felt so free in a long time and it was like you gave the wings. I lied to you though, I lied to you as I lied to everyone else I love, I lied to you as I lied to the world. I need to tell someone and I'm trusting you with this secret.
 I wish I was as pure and innocent as I have claimed to be. In my life I haven't done that much wrong, a few stupid fights, a couple unthought angry words... but nothing to where the point I would question my faith on judgment day.
 I killed Timothy Perry. I know you know that but what you don't know is... I knew what I was doing. After Drew was killed, I was so sad but on top of the sadness was such a deep anger, and I couldn't control it. My friends father is a detective and my boy over heard his father talking. That's how I knew who he was. For a week I followed Timothy every where. I knew after work he cut through an alley to go home. That night instead of waiting in my car, I got out and I followed him into the darkness.
 I walked so quietly there was no way to hear me. I was scared but I knew what had to be done. He was walking at a regular pace and I just kept going quicker. It was only minutes before I reached my hand out and touched his shoulder.....
 He gasped and turned quickly.
"Oh shit, you scared...."
Timothy stared into this girls face.
"I know you from some where, you look really familiar."
Kylie felt like attacking him right there but decided to give him a name for the face that was about to kill him.
 "My name is Kylie Machelli. You don't know me but I know you."
"Oh, I..."
It was clear he recognized the name from the newspaper. He got caught in his words, words Kylie didn't wish to hear anyway.
"I know what you did but I don't know why? Why did you attack Drew? Why did you slit his throat? Why him?"
A tear ran down from his eye.
"How did you know?"
Kylies face got hot, her blood like fire. She wanted him to answer her questions with truth, not another question.
"I just do, now you tell me why?"
  Timothy put his hands to his face and sobbed loudly.
"I don't know."
He whispered.
"I never did anything like that, I never wanted too. Someone told me too."
Kylie yelled.
 Their eyes met, such very different eyes. One filled with sadness, confusion and grief and the others filled with madness. Both tormented.
"I don't know, it wasn't actually a someone, it was a...."
"I don't know. I swear I don't know but I'm so sorry."
"I'm here to kill you Timothy and I plan to leave your name with even more disgrace then it originally had."
He looked ready to run, he looked ready to plead for his life. Kylie lowered her hand and put her palm up.
"I know this sounds crazy Kylie..."
Timothy said with now a glimpse of fear and honesty claiming his eyes.
"But I think I did it for you."
He whispered.
Kylie pulled her hand up quickly and with all her might hit him upward in the nose. He fell to the ground and for a second she stared at him, why at this second do I feel gratitude for him? Kylie shook the thought out of her head.
 I slapped and hit myself hard, I ripped my clothes and made sure his fingerprints were on me. Then I let out the most piercing scream and I ran for the street, I even made myself trip to make my legs bleed.
 I don't understand how it all happened. And weird things still follow.
 Kylie then explained about the whispers and the vision. The unexplainable that haunted her.
  And the thing is, in a great way I believe Timothy did what he did for me, but I don't know how or why? I think I'm in danger of spending my eternity within the halls of hell, surrounded by fear and reliving the worst of my past.
 I'm sorry, this must be a shock and I hope you don't feel anything less for me. Or think anything less of me. I'll probably be on later if you want to talk.
  Kylie reread it thoroughly and then put the icon on the send buttom. She thought of the pro's and con's, the relief and the consequences.
  She took a deep breath and clicked. Kylie knelt beside her bed.
 "Dear God, I'm not sure if what I did was right or wrong. It felt so right, cause I always believed an eye for an eye. But morally, I know it was wrong. If you forgive me for this, I promise to never give into temptation and anger again. Please don't let me never see Drew again. Now that I think of it, though it feels good because I know justice was done, if it means I will never see the love of my life again, it wasn't worth it. Justice or not."
 Kylie wiped her eyes and looked up to her ceiling.
"Just please forgive me."
  Kylie took the keys and kissed her mother good-bye. The sun was shining out and she actually looked forward to the ride. The cemetery was a forty five minute drive using the back roads which Kylie did. The trees and the fields that she had to pass were so beautiful, Kylie loved it rather then fighting cars and passing smoky factoryies and a bunch of stores.
 Kylie pulled up to the tall black cemetery gate and got out of the car. She walked over to it and went to pull when she noticed the lock. Why is it locked? Kylie wondered.  There was a man in the cemetery alittle in the distance and Kylie yelled to him.
" The gate is locked for some reason."
"What of it?"
The man said walking closer.
  The man was older. His black skin and white hair covered in light dirt. His eyes so dark they looked midnight, with not a star in the sky. A giant mole was to the left of his left eye.
"Um, I didn't know that the cemetery was closed during the day."
"It's not."
"Then why is the gate locked?"
 The man left out a little chuckle then took the old hat he had in his back pocket out and held it in his hands.
"Maybe you're just not allowed in."
 Kylie fell quiet for a second as the two just stared at each other.
"And why would that be?"
 He smiled a dirty smile, many of his teeth missing, many of them rotted.
"Maybe it's not your time girl. Maybe the soul hasn't arrived."
"What are you talking about?"
 The man put the hat on his hand and Kylie stared at it. It was the same one Drew wore all the time, his favorite hat.
"He ain't ready to see you yet, but I'll be sure to leave the gate open when he is."
The man gave her a little nod and turned to walk away.
"Who? Sir? Sir, please tell me, I don't understand."
But he left his back facing her and kept walking. Kylie sat in the car for a few minutes and as soon as she backed out on to the street the man was at the gate. He took out a key and unlocked it, staring at Kylie until she drove away.
 It's true. Timothy killed Drew for her, and now Drew knows. On the back street Kylie pulled over.
"What is going on?"

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