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Survival by Proxy

By Rudy Chase


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Long before the earth had cooled enough for liquid water to collect in oceans, the life on the fourth planet was well on its way to diverse forms. But the planet's size was its own worst enemy.

Its interior began to cool; a chill was felt on the surface. Even so, life began to develop into more complex forms as the ages marched onward; and soon intelligence began to evolve in the form of a small warm blooded creature and they could communicate telepathically.

They were not very active creatures as far as locomotion was concerned. They learned they could control their environment and the creatures in it; they also. As the ages went by and their intellect increased they called themselves the unity in as much they worked together. As time continued on its set course they began to lose all mobility, but it did not matter.

They had their huge intellect to rely on; together they began to hone their mental abilities, and it was these tremendous mental powers that alerted them of the continuing cooling of their world. Now since they were immobile beings, they used inferior life forms around them to move their race underground in order to stave off extinction for the warmer regions in the interior of the planet. While conditions on the surface continued to decline, the other life forms were dying out. The lakes and rivers were already frozen over and the oceans were beginning to freeze over.

The days were long and tortuous to the remaining life on the surface, while miles below were there was ample heat. The crystal plates had already frozen into one solid plate; the unity continued to thrive while honing their intellectual skills. When the last forms of life on the surface finally died the unity had developed into oneness. The many into one planetary mind, perfection in the truest sense.

Now evolution is a slow process. One day the unity mind would outgrow the need of the body and become pure energy, pure thought, but that was in the far future.

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