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From Darkness into Light

By Larry McCrea


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Suddenly awakened by a lingering cold sweat, rippling chills ran through my

body. Attempts to clear my mind of the apparition were futile, but

everything in the room was untouched. Clothes I had thrown on the floor the

night before were still in their place, but a temporary deviation in thought

would not release the haunting. The image so vivid appeared as suspended

flowing water, laced with violating and ruthless intent, its tentacles of

darkness spuing judgmental poison with every flit of my gaze in any

direction. A contemplating message of things to come, an unfriendly reminder

that we are never alone. The private inner domain of my faith, violated

without even the slightest consideration for the sanctity of my God given

right of free will.


"Who are you, that your intimidation naturally spawns an awakening of my

imperfect self?" I asked.


"What are you, that the natural imposition of your will would tear through

the personally locked fibers of my being attempting to take over that which

you are not entitled?" I asked.


"Why are you, since the corridors of my spirit are guarded by Holy Law and

denied to your appetite for sinful domination," I asked.


"But you are still here, probing and unrelenting. Flee me before I am

curiously left to dwell upon that which I have chosen to avoid at all costs

. The vividness of your invasion lingers as the barriers of my strength are

overcome with the seeping nausea of your persistence," I said.


The Dream


It was not just any green pasture with butterflies and swaying poppies, but

a place of mystique, unfamiliar except in a dream. A forgotten event of

childhood that brought screams from a sudden awakening from the darkness

into the light. The fragrance of the air was sweet, subtly alluring, but a

bitter-sweetness turned my head in the direction of its origin. Beyond the

silent, distant peak, a storm, telegraphing its approach with gentle,

alluring apprehension attempted to draw my attention with its silent,

golden, narrow streaks of lacy light.


The spring flowers of the rolling hills were so beautiful and in full bloom.

The reflection of my smile and obvious excitement of natural security and

serenity shone in the crystal clear mountain brook; its many illusive

wonders attempting to melt away any mental shift in spiritual direction.


I was so full of myself, not just feeling the blessed moment, but basking in

its magical attempt to capture the generosity of my desires. Freedom of the

moment was so explosive and encapsulating, that only the approaching storm

could have dampened the peace of my spirit.


But I did not care about the storm. My fanatical high was not going to be

interrupted by an intruder with God knows what on its mind. I began to run,

stripping off my clothes, feeling like a babe in the woods basking in the

warmth of a rising sun.


Then it happened. The storm suddenly deprived me of my fantasy. Abruptly, it

turned off the sun's gentle massage and moved ever closer. I stopped,

attempting to hold on to my recent feelings of contentment and solidarity.

But its planned invasion was initiated, hovering over me, following with an

undeniable intent to express its earthly revelation. Directly in the center

of its blackness, a separation revealed a sequence of events not welcome or

accepted in my minds eye.


"Who are you, What are you," I asked again, startled, my voice suddenly

optimized to a thunderous level, as though heaven's right to question would

not be denied.


In a cracking, challenging sound of ground lightning, a black, unfamiliar

image rose from the clouds highest peak.


"I am not of your imagination, rather a reality you have chosen to deny. I

am not your God or a Master who would enslave your thoughts and feelings for

the sake of common good," said the Entity. "A name is a name as any other,

yet the fuel that fans my intent was created from the dark side of man's

overpowering desire to know me."


"Then, if you have not come to earth to contribute to our desperate need for

human love and kindness, you are here to frustrate our attempts," I said.


"I see that darkness has become your friend and loneliness seeks a permanent

audience with those who do not understand your Gods' spiritual implications.

But, I am here to clarify my position. Human paradise and peace can only

exist when selfish motivations, needs of the flesh and power bases are

satisfied. The useless attempt of man to withdraw from my generous offer of

self-indulgence should be a sinful conclusion of his stupidity. His

historical, incapable ability to live in peace should have long ago shifted

the balance between good and evil. The portals of opportunity have been many

and the countdown to success, pleasing. I know my limitations, which are

few. The predictability of man's collective weaknesses is the silver bullet

that will penetrate the final barrier leading to my success. My army is

strong and growing. Where will you be when my own judgement day shall find

leaders to carry on that which is surely destined," said Satan.


"If I am the lowliest in God's kingdom, I shall wash the feet of the

holiest. My name shall bear an unwavering precedence as one who was once

lost in your kingdom and escaped with the utterance of a simple prayer

glorifying God's grace and the enduring love of his forgiveness. A miracle,

maybe, but as much a reality as your unwanted presence. God's love is a

divinity that creates a lasting blessing for all who divulge. The love for

evil can only create that which would surely destroy itself through trickery

and unholy deeds. Even you, the master of evil, will one day find the knives

of deception cutting into your lifeline, rendering your existence without

foundation. The ramped disposition of your intent is only a temporary stay,

the likes of which is self-destructive in its own nature. Bask in your power

for now Satan, but never forget that the slow moving stream of the steadfast

Holy is moving in your direction to poison every artery of your wickedness.

The coming of the Lord will be your death," I said.


There was silence as the sun's rays attempted to squeeze through the

crumbling darkness of Satan's inability to respond. It had all been said.

The final words were definitive.


"God's love was, before the beginning, and it will be, after the end."




Larry Mccrea