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Rebecca Crawford

Biography - 2004


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I was born in Portsmouth, Virginia in 1964. My father was in the military which consisted of traveling from the east to west coast, and meeting different people from various backgrounds.

I am thirty nine years old. My husband and I own our own trucking business and I run the freight agency. We currently own thirty nine big rigs that travel throughout the country. I'm very active in supporting the trucking industry. My first article was published on the rising cost of diesel fuel which was printed in LandLine Magazine in the May 2003 edition and announced on the Bill Mack radio show. Thanks Bill!!!

I also write poems and lyrics for song, and will be working on an up and coming demo of eight songs.

I served four years active duty in the Army. I was an electronics device repairer and served during Desert Storm, receiving many awards and medals for outstanding performance and dedication to duty.

I am the mother of three girls ranging from ages twenty two down to six years.

I like riding four wheelers and boating, and enjoy being in beautiful places amongst mountains.

I have always loved the written word, and was always interested in writing books of my own. It wasn't until the later part of year 2002 that I could make this happen as I was a working mother with hardly any time for my own pleasures. Now that I've begun to write I have a back log of books that I want to write. I find writing personally enjoyable and rewarding. MY first poem has been accepted for publication, "Stepping of Life" into Eternal Portraits.