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Dreams True Form

by Jessie Duncan

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Chapter 5



            "You called sire." A honeyed voice called.  Once again the girls were speechless at the beauty of the man in front of them.  Although he was not nearly as gorgeous as his prince, he certainly was far more attractive then your average hunk of the real world.  His hair was the black of nightmares, longer down the neck and feathered to the sides, his eyes were also dark, a rich brown color and sparkled with evil.  His broad shoulders gave way to a defined chest and narrow waist.  He was unbelievably handsome.

            "Yes I did." Said his prince and he threw Brenna towards him.  He caught her as easily as if Hadrian had thrown a pillow rather then a girl at him.

            "Take her she's yours." Hadrian said.

            "NO! Let her go! Brenna!" Kaidence yelled.

Brenna struggled against her captor even managing to slap him but he held her fast.

            "Let go of me you bastard!" she yelled 

Hadrian yanked on Kaidence's hair again and she yelped in pain her hands snapping up to lock around his wrist.

            "Let go of me!" she could her Brenna yelling behind her.

            "What do you want me to do with her sire?" Orion asked staring at the struggling creature in his grasp.

            "Do with me? There is no doing anything with me! Get off me!" Brenna twisted and yanked but could not, for the life of her, pull away from the man now holding her.

They ignored her yelling.

            "Whatever you want she is yours now to do with as you please.  This one is mine."  He said staring into Kaidie's face.

            "Gaze one more time at your friend little one, it will be the last time you ever see her, alive and kicking that is."  He spun Kaidie around in time to see Orion pull Brenna towards the pool of shadows gathered on the wall.

            "Brenna, Brenna no!!" Kaidie reached for her in a vain attempt to pull her to safety.

            "Kaidie!! Kaidie help!" Brenna reached for her straining hand but could not grab it and was pulled into the black pool on the wall.

            "Brenna no!" Kaidie screamed her heart lurching in desperate fear for her friend.

Hadrian spun her around again to face him and overcome with fury she slapped his face with all her might.  He laughed and flung her towards the wall.  Instead of crashing into it like she thought she was going to, she felt a warm cushion absorb her preventing her from slamming into the wall.

            "Ahh Lucas, I see you are with us.  I must hand it to you, you certainly know how to pick your women, and I do not think I have ever met two such spirited young things as these two.  Well done old friend."  He said walking towards Kaidie.

            "Since you refuse to show yourself to me, then watch silently as I take your new found love with my world. Fare thee well Lucas, enjoy your eternal damnation."  Hadrian laughed as he grabbed Kaidie and drug her towards the doorway in the wall.

            "Come little one, it is time we left." He said pulling her.

            "I'm not going anywhere with you!" Kaidie yelled and sank her teeth into the hand that held her arm.

He yelled in pain and let her go so suddenly that Kaidie lost her balance and fell to the floor.

He stared at his injured hand and then down at her, his eyes gleaming like shards of broken glass.

            "You will pay for that." He said barely above a whisper.  Kaidie scooted away from him as far as she could before he stopped her with a boot on her arm.  Kaidie yelled in pain and tried to free herself but to no avail.

He stood over top of her and then dropped to one knee with his face bare inches from hers.  She stared into his eyes and felt as if an avalanche was rushing towards her.  They were so blue, so shockingly deep and bottomless, like she could drown in icy waters if she wasn't careful.  He was whispering something, so low and quietly that she couldn't make out what he was saying.  But they were having an effect on her, a strange and powerful effect.  She tried to turn her face away from his captivating stare but he held her face in his hands and pulled it round again and held her gaze straight.

            "Fight it Kaidence!!! Fight him! Do not listen to his words!" she faintly heard Lucas shouting in the back of her mind.   Hadrian continued to stare her down, murmuring strange and foreign sounding whispers.  She was drowning; the blue of his eyes filled her vision threatening to overtake her.  She felt woozy and lightheaded, she couldn't think, could barely strain two complete thoughts together.

            "What, what are you doing to me?" she was scarcely able to whisper.  But he didn't answer, instead intensified the rhythm of his words.  Kaidie couldn't hold herself up any longer and lay down on the floor slowly closing her eyes.  In her mind it seemed the only logical thing to do, to lay down in front of this bloodthirsty, soul stealing monster and sleep the deepest slumber she had ever known.  She could still hear his words, feel them circle around her body, making her limbs heavy and her mind tired.  Then slowly his words became fainter and fainter until...she...couldn't...hear him...any...more.

            "Now my little one, you will come to my world." He whispered against her ear.  He stared at her in leisurely fashion now that she was unconscious and at his disposal.  He had not really noticed before but she was strikingly beautiful.  Especially now with her rich auburn hair fanned under her head on the floor, and her curvy body laying docile and ripe for the plucking underneath him.  He let his gaze travel down her body, noticing the tan thighs revealed because her skirt had gathered almost around her hips, feeling his body reacting to her in a way that surprised him.  He wanted her, wanted to see what lie beneath that silky blouse, feel her skin pressed against his.  It had been centuries ago, when he was still alive, since he had felt such a forceful stirring in his now frozen veins.

            "Well there will plenty of time for that soon enough.  What do you think Lucas?  Do you think she will fight me when I decide to take her, or will she moan and writhe under me in ecstasy?" he looked around the room but saw no translucent figure approach.

            "Well I will be sure to let you know my boy." He chuckled as he scooped Kaidence up in his arms; liking the weight she made in them and made his way to the doorway on the wall.  Lucas shimmered into view and waited until Hadrian was halfway into the portal before letting his spirit drift into the void with them.

            Kaidence didn't feel like she was asleep, more like she locked in a dark closet and unable to move.  What scared her was that there was no telling what Hadrian was doing to her right now.  She pushed mentally at the darkness trying to make her body and mind react and wake up.  A light! She was waking up!  It grew brighter and brighter, but Kaidence still couldn't open her eyes or move her body.  She looked into the light and was able to see a face starting to take shape; dark hair tied back, high cheekbones, defined jaw, sweet mouth, and sad green eyes...Lucas! 

            "Oh Lucas help me!  Hadrian has me under a spell!" Kaidie cried out mentally.

            "Shh. I know, oh Kaidence you have done so well.  I knew you were brave and strong but I did not realize just how much so.  You showed no fear facing Hadrian, and now you will be able to help me.  He is taking us to my old world Kaidence." Lucas whispered.

            "Us?  How is he taking us?" she asked.

            "Just before he pulled you into the doorway I followed the both of you.  Oh Kaidence do you know what this means?  Once we reach my world, you and I will separate, you will once again be you and I-I will be human and alive once again!  Then we can undo the horrid past and put things right." He said excited and hopeful for the first time in years.

            "How can we fix something that happened so long ago? You can't change what's already been done Lucas." Kaidence said confused.

            "Yes, yes we can.  My father traveled all over Bluejade in his lifetime, visiting mysterious lands, seeing strange and mystical creatures.  In his travels he collected hundreds of artifacts, one of these artifacts is a time rearrange.  It allows you to turn time back to the past, never to the future, only to the past.  If I can get to my old house and find that artifact I can turn back the clock to before the murder of my friend, my prince, and then you can find me and make sure I know the truth and stop his murder before it happens.  Kaidence please, you have to help me fix the terrible mistake I caused.  Only you can help me undo the centuries of guilt and shame I have born.  Please say you will."  He pleaded with her.

How could she say no?  How could she resist that desperate plea, those sad and anguished eyes? 

            "Alright Lucas I will help you, whatever it takes, I'll help you.  How will we find one another once we reach your world?"  She asked.

            "Once we get to my world you will assuredly be taken to Hadrian's castle, I know this is not right to ask of you but you will have to make it out of the castle on your own, you and Brenna." He said.

            "What?! Are you crazy?  I've never even seen a real castle and now suddenly you expect me to just be able to waltz right up to the exit of this one and stroll out like I own the place?  He'll probably have me in chains....or...kill me."  The mere thought made her almost wretch in her unconscious state.

            "Besides, how will I find Brenna? There's no telling were she is, she may not even BE in the castle."

            "She's there, I know she is and Hadrian will not kill you, not right away anyway.  He has taken a strange liking to you, you'll be safe for awhile, long enough to find Brenna and make your way to the woods outside of his castle were I and friends will be." He explained.

            "Are you serious?  Why can't you help, you and your friends?"

            "We are to few in number and no were near strong enough to fight Hadrian and his army...not yet."

Kaidence sighed mentally, she didn't have much of a choice, and she had to save Brenna.

            "I'll damn sure die trying." She said.

            "You will make it, I know it.  Now sleep, your going to need it for this first battle with Hadrian."

And with that she fell into an almost peaceful sleep.




            "Oh man my body hurts." Were Kaidence first conscious thoughts.  Every bone in her body screamed its protest as she experimentally moved her limbs.

            "Geez...feels like I've been slammed into by a damn train."

  She tried to pull her arms underneath her to push her body up but they wouldn't budge.  She slowly blinked her eyes open and found she was lying on her stomach on a thick, white fur.  She was staring into a roaring fire that looked as if it would take entire trees for firewood.  She again tried to pull her arms and with much groaning and grunting she managed to push herself up to a sitting position only to find that she was chained to the wall by means of her wrists and ankles.  And she was naked!  Or at least she might as well have been.  Her previous clothing was removed and replaced by a white gown that was slit from her neck to her navel, barely covering her breasts, and the back scooped down to the small of her back revealing the tan skin there.  There were also slits in the sides of the dress up to her thighs.  Three small silver chains held the front together although not by much.

            "What in the hell is going on?" she muttered staring in disbelief at her attire.  She stood up slowly, wobbling for a few seconds, but finally got her footing.  She pulled on her chains and found they were secured fast into the wall; she couldn't even manage to squeeze her hands from the cuffs.  She looked around the room and was in shock at the elegance of the entire place.  The fireplace was an enormous stone one with various animal heads hanging over it.  Against the left wall was a giant canopy bed with a black coverlet and red satin looking sheets.  A large marble table stood in the center of the room with three black chairs that looked as if the were cut from glass.  Two massive windows stretched along the far wall but try as she might, Kaidie couldn't get close enough to look out of them.  To the far wall in front of her she saw the door, a colossal wooden door with a giant metal ring for the doorknob.  She knew she would never reach it in her chains, they didn't stretch that far.  She was busy trying to pull her hands free when the door swung open of its own accord revealing a smug Hadrian.         

"Oh good, I see you have awaken."  He walked into the room and the door slammed shut behind him without making a sound.

            "Mmm...I like your dress Kaidence, I see my servants have good taste."  He said as he walked up to her checking her out as if she were standing there naked.

Kaidie went to strike him but couldn't for the chains and she winced as it bit into her skin.

            "Were is Brenna?"

He had the audacity to look genuinely puzzled as if he couldn't quite place the person with the name, and then with sick pleasure he smiled as if a light had just gone on in an otherwise dark and corrupted mind.

            "Oh yes, Brenna.  Why with Orion of course, and he is enjoying his new toy quite a bit."  He smiled his twisted smile and Kaidie wanted desperately to claw it off his face like some rabid Bre.  He reached out and cupped her face and she jerked her head away only to feel his hand come splintering across her cheek knocking her to the ground.

            "Your time of defiance is over." He spat out.

Her face stung and her vision blurred with tears but she felt nothing but her anger boiling inside her.

            "It's only begun you sick ass."  She said whipping around to stare at him.

            "Up!" he yelled and she was suddenly jerked to her feet her arms and legs pulled taunt by the chains.           

 He reached up and cupped her chin in his hands and pulled her close to him.

            "You are in my world now, there is nothing here to protect you, no Lucas, nothing.  I suggest you do your best to please me, or else."  He threatened.

            "Or else what?" she said through clenched teeth.

            "Or else Orion loses his plaything, and you lose your friend.  Think about that."  He said releasing her and she dropped to the floor.  Kaidie stared up at him clenching her teeth and thinking evil thoughts of what she would do to him if she ever got out of these chains.

            "If you're so powerful, Hadrian, then why must you use chains? Hmm?  I don't think you're as powerful as you claim, nothing but hot air. If your so powerful chains shouldn't be necessary, there would be no way I could escape you.  And for that matter if you are so powerful then why didn't you just force me here instead of putting me to sleep huh?  I think your power is shit, a wanna' be.  So you know what, screw you, I'll be damned if I do anything for you."  Kaidie yelled at him. 

He turned and looked at her laughing.  Laughing so hard in fact that he almost had to sit down.  Kaidence felt murderous thoughts pulse through her body with every beat of her heart.

            "Power? You want to see power?  Very well, I will show you a small measure of what I am capable of."   He pointed his hand, palm out, towards her and with a quick motion swept her chains off and against the wall.  She quickly stood up and ran for the door, he never attempted to chase her.

With his hand still facing her, he simply said stop and Kaidence froze in her tracks unable to move.  It was the most frightening feeling she ever felt, like childhood nightmares of running from the monster and no matter how hard you tried you never moved and the monster caught you...and ate you.  He made her turn around so she was facing him.  He then turned his hand sideways and cupped it as if he were going to walk up to her and choke her but he never moved.  Instead he started to squeeze the air in front of him.  Kaidence felt her air begin to be cut off; he was choking her from across the room!  As absurd as it was at that particular point to think of something comical, she couldn't help but see the scene from Star Wars of Darth Vader choking one of his generals.  She gagged and gasped for air as he dragged her invisibly by her throat to him.  He squeezed the airtighter and stars started to dance in front of her eyes.

            "The next time you doubt me, remember this moment little one."  He whispered close to her.  He released his hold on her throat and she coughed and gasped in gulps of air, but was still unable to move her body.   She was getting so sick of that damned nickname.

            "I really do love this outfit." He murmured to her as he traced a line with his finger from her neck down her chest to her stomach.  He leaned in close to her face and kissed her jaw and then down her neck following the line his finger had made.  As much as she hated this man, Kaidie couldn't help but feel desire swirling in her stomach.  He kissed and lapped with his tongue the valley between her breasts and then bent onto his knees and made slow circles with his tongue on her stomach.  Kaidie felt a moan rise in her throat but stifled it and was almost glad she couldn't move because at this point she wasn't sure she wouldn't wrap her arms around him.  She felt her body sag into his touch as his hands slowly stroked up the outsides of her legs.  She closed her eyes briefly and couldn't believe how the tables could suddenly turn like this.  She hated this man, truly loathed him, and yet, he was making her body ache and burn for him.  She hated him for it, despised him for making her body betray her mind. felt so good.

She looked down at him and saw him staring up at her.  His eyes smoldered a smoky blue, and his mouth had a hungry tilt to it that only served to make him more handsome.  She realized that he felt the same as she did, hated her, hated her goodness, her want to destroy him, to be with Lucas, but could not deny the way his body responded to her...he wanted her and heaven help her she wanted him to.  What was he going to do though?  Stop now and kill her, or make use of her and put the flame he felt for her out and then kill her?  Whichever way it went, she knew she would die when he was done with her if she didn't escape.  He stood up and stepped away from her.  She still couldn't move.  His gaze devoured her, eating up every inch of her, his mere gaze made her stomach knot up with heat and desire.  He stared at her a moment longer, and then, as if he had made a decision, he undid his cloak throwing it unto the floor.  He pulled of his gloves, throwing them down as well, and then slowly and deliberately undid the buttons on his shirt until it gapped open revealing the solid, smooth wall of muscle that was his chest and stomach.  He stared at her a moment longer and then snapped his fingers.  Immediately she felt control over her body once again but made no movement for the door, or for him.  He moved in front of her and just stood there quietly, not speaking, or touching her.  She looked up at him and saw his hunger for her blazing like lightning in his eyes.  She wanted to touch him, so badly, just as he has touched her, and he knew it, he knew what he had done to her.  She had to be strong, had to remember who the enemy was, what he had done to Lucas and the good people of this world, she couldn't let anything cloud her mind, cloud why she was here.  She let her gaze drop to his exposed body and knew as soon as she saw his bare skin that it had been a mistake to look.  She felt her hand moving up and cursed herself and him for what she was doing.  She touched his chest with the lightest of touches at first feeling some satisfaction at his intake of breath.  She then flattened both her hands on his chest and moved them up to his shoulders pushing his shirt off to slide down his arms revealing him.  She moved closer to him, their bodies touching, and let her hands trail lazily over his chest and stomach as his had done on her.  He felt so glorious, his chest was hard and she loved how her fingers rippled over his stomach, his skin was soft and firm and before she could stop herself she found herself leaning down kissing his torso, softly stroking his skin with her tongue as he had done to her.  She felt his hands wrap themselves in her hair and heard him give a soft moan.  She felt crazy, as if she were going insane, she wanted him so badly, she loved the salty taste of him on her lips, the heat of his skin on her tongue.  She stopped and looked up into his half closed eyes and saw that she, little old Kaidie, had this prince almost dying for her.                    Prince?  It was a trick, she suddenly realized.  Her stomach twisted with the sick realization, he was trying to turn her, make her like him.  He would get what he wanted and then kill her and have Brenna killed to.  How could she have been so stupid?  He would do anything to humiliate her before destroying her. 

"Get away from me." She whispered as she backed away from him.  How could she have fallen for such an obvious ploy?  He looked at her slightly confused for a moment; still pushing through the web of desire she created within him.  What was she doing?  The look on her face was of sick realization; she thought he was up to something more then just undeniable attraction.  She thought he was trying to trick her.  Wasn't he?  The sudden awareness that he actually was not trying to pull some scheme over her shocked him he truly just wanted her. She would not deny him this time.

            "Not this time." He said smiling his chilling smile.  He grabbed her and drug her to his bed throwing her roughly on it.

            "Oh god! He's going to rape me!" she thought panicked and sickened with fear for the first time.  But instead of freezing her body in place like he had done before he simply stood over her and removed his shirt completely.

            "My god he's beautiful." The thought slipped into her mind before she could stop it. And she cursed herself for it. 

He grasped the side of her dress and ripped it completely to the underside of her arm, he then did the same to other side, so that the two slits for her legs now went all the way up.  He then took hold of the slit that ended at her stomach and ripped it down the middle to the end.  Now the only thing holding her gown on were the three small silver chains.  Other then the small, white panties she wore she was naked under the dress.  He reached for the chains. The sick fear of rape permeated her body again and she almost shook with panic.

            "Don't." she whispered half-heartedly.

He looked up at her and smiled a smile that all but screamed I know you want this as much as I do.  He undid the first chain...then the second...and finally the third.  He slowly parted the dress starting at the bottom, baring her legs, her stomach, and then finally her breasts.

Kaidie had never felt so exposed and vulnerable as she did at the very moment.  The fear of rape was gone and was replaced with eyes shut in shame and embarrassment; she had never been naked in front of anyone other then Jason, and he obviously hadn't like what he saw.

            "My god." Was all she heard him say.  Kaidie wanted to die, wanted to curl up under a rock and never come into the light of day again.  She would rather he torture or kill her rather then stare at her and be disgusted.

            "I have never seen anyone more...more magnificent in my entire existence." He whispered in stricken reverence.

Kaidence opened her eyes and saw him staring at her in awe, awe and total desperate hunger.  A hunger that scared her, she was almost afraid he would actually eat her.  He placed one knee on the bed and leaned down close to her.

            "Kiss me Kaidence, I want to taste your mouth."  He murmured against her lips.  She felt her mouth tremble with want, she wanted so much to kiss him, but she couldn't, she couldn't let this get carried away, she was here to stop him, he was evil.  But her body didn't care about any of that, and with a groan she met his mouth and kissed him.  His arm came around her and pulled her naked body up against his, their skin scorched against each other.  He kissed her with passion, teasing her, pulling her desire to incredible heights.  She threw her arms around his neck and pulled him down on top of her, loving the weight of his body on hers.  It was electric; the whole room seemed to crackle with heat.  He pulled away from her mouth and made a hot trail down her neck to her exposed breasts that he gently molded into his hands.

            "Oh god Hadrian." Kaidie heard herself gasp as he pulled a breast into his warm mouth, lapping at it as if he were dying from need.  Kaidie laced her fingers in his hair and pulled his head closer to her.  She didn't care anymore who he was or what he'd done.  She needed him suddenly...just as he needed her.  They were just two lost souls who had finally found light in each other.


Her moans were driving him to breaking point.  She tasted so good to him, her skin was so soft and warm, and her mouth was like honey.  He had never known anyone who had ever affected him like this.  He had brought her here to humiliate and destroy her, but when he had walked in, saw that flame in her eyes, her defiance of him, and her body in the dress he had laid out for her, it affected him more deeply then he had ever thought it would.  He moaned against her as her hands trailed down his back urging him on.  She felt so good under him, writhing and pressing her body to his.  He wanted her, wanted her desperately, and he knew that it wouldn't just be a one-time thing and then he'd be tired of her.  No, she set his very soul on fire with a need he did not wholly understand.  He burned for her, wanted to draw her inside of his being, to feel her light penetrate the darkest recesses of his corrupt soul.  She was his salvation he suddenly realized, and the sudden understanding almost made him weep with a joy he had never experienced before her...she would save him from a life he had never even known he needed saving from.


            "Ohh." Kaidence heard herself moan again.  What was he doing to her, she couldn't even think straight; her mind was clouded over with an intense want for him.  He clutched her to him and kissed all over her body.

            "Hadrian, yes!" she moaned as his hands slid down her torso pressing intimately against her most private region.

            "What the hell are you doing?!" a sharp and shrill voice pierced through the fog of desire the two were wrapped in.  Hadrian snapped his head up hissing and baring his fangs at the intruder.  Kaidence almost yelled in fear at his sudden change, but choked it back and instead turned her head up and looked at the intruder.  A beautiful woman dressed in a revealing black leather outfit stood next to the bed.

            "Get out Maura!" He hissed pulling Kaidence close to him to hide her naked body and shield her from the wickedness of the girl who stood glaring at them.  He didn't want to take the chance of Maura tainting the sweetness that was Kaidence.

            "What are you doing with this-this girl?" Maura said upset and trying to pout prettily but ending up looking quite ridiculous in Kaidie's opinion.

            "That is none of your concern, and if you want to live another day to be concerned about anything else you had best leave...NOW!" He barked.

            "Why are you getting so angry with me over this mere mortal.  Would you not rather have a real woman Hadrian, someone who is far more experienced in pleasuring you than this child?" she said leaning close, her voice dropping to a husky tone.

Her insult was not lost on Kaidence and she wanted to slap the bitch.

            "I have had you so many times Maura that you bore me, now be gone." He said with an edge still evident in his voice but his anger ebbing.

            "Besides, this girl, as you call her, is far more woman then you ever hoped to be, sweet one." He said with a half smile at her sudden anger.

Kaidence looked back at the man who held her and felt a sudden rush of appreciation for him sticking up for her.

            "I will show you how much a girl this wretched creature is." And with that she suddenly snatched Kaidence out from under Hadrian and pinned her up against the wall by her neck.  She raised her other hand and Kaidie saw her nails lengthen and grow to sharp talons capable clawing through her flesh.

            "Now little girl, let us just see how much of a woman you really are, let us see if your insides are all woman."  She hissed.

            "I don't think so bitch." Kaidie whispered and kicked Maura in the stomach knocking her to her knees.  But it wasn't enough for Kaidie; she clasped her hands together making a large fist and brought it up.

            "This is for Lucas you whore." And Kaidie slammed her doubled fist across Maura's lovely face sprawling her on the floor. 

Kaidie went to hit her again but was held back by Hadrian.

            "Hold on there love, I think she is down.  My, my, my sweet one, you surprise me all the time." He said laughing as he turned her to face him.

            "I didn't do that for you, I did it for Lucas." Kaidence said to him.

His smile faded and the cold wind crept back into his gaze.  He pushed what was left of the gown off her shoulders and it hit the floor with a soft hiss.  Stunned Kaidie realized she now stood for the most part naked in front of him.

            "When you kissed me were you thinking of Lucas?" he asked his hands slowly moving along her body.

            "No." she stuttered knowing it was exactly what he wanted to hear...and the truth.

            "When I loved your body, made you hot with desire, made you call out my name, were you thinking of him then?" he asked as his frost colored head dipped down to her bare breasts once again.

She moaned before she could stop herself. 

            "No." she said breathlessly.

            "And you will not think of him as I love your body now." He said huskily against her skin.  He scooped her up and carried her to the bed laying her down gently on it.  He climbed atop the bed and leaned over her.  Kaidence felt his gaze pierce her very heart making her almost tremble.  He reached down and very slowly pulled off her one remaining article of clothing and threw it on the floor.

            "You are so breathtaking little one, do you know this?" he said as he kissed her. His lips trembling against hers in a heart wrenching gentle kiss.

            "Hadrian this is wrong, you know this is wrong, we can't do this." Kaidie protested trying to fight the web of yearning she was quickly getting wrapped up in.

            "I know," he murmured against her lips, "I meant to bring you here to kill you, but damn you Kaidence, I can not resist your fire, your heat beckons me to be burned."

She didn't know what to say to that, in fact she didn't know much of anything to say about anything at this point.  His scorching mouth once again made its way down her fevered body.  His hand slipped between her thighs and he slowly pushed two fingers into her warmth.  Kaidie let out a loud moan as he wreaked havoc on her senses.   His fingers moved rhythmically within making her twist in utter ecstasy.

            "Oh so warm my sweet Kaidence, so warm and inviting." He whispered in her ear his voice almost shaking with restrained need.

            "Oh god Hadrian." Kaidence breathed.  She leaned up and kissed his neck and shoulders, hungry for a taste of him.  She pushed his hand away from her and then pushed him back on the bed.  She let her hands and mouth explore his torso making him now squirm and buck with pleasure.  His hands wound themselves in her hair as he called her name.  She tugged on his leather pants until the fasten gave way and slid them around his hips.  She looked up at him a moment and saw the fire of desire blazing in his eyes as he looked at her and then slowly took him into the heat and wet of her mouth.  He moaned like man dying from the sweetest of tortures.  His hands tangled themselves in her hair as he melted under her skillful mouth.  He couldn't take anymore she was driving him insane and he pulled her away from him and pushed her back onto the mattress.

            "Now little one, I make you mine." He said as he pushed his boots and pants off in one swift motion.  He kissed her knees and then gently parted her legs to allow him entrance.  He braced himself over top of her and looked down into her face. 

            "You will be mine Kaidence, forever, I have never met anyone like you in all of my years, no has ever set my afire as you have." He said and then swooped down and kissed her hungry as a starving man on a deserted island.  And then she felt him tease her with the very thing that made him a man, gently rubbing against her most intimate of places, making her crazed with passion.

            "Tell me you want me Kaidence, tell me." He whispered huskily in her ear.

She clawed down his back and moaned with no shame.  Couldn't he feel it, hear it in her voice how much she wanted him why did she have to say it, she wasn't sure if she could even manage speech at that moment.  His movements quickened causing her to groan louder and feel she would surely die if he didn't enter her right then and there.

            "Oh please Hadrian, please." She cried out.

            "Tell me Kaidence, you have to say it.  Tell you me you want me, you have to have me, say it!" he urged a growing need in his voice.

She couldn't, god please don't make her say it, she didn't think she could, not to him, not when she knew what he was, what he stood for, she couldn't tell him what he obviously already knew.  It was sick, a joke, something to humiliate her.  She wouldn't do it; she wouldn't give him the satisfaction.

His teasing didn't cease, in fact in became more fevered and was driving her to the point of sheer madness.

            "Just say it my one, say it Kaidence and let me love you." He moaned.

No! She couldn't! But god help her she needed him; he had made her wild with want she could barely breathe for her crushing need for him.

            "Yes! God help me I want you Hadrian, please!" she moaned loudly pulling him to her.

            "Oh yes Kaidence, yes!" he groaned and entered her hot and throbbing.

Kaidie gasped and then whimpered in utter bliss at feeling him thrusting in and out of her.  She grasped his hips and pulled him in deeper wrapping her legs around his waist.  He loved her like a madman; like it was the first and last time he would ever get the chance.


Continued next week...