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St. Nick's Outlaws

By Jim Colombo


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Copyright 2001 Jim Colombo


 Chapter 55 


            It was Wednesday, January 29,  the beginning of final exams for the fall


semester.  Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday consisted of two three-hour exams, one


in the morning and one in the afternoon.  There was Religion and Trigonometry on


Wednesday, Physics and Literature on Thursday, and English and Civics on Friday. 


The joy of comp testing was reserved for the last day of the spring semester in June. 


Religion was a snap, because the same Baltimore Catechism was used every year, and 


by the fourth year the routine was established.  The Ten Commandments, the Seven


Beatitudes, the Seven Sacraments, the Seven Holy Days of Obligation, the Popes who


reigned, the Twelve Apostles, and all of the Saints could be recited backwards.  The


significance of the Edict of Milan and the Council of Worms, the implications of Vatican


Two, and where was Joseph when the Holy Ghost impregnated the Virgin Mary.  These


and other religious stuff were churning in Jim’s brain as he readied for Hell Week. 


Physics consisted of solving equations for calculating the atomic mass of


elements, velocity magnitudes, and the compressibility of liquids.  Once again, Azzoni


was useful for a price.   Trig was solving equations with a slide rule.  Literature


consisted of American authors of the nineteenth century, and English was more


composition.  Civics was essay questions about the branches of government, the


Constitution, and Congress. 






            The lads had passed final exams an Augie got a B in Physics and a B+ in Trig. 


He was as happy as a skunk eating shit.  It was time for a beach party.  Cowwa Bunga,


Dude, Surf City here we come.  Surfing music was still boss with the Ventures, Jan and


Dean, and the Beach Boys, with songs like “Surfing Bird, Wipeout, and Pipeline.”  The


English invasion was postponed until the beginning of next year.  The lads met at


Ocean Beach and wore shorts, Hawaiian shirts, and sandals.  A fire was made with


driftwood.  They roasted hot dogs on a stick, grilled hamburgers, ate potato chips, and


drank Coca-Cola.  A transistor radio provided music, until the batteries ran out.  Augie and


Jim organized the beach parties, and usually twenty of the Outlaws attended.  Each


contributed a dollar for the cost of the event. and someone always brought oranges


injected with vodka.  By the end of the day it was difficult staying on the board while




Sometimes ladies joined the lads for a dog and an orange.  These were public


school girls who were warm, lean, loving machines.  The lads entertained and fed the


ladies, and in return the gals snuggled and swapped gum with the gents.  Jim was going


steady with Lupe, but this was different because he was hanging out with the Outlaws, so


certain behavior was required, like went he was in Alaska.  It wasn’t love.  The catch of the


day enjoyed long wet kisses, and was history the next day.  Sometimes the ladies got real


friendly and gave more than a tit feel.  Blankets were brought after the first experience of


romancing on sand, and after having several oranges spiked with vodka it took a lot of


concentration and skill when entering the Forbidden City and parking the jet in the


hanger.  Beach parties were held once a month for the Outlaws to unwind.  The beach


bunnies recharged the lad’s engine, so that all systems were go.  Sunset on Ocean Beach,


a bonfire, a cuddly bunny, and another Saturday beach adventure was history.  At the end


of the day, the lads collected the residual food, beverage, and those who had fallen into


the dingle, as Dylan Thomas once wrote.  Farewells were said and promises were made


only to be broken.


The lads rotated the beach party sites so that all of God’s creations could be


enjoyed.  The quality of bunnies improved as the lads traveled south to Half Moon Bay. 


Jim went along with the guys, but did not pursue the ladies.  If a lady was friendly, he


was congenial and treated her with some affection.  If a bunny was on fire she could


always be passed around behind the sand dunes.  Jim never went behind the dunes


because he loved Lupe and feared getting the crud from a bunny with a welcome beaver. 


The beach bunnies were plain girls looking for affection, not love, who enjoyed as much


affection from as many guys as possible.  Nothing was lost or stolen. 


Most of the chicks wanted to be desired as sexy foxes and the guys reaffirmed their


belief, and no one was hurt.  It wasn’t cool to force a chick to be friendly.  If the guy


was demanding, he was called a loser, and took off in shame.  No one forced a bunny to


perform.  If she was in need, the gents would oblige.  When a chick made the team she


was called a rabbit.  The notion of six guys drinking from the same bottle of Vodka gave


Jim the same bad feeling as when a bunny was shared.  He was no saint, but he preferred


eating from a clean plate.  Most of the bunnies were plain-looking with meager equipment,


but once in a while a babe with all the right stuff wanted to see if she could make the team.


It was a buffet of lust.  Jim could never understand how a Bart could enjoy being with a


Chola who was forced to be affectionate.  That was like begging.  Jim was grateful


because he had a unique lady, who gave him a special love..


It was another Saturday at the beach, and it reinforced the bond between each


Outlaw.   Each had drunk from the same cup.  All had made their bones in the rite of


passage and each had a small scar on his left wrist from becoming blood brothers.  The


Outlaws consisted of the guys from freshman football and Rensom and Duke were added


because they demonstrated outlaw qualities.








            Jim returned home from the beach party.  He showered, changed his clothes,


and went to meet Lupe at City of Paris.  He arrived five minutes before seven at night. 


Lupe arrived at seven with her loving smile, and bone crushing I missed you hug after


working as a sales lady.


            “Hello, Cookie.  How’s my guy?”  Crunch.


            “Swell, Angel.  How about you?”  Catching his breath.


            “Wow, you sure get red-faced.  Did you wipe out, dude?”


            “Yes, Angel.  I went out twice and fell off the board twice.  I’m no surfer, just a


beach squatter.”        


            “How can you guys surf when it’s cold and foggy?”


            “You get used to it after a while.  It’s like playing football in the cold and rain. 


After a while you ignore it.”


            “Can I see you on a board some day?”


            “Sure, this summer.”


            Jim had explained to Lupe that the Outlaws went surfing once a month to unwind. 


He told her that there were beach bunnies there who liked surfers.  Lupe had nothing to


worry about because Jim didn’t cheat on her.  He was there enjoying the company of his


friends, who he had gone to war with. Each had given up his body for the team.  Rensom


saw all of the times that Jim went headfirst into the defense to seal the block for him.  Each


guy had paid the price to be a team player.  Like Coach Kepen always said, “Don’t think


about self.  Each of you are a part  of the equation for success.  The sum of all.”


            Lupe was more understanding than Jim realized and she knew that Jim enjoyed


being with the guys.  She believed that Jim was not chasing girls, just hanging out.  She


thought of it as look, but don’t touch.  Jim thought of it as touch, but don’t feel.  Lupe


loved Jim more than he loved her.  There was no one else in her life but Jim.  No


relationship is equal.  One partner has more intensity than the other.  One partner has


more love because he or she places a higher value on the relationship.  Jim loved Lupe


very much.  Lupe loved Jim absolutely.    


            The sun had set and the streetlights had a clouding glow around the white glass


bulbs from the fog.  It was cold and windy.  Newspaper whirled in circles on one side of


the street.  City of Paris was on the clean side.  Jim and Lupe walked to Market Street


and waited for the J Church trolley.  A new store had opened across the street., and the


aroma was blowing towards a hungry Lupe waiting for the trolley.  It was more than she


could stand smelling fried chicken and French fries teasing her senses.  Jim could see that


faraway look in her eyes and took Lupe by the hand across the street to the red and white




They entered the store and looked at the menu.  Jim noticed the complexion of


the cashier who glowed from the greased from all of the fried chicken eaten.  Lupe


looked at the fresh made biscuits.  Jim noticed that the workers in the kitchen had a fresh


coat of grease and a collection of ripe zits.  The guy frying the chicken had the best


collection of zits that ranged in size from large to global. 


            “I’m starved.  How about you, Angel?”


            “Well, I could eat a wing.  Are you going to get a couple of pieces?”


            “What would you like, a bucket or a barrel?”


            “Oh, a bucket.”


            “Lets get a barrel so that Rosa can have some.”


             “Okay.  Can we have biscuits with honey?”


            “Sure, Angel.  We’ll get some French fries to munch on the way home.”


They left the store with a large bag of Kentucky Fried Chicken.


They got on the bus and walked to the back carrying a large bag containing fried


chicken, hot biscuits with butter and honey, and French fries. The smell of fried chicken


and French fries turned heads.  Jim and Lupe felt uncomfortable eating while the others


watched, so they sat and waited for their stop.  Finally they arrived at Liberty Street.  Lupe


got off and felt the cold stare of ten hungry people who wished they had a barrel of


chicken.  Jim followed Lupe and thought they were lucky to get off the trolley with the


chicken.  They walked quickly up Liberty Street hill. Both ran up the stairs to the apartment. 


Rosa opened the door and greeted them.  She was filled with the fragrance of fried




            “Wow.  That sure smells good.  Fried chicken?” asked Rosa.


            “Yeah, mom. It’s Kentucky Fried Chicken.”


Rosa set the table.  Jim helped Lupe arrange the food, and got dishes for Rosa. 


They sat and looked at each other with anticipation, then Rosa said, “Thank you Lord


for these thy gifts, which we are about to receive, from they bounty, Amen.”


Rosa passed the chicken, then the biscuits with honey. 


“MMMMMMM, that’s good,” said Lupe.


“The biscuit with honey taste great and the chicken, I’ve never tasted fried


chicken so moist and delicious,” said Rosa.  


Jim was glad his special ladies were enjoying the meal.  When they finished he


told Lupe and Rosa,  “I talked to Henry at the drugstore.  He is a member of the Bronco


Bench, a group of Alumni at Santa Clara who contribute to student athlete scholarships.


Santa Clara has other scholarships available, like the Bank of America scholarship for


finance majors.  The Sons of Italy have scholarships for Italian students who want to go to


college, and need money.  It’s a loan that’s repaid with community service.  It’s a matter of


finding out what’s required to qualify.  One way or another, I’m going to Santa Clara,” said


Jim with determination.


“You really mean it, just like when you talk about Lupe and you,” said Rosa.


“I want to try all of the possibilities to get there.  If I can get accepted there and


graduate, it will open a lot of doors for us in the future.  Man, I would like to be a


business banker.  That would be great,” said Jim


Lupe admired Jim’s ambition, but was concerned if he fell short of his goal.  She


had never seen him mad or lose his temper.  She wanted Jim to be happy.  Lupe’s fear


was how he would handle rejection. She would be happy with less as long as they were


together.  She thought that if she went to City College it would reduce the pressure for


him to succeed.  She wanted to help with the responsibility of their future. Rosa excused


herself and went to visit her sick lady friend Mrs. Lopez.  Jim and Lupe cleaned the table


and washed the dishes. They sat in the living room and reaffirmed their love. Two hours


later Jim kissed Lupe good night.  She walked to her bedroom and began thinking about


her and Jim, college, and their future.   


The following Wednesday was Valentine’s Day.  Lupe had told Jim not buy her


anything expensive.  She was starting to become concerned about Jim’s goals, his


plans for the future, and if she would still be part of his future. She prayed that he


wouldn’t go to Santa Clara.  She thought that San Francisco State was good enough. 


Lupe felt that she was in competition with the Outlaws, school, sports, the beach


parties, and now Santa Clara.  She prayed that she would be with Jim at the finish line. 


She had been very understanding and had let him go to Alaska.  She let him continue


to see his friends, and play sports while she stood in the shadows.  Lupe was willing to


give Jim all the freedom he could handle.  She hoped that the day would never come


when she would realize that the Jim she had met and fell in love with no longer existed. 


Her fear was that it was just a dream of a foolish girl who wanted a little more that her


Mexican girl friends. 


Lupe wasn’t ashamed of being Mexican.  She had watched her relatives and


friends just getting by. If Jim graduated from college and got a good job, they could


have a comfortable life.  Lupe wondered what it would be like being the wife of a


banker.  One of the reasons she had liked Jim so much in the beginning was that he


had a desire to improve.   She was starting to believe that they could have some of the


nicer things in life.  Lupe did not doubt Jim’s love.  She feared that Jim would succeed


and that she would be less than what he wanted.  She was not as smart as other girls. 


Lupe was cute, a little sexy, and would be a good wife and mother.  That should be


worth something.  No one would care for him, his children or house as she.  Lupe went


to bed and prayed for guidance.  She really loved Jim, and tried to show him how much


every day.  Lupe lay in bed in the dark quiet of the night and prayed to the Virgin Mary for


guidance.  She fell asleep with the belief that the Blessed Virgin Mary would finish her





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