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The Phoenix
*When the sun hides, it reappears*




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Ikem’s leg was hurt, but the doctor said he would be discharged soon.

Ikem’s parents received a call about the development, they were very happy. They were excited to hear that their son had been found and in hospital, what Mrs. Oduka asked was
“Is he hurt? How? By whom?” she asked the policeman on the phone.
Mazi Ugo had another sharp cry from Oduka’s house and ran to know what was wrong. Still with stick in mouth, he received the news of Ikem’s rescue. With the wrapper on Mazi Ugo joined them in their car.

When they got to the hospital, the receptionist took them to Ikem’s room. Ikem’s leg was tied with bandages and the policeman sat beside him, telling more exciting stories about his adventures with even more dangerous criminals. Mrs. Oduka ran to her son’s bed and held him so tight, tears rolled down her eyes. Only praises for god was in her mouth,
“Thank God for his works! Praise God!” Mrs. Oduka said
“You see… you see… he is healthy… no he will recover” Mazi Ugo said
“Ah thank you sir, for rescuing your son” Mr. Oduka said
“Yes it was a fierce gun battle; I shot the kidnapper in the head. I can shot, very well.” the policeman said to amuse them. And they were surprised at what he underwent. Ikem was laughing under his breath; he knew that that policeman’s mouth was a magnifier. Soon the moment turned into one of cracking jokes and laughter.
“I didn’t even know that I tied only wrapper, and my chewing stick still on my mouth” Mazi Ugo said, they all laughed out loud.
“I thought that stick never leaves your mouth” Mr. Oduka said. And laughter filled the air. It was an idyllic moment.

That was it, once again Owerri was calmed. When the sun hides, it reappears.



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