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Literature Discussion -


Stephen Agboratang Makes his Dream

Chapter Six

By Ndim Bernard Ngouche (Cameroon)


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Chapter Six - Stephen Agboratang doing his Medical Studies in the University of London

In the University, where Stephen read medicine, his best friend and brother, John Peters read Engineering Sciences, hoping to graduate as a Plant Engineer. These two guys have walked all along and understood each other like the teeth understand the tongue. Life in the University is sweet and much fun and not as charged as in the Secondary school or high school. It is so warm and exiting for each month’s expenses are born by the State coffer and the students only owe hard work and discipline.

Then this tall full fledged lady comes into Stephens’ life and carries him off the ground. Their love takes them like wild fire burning down a hill on a dry season. Joan Arc Francisca is the woman who had stolen the heart of Stephen. For two young, fearless, and committed persons to see beyond what the naked eye sees. What brings them together is not material affection but the love that each one harbours in his/her heart.  Life is always sweet, provided you plan it well and follow your mind.

Stephen continues with his brilliant strides through out his student life and dazzles all with his colourful manner of doing things and his intuitive mind. His degree of foresight has made him so distinguished and praised by both friends and enemies alike
Stephen graduates from the University with a degree in Medicine and equally has a woman who has won his heart. She has become to him his mother and the void left by his mother is filled. Joan Arc Francisca had transformed Stephens’ life overnight, turning him from a boyish guy into a full fledged man.  This is so overwhelming to Sylvanus Quinoso, uncles and aunts who today are overjoyed by the fact that the little orphan boy today has become a medical doctor and has won another scholarship to do a specialization course on brain surgical treatment. 

This makes him the first son of Akonakang to be doing a specialization course in Medicine.  “Dreams are dreams if we allow them to fallow but if held and transformed; they become a vision” This contemplation hangs on his mind so often and helps him in healing his internal illusion   If we can only show love and affection to everybody who is less privileged than we are; we shall be building a better society that has equity as an attainable dream.

 The life of Stephen Agboratang wouldn’t have being any meaningful if Stephen Agboratang had not come into his life when the tides of time were blowing against him, struggling to defend his inheritance from the wolf of a step mother. Stephen and Joan Arc Francisca end up teeing their knots in a colourful ceremony firstly in the Court and thereafter in the Catholic Church Akonakang. It is a come and see kind of wedding with all the top brass of the country and beyond attending.

Stephen Agboratang has chosen a wife and it gives him so much joy and fulfillment since he now can have a mother-wife figure to turn to whenever there are problems. Joan Arc Francisca is a lucky woman to have had a man who had kept himself all for the woman who happens to steal his heart. Joan Arc Francisca has succeeded in winning that prize. Their wedding crowns many years of sacrifice and hope. 

Stephen, in tears of joy, has this to say “How I wish my parents were still very much around. They would have danced and rowed with laughter joining me as we laugh and dance together. Today my heart knows no bound as I express this profound joy after finding the best thing that God ever made for man. This is a dream come true and calls for celebration. I wish to thank Sylvanus Quinoso for all his sacrifices and his sense of organization and to you all; I say welcome and feel free” This brings a rumbling of hand clap and a show of appreciation.

John Peters, his best man, is all smiles as his brother and friend waves the crowd as they leave the church for the reception centre.  After their first night as couple their immediate plan is to go on a honeymoon. Their honeymoon’s destination is Maroc; the legendary Capital of Morocco. The Agboratang’s The Agboratang’s entirely have a month to enjoy life and experience love profoundly all sponsored by Lawyer Sylvanus Quinoso.



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