Final Chapter

By Jack Pinemonkey

Copyright (c) 2001 Jack Pinemonkey


Chapter 9


            Teel removed his sword from the belly of the dinosaur/monkey. He got off the elevator, which was on the second to last floor. He preceded down the corridor. He reached another stairway. He took it up to the top level. He had entered a long, dimly lit hallway. It was lit only with a few tiny candles on the side.


            Three quarters of the way down, Teel began to hear organ music. He finally reached a door. The music was blaring now. Teel opened the door.


            Inside was a huge organ with pipes up to the ceiling. Teel recognized Sin playing. Next to the organ was a man dressed in black. He had a child-like face complete with a smile. He had a metal cylinder similiar to Magus'.


            "Come to rejoin us?" asked the man in black.




            Sin stopped playing the music and stepped down.


            "I'm afraid we have to do this the hard way, partner," said Sin.


            The man in black swiped his robes back reveiling his chest. In a split second, a bear with shaggy hair, his symbiot, charged from his chest. It stroke Teel with its forearm, knocking him out cold.




            Magus had been trapped in the large pipes belonging to the organ. Finally, he shattered them. He fell to the ground. He landed in front of Teel. Teel had an Evil grin on his face.


            "Meet our former partner, James," announced Sin.


            "Zi?!" cried Magus as he looked at the man in black. Then he looked at Teel.


            "It's quite obvious," explained Zi,"Always recognizing your brother whenever you were battling the Ark. Even Janus was our partner, as you have already found out. So were you Magus."


            Magus looked dumbfounded. "I wont believe it!" he cried.


            "Good because we made it all up," said Sin.


            Magus didn't have time to react to the bladed pendlum that fell from above. It cut him cleanly into two pieces.




            Magus opened his eyes.




            Trick jumped through the hole he mad in the roof of the Tower and landed on the ground.




            Teel awoke from his spell.




            Teel and Trick charged at Zi. Sin watched, Zi pulled out his metal cylinder and it turned into a sword. Teel jumped over the sword and Trick walked right into the sword. His symbiont came out bleeding. It wrapped its legs around Zi and Trick walked forward. Teel blew a whole in the side of the Tower. Zi and Trick fell out of of the hole.


            Teel saluted and turned toward Sin once he saw Zi and Trick were dead.


            Sin jumped into the air. Her/his body was ignited in flame. The Tower and everything in ti except for Teel and Sin disappeared. Sin and Teel fell. When they were about to hit the ground, they suddenly disappeared.




            They were in space. All around them were stars and galaxies. There was one big star that's gravity pulled them in. They were constantly falling but they would never get close enough to the star to get burnt to crisp. They were both surrounded by an air bubble.


            Teel finally got used to the feeling of constant falling.


            Sin's fire got brighter and bigger. Teel shielded his eyes. When he looked again, the Ark was their.




            The Ark on Earth vanished.




            Teel ran towards the Ark. This Ark was different. It had a lion's head  growing out of the front. It bore the mark of the Ark, a whale on its forehead.


            Teel was blown backwards by a laser beam.


            No matter what he tried, his attempts were futile.




            Magus was inside the Ark. He went from room to room. One door interested hime. It was marked 'Time'. He opened it. He fiddled around until he had managed to restore the world as it was before Zi and the Ark.




            The Ark was blown sky high. Sin now stood their. Lines of light shot from out of her body. She began to explode. Sin still charged toward Teel. Teel blocked with his sword. Sin brought her sword down. Teel blocked and thrusted into her abdomen. Out from the wound shot fire. She fell backwards, her face twisted in agony. Magus came down from above and sliced her in half like she had done to him. She exploded into flames.


            Magus and Teel began to fade away.




Magus opened his eyes again. So did Teel. They opened their eyes to see the familiar cities of Earth as they had looked like in 2525.


            AT LAST THE JOURNEY IS OVER, thought Magus.



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