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Part 5

By Meagan Richards


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Part 5



'Scott's a nervous wrek, Kyla's just a wrak, and I suppose I'm not much better than either of them. I mean, ever since we, (' we' being Scott and I, Kyla insists she didn't see a thing) saw that blood, everything's gone downhill. Badly. First off, Scott keeps getting these weird messages in his notebooks, they say stuff like, 'she's ours', 'let her go, she doesn't love you', shit like that. It freaking all of us out. There was another bloody room again, this time it was the kitchen, and I won't go into details (yes, it was that bad!). Kyla still didn't see the blood, in fact, nothing's happened to her yet and Scott's really loosing sleep over it. He's scared something will come and steal his Soul Mate away from him and condemn her to an eternity in Hell. Me, I'm just scared shitless.

Alexander put his pen down and shut the diary. He was almost waiting for another blood-curtailing scream from Scott, signaling another thing gone wrong, every time he turned a corner, he expected blood. And Kyla, she was just worried. Sighing, Alexander stood up and left his room, heading for the kitchen.

            “Any more messages?" he asked Scott as he rummaged around the fridge for a beer.

            "No, no more blood either. That's nearly 48 hours since something happened and it's killing me." Scott sighed. "I keep expecting something to happen, you know?"

            "Do I?" Alexander laughed. "I'm scared I'll open a door and get a blood bath, literally."

Scott nodded and glanced towards the den, "she still hasn't seen anything wrong. That's really scaring me."

            "What do you think it means?"

"Dunno, maybe the fact that she still doesn't let herself see, she keeps her third eye firmly shut to the psychic world?"

"Probably." Alexander said, slumping into a chair. "But, why?"

"You, partly, she was scared that she'd get a gruesome message of your death when the Hunters stormed the castle." Scott shrugged. "Kyla's a very stubborn woman, Alexander."

"I know." Alexander smiled weakly as he sucked on his beer. Scott was right, Kyla was damned stubborn at the best of times, and if she hadn't used her third eye properly since the raid, who knew what would happen? For all they knew, everything that had tried to break her barrier could crash in and overload her mind, causing insanity. Something that would not be good, remembering that Kyla was the most powerful vampire on the planet Earth and completely capable of kicking both, his and Scott's, ass.

He finished his drink and left the kitchen, Scott was still staring blankly into space, and went outside. It was damp out, as it usually was in Ireland during the winter months. Alexander could feel the moisture gathering on his skin, forming little droplets of water just waiting to run into his eyes and mouth. The sky was a dull gray, clouds as far as the eye could see, and the sun wasn't even making an attempt to come out. Frowning, Alexander leaned against the stone and iron railing and looked up at the dull sky. It told him nothing of what was to come, or when to expect it. He shut his eyes and lowered his head to his chest, letting his mind wander to places and times that had been more joyful.

Half and hour later, he felt a cool female hand on his shoulder, Kyla was standing behind him looking worried. "Scott's gone, I don't know where he went."

'Gone?' Alexander thought, frowning, as he followed Kyla inside. 'Scott leave Kyla? What the hell happened to him?' "He seemed kinda distant when I talked to him half an hour ago."

"All I know is I was in the marble room, and he was in the library, when I came to fine his ten minutes later, he was gone, no trace. The doors were still locked!"

"From the outside?" Alexander asked carefully.

"Inside, dildo." Kyla snapped. "All windrows are latched, inside, there's no other way out of the room! He doesn't know where the stair case is! Besides, there's still six inches of dust on the panel to open it!"

"Secret stair case now?" Alexander asked, confused. He didn't know of any stair cases leading from the library.

"See? You didn't even know about it and you lived here when it would have actually been in use!" Kyla declared, spinning on her heel to face Alexander. Suddenly, she paled. "You don't think this thing that's after us got him, do you?"

"Kyla, Scott's probably hiding somewhere waiting for you. Like what I always used to do in dark corners." Alexander smiled at the memory.

"No, I all ready looked around the room, and he isn't here." Kyla frowned. "It's scaring me, Alexander. What if he's really missing?"

"Then we'll find him." Alexander promised. "Don't worry, Scott won't die, he's got you to come back to."

"How can you be so sure?" Kyla exploded, slamming her fist into one of the ancient stone walls. She flinched a little and shook her hand daintily, frowning at the wall like it was its fault that it was solid stone and under a charm to keep it solid.

"Just trust me, ok?" Alexander sighed, looking back over the rolling landscape. "We gotta stay calm and together in this."

Kyla groaned and slumped into one of the benches on the balcony. She liked them, Alexander, on the other hand, found them tacky and needless. "I'm scared."

Alexander jumped. Kyla never said anything like this, she never showed any fear whatsoever. If she was scared, this was bad, and it prettified Alexander. "So am I, babe, so am I."

Why The Hell Do I Use My Third Eye Again?

When Alexander finally talked Kyla into going to bed, he had to make up another room for her because she refused to sleep in the master bedroom because it had Scott's sent, and what Alexander guessed, another scent of something else as well. He collapsed, exhausted, into his bed, and fell asleep almost immediately. It was probably one of the biggest mistakes he made during that time.

"Dear God! Somebody! Help!" Scott's voice screamed through the syrupy silence that filled the dark room. Alexander placed it as the dungeon under the castle where he and Kyla had held many victims.

"Nobody can hear you, vampire." another voice hissed. The sound of it made Alexander cringe, it wasn't human, and probably never had been, and sounded like bricks being rubbed together and nails on a chalk board at the same time. Then, he realized, he was projecting, and that no one could detect his presence.

"Let me go!" Scott yelled. The other being in the room let out a high-pitched giggle and Scott let out a piercing shriek that made Alexander shudder, and the sizzling sound that under-toned the scream made his stomach lurch.

Alexander rushed into the room where Scott was being held, and nearly fainted. The male vampire was chained to the far wall, his clothing hung in tatters around his body, and drying blood stained the rags and his palled skin. Deep cuts ran along his face, but, thank God, he still had his eyes and fangs. The being that was torturing Scott was another matter all together. Alexander had been right about assuming that it had no human cells in its history.

Its eyes ran like broken eggs in its low forehead and its entire face looked like it had been held to a hot pan because it ran, and bubbled, in a way that almost made Alexander loose control of his gorge. It had a frail-looking, hunched body with too long limbs, fingers and toes on too narrow feet and hands. Where hair may have been at one time, yellow puss pockets oozed and mixed with a green fluid that looked like snot.

"Vampire has pretty scream!" the thing laughed, pulling the red-hot poker away from Scott's body. The vampire gasped in pain and dropped his head to his chest, cringing and shuddering.

"Let me go, you outcast of Hell." Scott whispered.

"No, no, no, no! Rejm could never do that!" the creature pouted. "No one to play with!"

"Play," Scott scoffed, "is that what you call this?"

"Play! Play! Play!" the creature that called itself Rejm cried gleefully, jumping and clapping it's hands. "Yes! Yes! Yes! Play!"

"God have mercy on me." Scott whispered, closing his eyes. Alexander was sure that Scott had glimpsed him, if only for a second, but he had seen him.

"Ooooo! Bad name! Bad man!" Rejm cringed, and thrust the poker at Scott again, catching him in the stomach. Scott let out another scream of pain and threw his head back.

"You little shit!" Scott screamed, thrashing against his bindings, which was useless because, they, like everything else in this castle, were charmed.

"Shit?" Rejm asked, confused, like he hadn't hear the word before. "What that?"

"You." Scott said, grinning through his split and bloody lips. "You're shit."

'He's going insane.' the thought passed through Alexander's head before he could stop it. 'He's really going insane.'

Rejm looked confused then shrugged it off like it was saying, 'whatever'. He dropped the poker back into the fire and went to busy himself at a table hidden from Alexander's view. He took this as a blessing and seized the opportunity to get closer to Scott.

["I thought it would have been Kyla who would get you in a position like this."] Alexander smiled, using telepathy to speak to Scott. Scott's head snapped up and his eyes focused on Alexander.

["What the hell are you doing here? If Rejm sees you, we're both in shit!"] Scott said, his mouth hanging agape.

["I'm projecting, know how you got here?"]

["No. But Kyla should, she told me she knows this place like that back of her hand."] Scott said, glancing nervously at the misshapen demon across the room. ["You wouldn't drag her into this!"]

["Do we have a choice? It's her fight, too. You can't protect her from everything that comes along, she, for one, won't let you. Besides, Kyla needs to kick some ass."]

["He's strong."]

["So's she."] Alexander said, finishing the argument. Before Scott could reply, Alexander was gone, and back in his room, sitting bolt upright in bed and sweating heavily. He swung his legs off the bed, and managed to fall on his face because he was tangled in the sheets, and took off to Kyla's room, where she was hopefully still asleep.

He exploded through the door, screaming, "I found Scott! Get up! I found Scott!"

Kyla was up in a second. "What? Where?"

"Dungeons, some demon named Rejm has him. Mean little bastard, he his, we gotta be careful."

"Little fuck better be careful." Kyla hissed. Alexander grinned as he watched Kyla dress quickly, and followed her to the master bedroom, where she pulled her sword from another hidden panel in the floor and handed Alexander his.

"I forgot how beautiful you look when you're mad." Alexander smiled as Kyla marched to the dungeon entrance. She seemed not to have heard him because she didn't stop as she opened the door and descended into darkness.

All Kyla could see at the moment was rage, her vision was sharp, her hearing was tuned to hear the slightest sound, and her fangs were down. She was ready to kill anything that stood between her and Scott, and anything that had hurt Scott. The sword felt like it was a natural part of her body and it was aching to be used after spending so many years in hiding.

As the two vampires neared the chamber where Scott was being held, they heard screams of pain echo off the walls, and the shrill laughter of the demon who called himself Rejm. Alexander shuddered visibly while Kyla frowned and drew herself into a fighting position to be ready for anything. She lost what little control she had when Scott's scream of pain came louder than ever.

"You little fuck!" Kyla screamed as she threw herself through the door, causing the ancient wood to hit the stone wall and explode on impact. The demon that had been holding a poker to Scott's chest at the time turned around to face the livid female. Scott looked up, horrified, and the demon looked confused.

"Who you?" the demon asked, frowning in confusion.

"Death." Kyla answered, her face a mask of fury and hatred.

"Don't let him hear your name!" Scott shrieked. "Whatever happens, don't let him know your name!"

"One of those, eh?" Kyla asked, smiled. "Well, I haven't seen one of you for ages."

"Who you?" the demon demanded again.

"You, my little scab, had better stop asking me that and let him go if you don't want to feel cold steel."

"Me don't like you." the demon frowned, crossing its scrawny arms.

"Me don't like you either." Kyla replied, striding over to Scott, kicking the fallen poker well out of harm's way.

"NO!" the demon screamed, and leaped at Kyla, drawing a dagger at the same time. Scott bit his lips to keep from screaming Kyla's name and struggled against his restraints.

"You bastard!" Kyla screamed as the dagger bit into the flesh below her shoulder, burning like fire. The demon cackled madly and pulled the knife out, ready to stab again when Alexander screamed his name.

"Rejm!" Alexander screamed as he ran into the room, pulling his sword back and getting ready to use it.

"Vampires!" Rejm shrieked as Kyla managed to throw him off her back. She grimaced as fresh pain shot through her arm. Alexander took this as his cue and leapt at the demon. He let out a war cry as he brought his sword down in the creature, managing to detach a foot from a leg, and received an ear shattering scream from Rejm.

"What the hell are you doing here?" Scott hissed as Kyla quickly undid his bounds, wincing in pain. The dagger had pierced her heart.

"What? Did you think I'd play the helpless female and let Alexander have all the fun?" Kyla smiled as Scott slid down the wall.

Alexander let out another grunt and brought the sword down again, he had all ready killed the thing called Rejm, but he couldn't stop himself. The demon was reduced to bone, blood, and innards smeared across the floor, and still he couldn't stop. It wasn't until Scott's cry of surprise rang across the chamber that Alexander got control of his arm.

"What? There more of them?" Alexander asked, dropping his aching sword arm.

"Kyla! He hit her heart!" Scott yelled, struggling to hold up the unconscious female in his arms.

"Oh God." Alexander moaned, quickly sheathing his sword and running over to Scott. "Here, give her to me, you're too weak."

Scott managed to make it upstairs and to the main bed chamber before he collapsed from pure exhaustion, blood loss and hunger.

The Lovers

Three days later, the two vampires were still unconscious in the main bed chamber, and Alexander was still a nervous wreak. He hadn't seen anymore blood, or had any more premonitions, but he was still scared. What if the Rejm dude had a big brother who was wondering why he didn't come home? What is something bigger came after them while Scott and Kyla were still out?

Slapping his hand against his forehead, Alexander shoved the thoughts from his head and glared furiously at the wall. It was something to concentrate on! Hearing a tiny noise behind him, Alexander turned, hoping that maybe, just maybe, Scott, Kyla, or both of them had woken up. They hadn't. What Alexander saw ripped a scream from his throat and leap from his chair, sending it crashing to the ground.

A couple, not ghosts, or, not like he'd ever encountered in his long life, stood behind him, seeming to peer at him in amusement. They were naked, and blood ran like tears from their empty eye sockets. The female had long, flowing blond hair, and her partner had a head of black hair that flopped over his empty sockets. Alexander felt his balls retract into his body quickly and his bladder rudely, and rather painfully, snap shut.

"The Vampire Alexander." the woman said smiling, bearing a set of teeth that had been sharpened to violent points, like she was a cannibal.

"Who the hell are you?" Alexander said, he was wishing he could piss himself. It would be better then having his balls migrate steadily north, his bladder feel like it would never again let out a liquid, and his asshole trying like hell to seal itself up. He didn't like this.

"Our names don't matter." the man smiled, showing off his set of teeth. "We want what we came for."

"What the fuck did you come for?" He really didn't like this.

"We want the Vampire Kyla, she belongs with us." the woman said, tilting her head like she was bored.

"Kyla?" Alexander asked, his terror leaving him and rage taking its place. "What the fuck has Kyla done to deserve this?"

"She is needed." the man said simply.

"Needed for what?"

"She is needed." the man repeated. Alexander let out a scream of fury and dove at the couple.

He passed through them and struck the wall behind them, blackness bloomed in front of his eyes and he passed out.

When he came to a few moments later, Alexander found himself in a crumpled heap on the study floor. Remembering what happened, Alexander leap to his feet and flew out the door, towards the main bed chamber where Scott, and hopefully, Kyla lay sleeping.

"Oh thank God." Alexander sighed, slumping against the door frame. Both vampires still lay on the bed, nothing had changed. Walking over to the bed, Alexander noticed something around Kyla's neck, it was an old charm she had worn when she first courted him. A Gaelic protection charm. He nearly laughed a loud, it was a powerful charm, and nothing they knew of could break it. Thank God Kyla was so sentimental. It never occurred to Alexander why he hadn't seen the charm before, or why Scott now wore one similar to it.


Alexander woke from the dream in a sweat, he had to stop himself from letting his mind wander to the times when Kyla lay in his arms. Swinging his feet off the side of the bed and standing up, Alexander glanced nervously around the room. He was scared the eyeless couple from yesterday would appear again, only this time they wouldn't be so friendly.

Dressing quickly, Alexander went to the main bed chamber to check on the other two vampires. Kyla was still out, but Scott was sitting up and holding his head.

"He's awake!" Alexander announced as he strode over to the bed. Scott looked up at him and scowled.

"I told you to keep Kyla out of this."

"And I told you it's her fight, too." Alexander replied.

"She was staked four times, barely four months ago! Who knows how this'll effect her." Scott said, gently brushed Kyla's hair off her forehead. "God, I can't believe how ignorant you can be!"

This did it. Alexander snapped.

"If it weren't for her, you'd still be down there being that thing's toy! You probably would have been de-toothed and neutered by now! And all you can do is insult me?" Alexander yelled. "She loved me first, it was because of me you two met, and it was because of me she kept going! Have you ever thought of that?"

"It was also because of you that she gave up on love. She truly believed you had left her here as punishment for changing you!"

"It was also her who threw you across the room because you suggested she move on." Alexander hissed through clenched fangs. Scott's face went scarlet and his eyes narrowed into dangerous slits.

"Get out."

"Remember, it was I who shared that bed with her first, and it was me who took her maiden head." Alexander said as he left the room. He didn't know if Scott replied or not because he shut the heavy wooden door and stormed off towards the balcony where he could think in peace.

He was pissed at the other male who now lay beside Kyla. What did he know about her? Kyla had never raised her hand to him, and here, she had beaten Scott. Alexander himself had never raised a hand to Kyla, and Scott had left bruises. What the hell did she see in him? Scott was a self absorbed, egotistical, sex craved being! He only wooed Kyla sweetly when she was mad at him, or pissed off about something, and usually this was when he wanted sex. The more he thought about it, the more Alexander hated Scott. He soon began to picture Scott with a steak though his heart, pinning him like a bug to a wall. Alexander smiled at this, it was a nice fantasy, and it was ending with Kyla in his arms, or rather, in his bed.


After watching Alexander storm out of the room, Scott gently took Kyla's limp hand in his and looked down at her still form. "God, baby, why don't you wake up?"

There was no answer from Kyla, so Scott sighed and gently replaced her hand. He stood up and headed to the window, there was no shower in the room, which didn't bother him at all. The castle was amazing, it was a strong reminder of his younger years, his first years as a vampire, and how much Ireland still lived in his veins. This was Kyla's home, she'd be happier here, and she'd be stronger here. Something they all needed, a strong leader.

Looking at his arm, Scott turned back to the bed and looked at Kyla. Scott quickly slashed his wrist with his teeth and held it to Kyla's mouth, letting the liquid flow down her throat in a meager attempt to heal her. He screamed in surprise when Kyla's teeth bit into the soft flesh of his wrist.

"Kyla? Are you really awake?" Scott asked, wincing as he carefully removed the fangs from his arm.

"I'm not asleep." Kyla smiled weakly as her green eyes opened. Scott smiled and lowered his neck to Kyla's mouth, offering her his blood. As Kyla's teeth sank into his throat, Scott closed his eyes and sighed in ecstasy, Kyla's lips were gently pressed against her skin and her mouth was gently sucking at his warm blood.

"Feel better?" Scott asked as Kyla withdrew her teeth and lay back against the pillow.

"Yes, vampire blood does wonders." Kyla smiled. "Every time, Scott, you give me your blood."

"I'd cut my heart out for you in a second." Scott said quietly. Kyla smiled and closed her eyes.

"You know I'd do the same."

Scott leaned down and placed a kiss on Kyla's lips. "I'd love to keep talking to you like this, but if I do, we'll end up making love and you're not strong enough yet."

"Help me up, then, Scott. My ass is sore." Kyla laughed. Scott grinned and hoisted the female out of bed and set her on her feet. Still laughing, the two donned housecoats and slippers and left the bedroom, leaning on each other for support.

Alexander wasn't in the kitchen like Scott had expected him to be, he wasn't anywhere in sight, actually.

"Scott, you need to feed." Kyla said as they sat down at the table.

"Aye, you're right." Scott sighed, standing and opening the fridge door. "So do you, love."

"Fine." Kyla reluctantly agreed. Scott grinned and tossed her a packet of blood which she gracefully caught in midair. After a few minutes of silence, Kyla asked the inevitable question. "Where's Alexander?"

Scott flinched at this. "I don't know, babe. I saw him a while ago, before you woke up, and I don't know where he could have gotten to."

Kyla looked thoughtful. "Maybe..."

"Maybe what?"

"Nothing, I was just thinking that if I know Alexander like I used to, he's probably down in the forest behind the castle, there is, or used to be, a deep pond there. He spent many hours there when he wanted to be alone."

"Oh." Scott said, frowning a little. "Kyla, do you still love him?"

"No!" Kyla said, a little too quickly. "No, of course not, Scott. It's you who holds my heart."

"I love you, too, Kyla." Scott smiled weakly. Alexander's  word's had hit a string, he couldn't help but wonder. 'Remember, it was I who took her maiden head.' 'She loved me first!' 'It was me who shared that bed with her first.' Scott shook his head to clear his mind of these thoughts and looked into Kyla's eyes.

"What's troubling you, love?"

"Nothing for you to worry about." Scott assured Kyla. "I'm going to find Alexander, you rest, please."

"Yes, Scott." Kyla sighed, rolling her eyes.

"I love you." Scott said quietly before he left the kitchen.

"I know, I love you as well." Kyla said. Scott nodded and quickly left. He had seen the pond, and knew the way.

"Alexander! Show your face!" Scott yelled as he neared the water's edge. "Come on, you're not still brooding about what happened earlier, are you?" There was no answer, so Scott sighed angrily and started to walk around the pond, hoping to find some trace of Alexander.

What happened next happened too fast for Scott to really recall anything’s that occurred. In his mind, one second her was walking along the pond's edge, and the next, a white hot pain was shooting through his body and he was being driven towards a great oak in the forest.

"You fucking bastard." Alexander's raspy voice breathed in his ear.

"What the hell are you doing?" Scott croaked as Alexander roughly shoved him against the tree, sending a fresh bolt of pain through him. He looked down and saw a steak protruding from his shoulder.

"Something I should have done when I first laid eyes on you." Alexander hissed as he pulled the steak out of Scott's body. Scott screamed in pain and tried to fight the other male. As he struggle vainly against Alexander, Alexander pulled out another steak and gravely held it up for Scott to see. "This, my friend, will probably drive you insanity and you will wish you were dead. With a little luck, the crows will find you in a lapse of unconsciousness and will peck your eyes out, rendering you blind for eternity, should you ever free yourself of this, or if no one or anything should find you and kill you."

"No." Scott croaked, realizing what Alexander intended to do. He screamed long and loud as the steak was driven into his vampire heart, pinning him to the tree like a bug on display. Through the red haze of pain, Scott watched Alexander as he turned, and headed back for the castle. Trying to lift his arms that felt like lead, Scott dropping his head to his chest, his feet weren't even touching the ground. The last thing he was aware of before passing out was a crow land on a branch across the pond from him and let out a croaking caw.


She heard Alexander come into the room, but she didn't bother looking up from her book until he was standing beside her.

"You look better." Alexander whispered.

"I feel better." Kyla said, closing the book and setting it aside. "Did Scott find you?"

No, I didn't see him." Alexander said, his dark eyes bearing into Kyla's and seeming to pull her into their depths.

"Oh." Kyla said simply and shook her head. "I have a feeling something bad happened and that something bad is happening."

"You're still recovering, Kyla, that's all." Alexander said, running his hand over her long hair. "Come, you need rest."

"No, I slept for three days, I don't need sleep."

"Of course you do, you need pleasantly of bed time." Alexander smiled, grabbing her wrist and pulling her up.

"What the hell are you doing?" Kyla screamed, trying to claw at the vice-like hand that held her wrist, but Alexander grabbed her other hand before she could do anything to him.

"Taking you to bed, my pretty." Alexander grinned. It was then Kyla realized he was insane.


After Alexander had finished with her, he left Kyla in the main bed chambers, crying. He locked the door and had put the shutters over the windows, making escape impossible. As he left her on the bed, he had promised to take care of her, to protect her, to love her.

Tears coursing down her cheeks, Kyla got out of the bed and, still naked, she staggered into the bathroom and turned on the shower. She remembered that she had waterworks installed in the 50's, and was suddenly glad for it. Stepping into the shower, Kyla felt her knees give out and she collapsed to the ground, sobbing.

She was scared, for her, and for Scott. Where was he? What happened to him? Pulling the shirt closer around her, Kyla sobbed harder. Who knew when Alexander would come back and take her again? In his mind, he was loving as sweetly as he had centuries ago, when they had loved each other deeply and would have died for the others happiness.

"Where are you, my little lover?" Alexander's voice called. Kyla gasped and pushed herself farther back into the corner where she was huddled, crying. "There you are!" Alexander beamed when he spotted her. "You're crying, what's wrong, love?"

"Don't touch me!" Kyla screamed, wrenching away from his hand. Alexander's face clouded over with anger.

"Ungrateful bitch!" Alexander screamed, and slapped her so hard that her head bounced off the stone wall and red spots bloomed in her field of vision. Kyla couldn't move out of shock, she just sat there as blood dripped into her eye. Suddenly, she was in Alexander arms and he was kissing her wound gently. "I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry," he cooed, rocking her gently. Kyla didn't fight him when he lifted her and took her to bed.

Laying on the crumpled covers, Kyla stared listlessly at the ceiling. It had once made her feel safe, secure, and like nothing could ever harm her, now, it was her prison. Sighing, she sat up and walked to her closet to get dressed. She couldn't look at her nightgown she had been in before, it made her stomach churn. "So long I have been the hunter, now, I am reduced to a mere play-thing." Kyla said quietly. She pulled on a pair of sweats and a matching sweater and shuffled into her library to think. Scott had been missing since last night, and Kyla had a bad feeling about what had happened to him. Alexander had gone completely insane, and now, who knew where he was? Things had been going so well even three days ago, now, she had been rudely wakened form her dream and thrown into hell.



Hearing a laugh, Scott slowly lifted his head, dispute the pain it caused him. Through the red haze of pain, he saw Alexander standing before him, his arms crossed, and a look of sheer joy on his face.

"What do you want?" Scott croaked through lips that felt like sandpaper. His tongue stuck to the roof of his mouth, slurring his words. The vampire he had once trusted with his life was now standing before him, laughing.

"To see if you still had some flesh on you." Alexander grinned. "It has been two days, Scott."

"Where's Kyla?"

"Is that all you care about? Her?" Alexander scoffed. "Rest assured, though, Scott, Kyla is perfectly fine, I saw her right before I came. She's in her chambers, resting." He finished this last sentence with a sly grin. Scott shuddered.

"She'd never sleep with you."

"Or so you think." Alexander said, and left before Scott could reply. He hung his head again, and shut his eyes against the sight of the wooden stake protruding from his chest. The bastard was having Kyla while he was pinned to this bloody tree! Letting out a roar of rage, Scott felt a surge of strength, and ripped himself free of the tree, and the stake. He fell foreword, still yelling, but now in surprise and pain, and collapsed to the damp grass. Rolling onto his back, Scott looked at what had cause him so much pain, and nearly his sanity. The steak protruded from the tree, and on it hung bits of clothing and flesh. Blood had stained the wood black in the fading sun, and some dripped lazily from it onto the grass below.

"Gods save me." Scott moaned as he passed out.


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