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Literature Discussion -


Argentina - Working Children

By Maria Cristina Azcona


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Working children


 Official corruption in Argentina during so many years has left behind a dreadful spectacle. The crisis is the consequence of the perversity of a system and not the corollary of any bad administration. Many authorities at different scales and of different hierarchies have provoked the worst nightmare for a million children who nowadays must work to maintain their soul and body joined. The money that good citizens gave monthly paying their taxes has disappeared in the pockets and bank accounts of bureaucrats.
Many years must pass to modify the life conditions of the poorest.
 Children selling pencils around crowded streets, sorting vehicles to obtain a coin, missing their educating period and growing in a miserable environment where alcoholism and beating is the response of their bitter unoccupied parents.
 They spend all day at the richest neighborhoods surroundings joining papers and other materials to be sold, escaping from family violence…and finally fall into delinquency and drugs. Which is the solution to the future of such a huge quantity of kids? We must enumerate the problems to make a good strategy.

 22% children are working infants who are out of school.
They suffer of:

  • Malnutrition
  • Maltreatment at home:

Abuse- beating- obligation to work

  • Inadequate environment: bad companies - crowded streets -
  • Lack of hygiene
  • Lack of education and instruction

Risks for the future

  • Early pregnancy that enhances the vicious circle of poverty
  • Social exclusion
  • Inoccupation produced by the lack of education.
  • Alcoholism and drug dependence as an escape from depression.
  • Low IQ
  • Poor development of the personality
  • Delinquency because of bad companies made in streets.
  • Illness is a consequence to the bad information about AIDS and the lack of hygiene.


Laws must be renewed attending the gravity of the actual plight.

  • Severe penalties must be given to perverse administrators who steal the official funds.
  • A well-done program to protect the children that takes in consideration reasonable and speedy ways to make children return to school immediately.
  • Workable opportunities for the parents.
  • Gratuity of food for the children at school.

A necessary Reflection:

In this millennium, a tragic paradox is the worst menace for childhood from a worldwide perspective.
Never the infancy has been so stimulated as nowadays, by the techniques, Internet and television. Never has been so defended by Worldwide Organizations that declare of high importance the protection of their rights. Even though, never has been less taken in consideration in the different and specific nations. Never has been killed by bombs or missiles under the sight of every world inhabitant, without a clear response, an immediate and massive refusal or a global pressure over the aggressors.
Only nice discourses, beautiful words that are lost like leaves in rainy days, wet by the tears of victims but then stepped and destroyed by the boots of brutality, shrouded under the empty carnival masks of powerful hierarchs of Globalization an under the criminal advance of modern followers of Attila. All of us know who are the modern criminals of The Obscure Economical Businesses. Under their foot, not only the grass is dead forever. Also are destructed the flowers of innocent infancy; the beautiful butterflies of cleverness of an entire generation, the gorgeousness of instruction; and the splendor of rights.
 Argentinean children need to be fed, dressed and educated. They
need to be considered as the very most important matter for the
Authorities.  Argentina’s infancy share the same problems with all
Latin-American children.
 In general, governments in Latin American countries are expressing good intentions. They are becoming stronger and stronger. They are trying to be joined and this is the best moment of their existence. Governments in each country are becoming nearer and nearer. Nobody will stop the integration of South America. And when the process will arrive to an ending, the unity will obtain the prize of a saved childhood.

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