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Harmony for World Peace

By Kae Morii (Japan)
Co-founder of GHA


The Sun

'Already Celestial Epic has lost the harmony
Man kind is in the great distress '

The Sun's voice shuts me out
Yet high noon sun remains over me
Grief is in a seed of wheat
The sun is too fiery to bear wheat

The white doves rise up into the sky
Tracing the light around the sun
Though it's a fantasy of mine
Doves keep flying
Till the end


   My poem (above) was written at the beginning of the 21 century, and I joined Global Harmony Association, which units the world peace associations, in 2004.  Regretfully we are yet living in disharmonious world even after the cold war ended, and during the present terror of war.  I wrote it in my poem - Raven at Bronze Basin -  that 'we are not true human '. Yes, humankind has even reached the moon, but we can't yet have the world peace.  Harmony is a major concept for peace. Because of no peace without harmony, and no harmony without peace. Harmony can be built on the balance. which is the best on 'Equal', 'Fair' and 'Respecting each other '. Of course, peace makers hold 'Love' for peace and the world’s people.
   However, after the disharmony of the cold war, facing some serious issues - terror of the war, financial crisis, conflicts, separation, border problems, poverty, unemployment..., we need to reach out for Harmony.  The spread of the Internet has contributed not only to transmit information but also to express and collect the will of the world people.  The 21st century should be the era for Harmony, and our wish is Global Peace - that all may now live in no war and happiness.
   To make harmony we needs harmonious spirit, mind, and method.  As the representative of GHA,as  Dr. Leo and many experts appear, I would like to hereby offer a poem of mine...  .
Rainbow Arched Over the Poetry

Mathematics is so beautiful-

I don't understand analysis and linear algebra...
Only geometry of vowels leads me to eternity

Welcome rain pours into funnel after straining tears

Paulownia flowers are like panicles shining in the luster
Ringing the bells by wind
The most beautiful similar-figure in the world

When one whispers on the distant hill

Is with wings
Like the wind

It grasps the heart looking up at the sky
And flies away
To bless the one who was born of words

Kae Morii


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